Thierry Mugler “AURA” Fragrance Review

It’s finally here.

My review of AURA by Thierry Mugler the BRAND NEW fragrance for 2017. 😉

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Happy Sniffing!! 🙂


Square Pants says:

magical parfum

Anonymous Maximus says:

That bottle jus looks bad ass forget the fragrence

Zombie Boy says:

Soo Gay

Samuel says:

Great review…. You are spot on about that amazing green vibe and that root beer scent stays in the background on my skin (which is where I would want it to be) You are also right that the opening fades perhaps too quickly…. On my skin the dry down is very woody and quite elegant. I think this perfume is quite worthy of Mugler and that people will grow to like it.

Bathory Synystra says:

I love this fragrance! I’m glad they don’t have the floral notes higher.

sabrina Rodriguez says:

Also has a minty smell to it

PennyLane979 says:

For me it smells of sweet pine needles and camphor and I love it. Can’t wear any of the Muglers unfortunately.

Tekoa McDaniel says:

I love it. It dry down vanilla and woody on my skin.

El K says:

Great scent terrible longevity

Moni Ka says:

I love it so much. First smelling to me is woodruff, later deep green wet forest and some hours later left nice vanilla. Its unforgettable to me. I was always searching for my signature parfume, i found it.

elaineongpp says:

You’re so bursting with excitement in this vid! Question: Do you personally prefer Decadence or this, overall?

misskoolkaitykat says:

According to the company Firmenich, Tiger Liana is a novel fragrance component, extracted from the root of an unspecified Chinese medicinal plant that is called Liana Fauve or Tiger Liana. The plant is also called Liane Fauve. The smell is considered botanical, animalistic and smoky.

Anonymous Maximus says:

Sht is str8 up like the green gem of the forest from the boss in the deku tree in the legend of zelda

Olivia Villanueva says:

I smelled something minty and grassy and then something green and vanilla

ab garcia says:

So awesome you do YouTube reviews! Just realized you’re a Fragrantica friend! If you haven’t closed the giveaway I’d love to enter! Best wishes! – eyviab

Karina B says:

My favorite review of this. It was love at first sniff on the blot for me, but on my skin the rhubarb wasn’t as noticeable sadly.

BLANK U2 says:

Aura sort of the fragrance of finding yourself abducted on a alien planet where the foliage is all blue and the flowers eat people and you find yourself in a relationship with a man who’s half Cyborg. Sure he’s got one red laser eye but he knows how to work the look. LOL* That being said I sort of wear my scents to match the look I’m wearing and this has really made me put my creative foot forward in coming up with the right look to match this scent. I love it!~ 😀

Kaylin Gonzalez says:

Tiger Liana is a Flower that’s mainly used in traditional Chinese medicine

Stanley Post says:

Sounds like something I would like.. If it acts the same on my skin, I would just layer it with another Mugler flanker.. Most of them do mix very well. Maybe even layer it with A* Men, since that has a drydown for days…. I’ll buy it if I can find it cheap… LOL

Panagiota Philippou says:

I am from Cyprus, and I like vanilla in fragrances

Beatrice Leblanc says:

Just bought it and the smell makes me want to vomit

jennifer De Decker says:

Love all the other mugler perfumes but this one smells like wet moss to me or a wet forrest 🙁 nop not for me

Saab Replay says:

Thank you for your wonderful work man. I appreciate it. And I love aura.

Dane Evanson says:

Hi tom l am your
Littlest fan

PCLHH says:

The aura of a dentist: spearmint mouthwash

Katie Powell says:

“Mystical “is a good description , it’s very very sweet Amazonian rainforest !!!!

Karima Andrea K says:

Just smelled this jan2018, i really liked the dry-down. On me it was woody and sexy green. I didnt get much vanilla in the dry down. Noticable, but not overwhelming on my skin. Might purchase this:) ty for honest review

Courtny E. says:

This smells beautiful, I got the sample from Macys

Jeanette Lowe says:

I’m not going to lie, I tried this on in Macy’s today and it must just work with my chemistry because it smelled very different than how it was on the tester strip. On the strip I definitely smelled “menthol” and actually what I immediately envisioned was those small white donut-shaped mints that are always at like doctor’s offices and such.

On me, however, it was not nearly as minty or “grassy.” It was actually quite fresh and warm. Even the sales lady was surprised when she smelled my wrist. I decided against purchasing it today because I’m looking more for a fragrance that will wear well in spring and summer (once winter is finally done) but I might have to get myself a bottle of Aura in the future.

I also found a gorgeous, beautifully written and informative review here: Definitely worth the lengthy read because it is fantastic. Thank you for the review video ouch! I come to you for a lot of my fragrance info and opinions 🙂

darthraider * says:

Is it me..but on the dry down it reminds me of dior Fahrenheit.. That slight petrol smell…it isn’t as huge in sillage as expected..

Michael Gustaves says:

How funny! I just bought this fragrance and the only way I’ve been able to describe it is sunset lillies being snipped and placed into a bowl of ridiculously expensive vanilla bean ice cream at midnight. I love this scent!

BLANK U2 says:

Hello, First off can I just say I love your channel and your taste in fragrances and that there is something so refreshing and comforting in your tone when you are describing scents. 🙂 I think when it comes to AURA you are either going to love it or hate it based on how this scent envelopes you and it bonds to your skin. For some reason AURA loves me and you do get that other worldly forest vibe whenever you put it on. I tried this perfume out last week and I had 6 people stop me throughout the day to ask me what is was I was wearing. I think it’s just a case of where AURA decides if it’s going to love you or not and take you hostage back to it’s home planet and keep you. LOL* 😀 I’m hoping they make a hair mist of this scent cause I feel it would be a fantastic scent to have constantly flowing in the movement of long hair. Once again thank-you for the gift that is your channel and advice! You have brought such joy into the collection of my scents and have really brought some classics into my life. OMG I almost forgot you brought Samsura and Shalamar into my life words alone cannot thank you enough for that!!!! 😀

Miss Anthrope says:

I’m a big fan of Mugler and was disappointed with this one, maybe it just doesn’t work with my chemistry? I like Angel and Alien much, much better. They have some character.

missxchief says:

top note: deep heat middle note: old skool joop basenote: vanilla. but honestly I dig it for the bottle and wierdness factor alone.


I hate this perfumpe….its very horrible0

Elena L. says:

So I’m not the only one who is getting a Marc Jacobs Decadence vibe from it! Love these fragrances.

rosario smith says:

Hi Rosie of the Bronx and a very channel user . I was thinking of buying a mugler perfume and I know next month on May the new mugler is coming out. I would like to try aura but I hear many bad reviews. I see you have many mugler review can you recommend the one you like best ????

Mimi Assia says:

When I got a sample and I smelled it for first time , I found it lovely and pleasant ; but the second time , I wore it an hour , and I hated it … It made me have a headache ….

Mariel Hinojosa says:

I want to smell this one so bad, I love the bottle and I need a year round every day signature fragrance. The notes sound amazing.

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