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Kamal Saleh says:

Great video ,thanks for sharing it .

Charles Escarria says:

24 gold was probably cheap back then but its not now. ????

Sky hound says:

My favorite inexpensive cologne is called Canoe. It’s been around a long time, since the thirties, but I love it. 🙂

John Avi says:

hey. have you ever tried Chrome by Azzaro? danke.

KAYLA MAXINE Links says:

jeremy you should please start making vlogs.. your life seems interesting


What website can I use to buy fragrances

Mihir747 says:

What was no 5 24 classic or gold ?

Troy Wilbert says:

Thanks so much!

Rainer Schwachsinn says:

you should wear a cap to that Outfit

Sid Julien says:

Perry Ellis Red was out way before Aqua Di Gio, so it isn’t a clone or copy cat. they smell similar but they are individual scents.

Robert Perricone says:

Hi Jeremly……..I just got the SuperDry Vintage dry oil……..from a dealer in the UK…paid like 20bucks..Its amazing as you said ..a combo of DH and DHI.. the bottle i got as 100ml…and it was bonded in leahther strapping..the leather band goes all the way around the bottle and its embossed w/the name of the product into it. the cap is solid heavy matte gun metal and you have to screw off the cap to get to the sprayer……man…i am so glad you mentioned this one..ive wanted it for like 2yrs now…finally i found it……….thank you so much because im a huge fan or DH and DHI……….Bob

eugenia Nuñez says:

la mía es BARÓNDANDY el olor ke todo muerto desea antes de salir de fiesta,ah y alas anoréxicas las engorda de lokura.

Michella Guhnen says:

wow the beard looks good on you! i really like your style right here! the whole time i was looking at your pecs haha! sexy style!

Jenny Star says:

This guy is funny as fuk & cool dude! Can’t pin the accent though?

Kabs Log says:

Bod man is my favourite.

RandomWorld ! says:

are the links to buy legit sellers?

Konga 5000 says:

The Al Rehab colognes seem so synthetic. I think if you knocked one on the floor it would burn a hole in the floor!

Ali Adnan says:

Its calles 5 mils. Meaning 5 milliletres. Not 5 m.l

abed banat says:

Hello Jeremy
your videos Absolutely Fantastic , but why I can’t see ST depont essence pure ??

Aleks Korsaks says:

Hi.You can leave your impression Jacques Bogart

Ashkarelessar says:

Hi Jeremy, talking about cheap value for money perfumes try Zara’s 9.0 mens perfume. If you have Zara in Germany add this to your collection. It’s a cross between Dior Homme and Dior Homme intense(2012 batch). It’s only £12.99 here in London and its dirt cheap. I get good longevity out of it and above average projection and sillage.

Sergio Baltazar says:

Thugz Mansion- Tupac

Amiin Khaas says:

hi jeremy can you tel me the next old songs name

lel kolens says:

Amazon isn’t working here in Belgium. Where can i buy these scents? (Perry Ellis and Al-Rehab)

nicolas mayrand says:

bro theres a new version called “remix” of 4711 you haaaaave to revew it pleaaaassse

Jhon Howard says:

bro can you make your hair style and dressing tutorial +Jeremy Fragrance

Alexander Winter says:

Jeremy mach mal ein review zu zara night pour homme ii

Taz Rang says:

Great Video – Please keep up the good work!

GraceLindores says:


cesar guillen says:

man , can´t believe Ferrari black is not in this list

P says:

Bro, I think you just turned me gay. You’re one beautiful mofo.

Robert Perricone says:

you can get coconut lime verbena on line here in the US……….

Hani Baba says:

the 8th one is just like dildo…..most of female buy the . . . . .

Suresh Kumar says:

hi jeremy have you posted any Armaf fragrances review ?

מאי נורמן says:

Jeremy you look like a Bad Boy in this Video ! haha
i Prefer you do more videos like this with Mess Style Hair ( it’s kinda seen you have a lot fun with a girl and wake up like this after you do a sweet love) lmaooo.
And i like this Black Tight long Shirt! it’s a $exy Shirt.

69kellygreen says:

Ich habe gedacht dass 4711 ist fuer frauen.

MarvFIT says:

Al rehab reminds me of Sean johns unforgivable

Têi Harris says:

just got my al rehab silver i love it, not really feeling my mont blanc though rather have an old bottle of joop

5eeeh says:

Have you thought about making your own fragrance ?

Grand Master Pimp says:

Mr Jeremy look like benedikt howedes of Schalke 04.

Fred Bill says:

I have such a similar fragrance taste as you. So I Want to smell la noir de l’homme so bad but can’t find it in person.

Cody the Barber says:

my top 5 under 20$
#1-Jaguar For Men (12$)
very versatile, Green and masculine. light powdery dry
#2 Azzaro Chrome (20$)
fresh, bold masculine. compliment getter
#3 Ferrari Uomo (12$)
warm and masculine. leather
#4 Versace Blue Jeans (16$) fresh, youthful slightly sweet
#5 Avon Mesmerize (11$ warm sweet and masculine)

Honorable Mentions
-Davidoff Champion (20$ fresh, clean, masculine
-Jaguar for Men Evolution ( 16$ cool, clean , fresh)
-Ferrari Scuderia Red ( 10$ fresh and light)

josé silvestre Jose says:

Interesting. Thanks

Tommy lim says:

i’ve been looking for the 24 Gold for about 2 months and i can’t find it anymore. :'(

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