Top 10 Best Creed Fragrance Alternatives!

Here is a list of the top 10 best alternatives to popular Creed fragrances / Creed colognes. In this list, I discuss fragrances that are about $40 and cheaper. These fragrances / colognes / perfumes can easily be found online through eBay or Amazon for a really good price. Thank you very much for watching! I discuss cheaper alternatives for the following Creed fragrances:

Creed Millesime Imperiale:
Creed Himalaya:
Creed Acqua Fiorentina:
Creed Royal Oud:
Creed Original Vetiver:
Creed Original Santal:
Creed Silver Mountain Water:
Creed Green Irish Tweed:
Creed Aventus:

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Millesime Imperial by Creed review:

Original Santal by Creed review:

Silver Mountain Water by Creed review:

Royal English Leather by Creed review:

Virgin Island Water by Creed review:

Virgin Island Water by Creed first impression:

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Coach Rob’s video:

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Donald Black says:

thanks that was very informative

John Michael says:

Any plans for a best of 2017 & also you’re 2017 top ten favorite of all time?

Unklwigz says:

Creed posers. Nothing like the real deal.

MCSolaire says:

Did you find one similar to Bois du Portugal by any chance?

Jhay Gamba says:

Just got CDNIM after watching this!!

Armando Sosa says:

Awsome video bro. Just started looking into this things because of you top cologne here.. I get so many compliments that i had to search for a better one… When i saw the creed price.. My jaw just dropped.. I ordered a sample 2 see the difference… None…

Scott Wilbur says:

I’m all in for part 2

Dose Mulero says:

What’s up Steve, I just got my first bottle of Club de Nuit Intense Man and it’s good, grown man scent

karlos8403 says:

Anything out there similar to pure white cologne?

Shawn Hill says:

Mont Blanc Individuel is very nice, wear it a lot.

Adil Patel says:

i have a 95-97% alternative of aventus which is not a high street brand. its a british brand and a fraction of the price. lasts all day too. contact me for details

bofahad99 says:

the best alternative of aventus is The Orchid Man by Frapin its 99.99% similar


Another great video-does anyone agree with me that the tres nuit is a great cheaper alternative-but who the hell designed the bottle-how are you supposed to spray it-it’s terrible(unless you have fingers like ET forget it)

Clockwork says:

creed has gone the fuck up. I was just talking about that yesterday. crazy..smh

Rinaldi Cansino says:

kool video..bro

tomas andres godoy viscay says:

Individuel came before than Original Santal.

bongkoy mil says:

CDNIM is the closest to aventus. it smells so good I bought 3 bottles on eBay before the prices go up.
the 3rd bottle I paid for $22.50 shipped. Made in France.

Alberto Gonzalez says:

Fantastic video, Steven! I would like to own a few Creed fragrances myself. I know they’re expensive but think about the quality in the juice you’re getting in return. Would you be kind enough to do a review with Mr. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover on a top 10 niche and designer spring fragrances for 2017? I sure would appreciate it very much. I recently started getting involved with fragrances so I can use all the help I can get.

G Hall says:

Thank you for this review. I ordered Club De Nuit and I hope to God it smells like Aventis. I ordered a very small sprayer of Aventis and it is hands down like Heaven in a bottle . The best cologne on the planet.

G Hall says:

I just got my bottle of Club de Nuit Intense man. It is amazing. The only difference is in the top note. Creed has a strong pineapple note and cdnim has a strong lemon top note. It’s amazing tho. After 15 min or so the top note faded into a manly unique greatness that is Aventus. I’m so thankful for this review. I will be ordering several bottles of Club de Nuit Intense man. Green Iris Tweed sounds interesting also.

msa3d says:

Al Rehab price in Kuwait exactly 1.7$

Pavel K says:

Please make about Tom Ford’s scents

Gerard Amato says:

hey Steve I wanna thank you bro I found the club de nuit good pick up

Keith Bertrand says:

So I picked up the Silver Mountain Water alternative “silver”. I have not smelled the original, but this stuff seriously smells like Deep Woods Off bug spray. Luckily it was only around 9 bucks. I’m going to try it some more, but I cant imagine this is what the original smells like. anyone agree or disagree?

Bruno Rodriguez says:

could u do dolce gabbana the one wht comes close to it thanks love your video

k odu says:

I have read about this aventus clone. I will give it a try.

JKG36O says:

CDNIM + demeter pineapple

abe frohman says:

I would like to see a video on alternatives to JPG Le Male or the original Dior Eau Sauvage.

Only One Obie Chef Original Obie says:

I just am getting into fregrance again, I ve been looking for something good smelling on a budget..I recently purchased CDNIM, I’ve Never got that many complments, and women LOVE the scent. I’m gonna buy 3 or more bottles while it is so cheep. I’m gonna your no 5 and 2 also. I have the Al rehab silver, blown away only 8 bucks thx.

BlaqMambaX says:

LOL @ the Cool Water. I agree with the Silver clone. I have the oil version.


what cologne smell like Creed Royal Water

CC33777 says:

Have you done a review of Mancera Cedrat Boise?  Another excellent Creed Aventus alternative.

Gerard Amato says:

hey Steve mueglar Cologne do you know if they changed the formula smells weaker new bottle doesn’t have stickers anymore

Joseph Tabeek says:

hey, good afternoon, really enjoy your videos. You mentioned not having an alternative to virgin island water, I’ve heard on a couple of channels of a fragrance called Viani, I see it on some sites but they don’t seem to deliver to the US. Just wanted to see if you’ve heard of it, what you thought and where I could possibly purchase. Thanks again.

Gerard Amato says:

yes Stevie do a part 2 you know your shit big fan bro

Rafael Balarezo says:

Part 2 should be another brand Steven, thanks for sharing.

DylanShivan44 says:

The Alternative for Creed Virgin Island Water is Gorse by Laboratory Perfumes and its a unisex fragrance. By the way you do great videos keep up the good work.

Steve Chappa says:

in your opinion have you smelled l”aventure? if so which of the 2 is clser to aventus overall?

Lift Out says:

I’m a huge fan of Pineapple Bomb by Rebel Scents. Always gets me compliments.

Audun Jemtland says:

Why does all these scents have so much crazy ingredients? Parabens, aluminum etc.

Kyle DeLaney says:

This list has been a huge help! Thanks so much! Have you found anything which closely mimics royal Mayfair?

kingjames3570 says:

Thank you for making this video I picked up a bottle and OMMFG you are dead on keep those videos coming brother.

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