Top 20 Green Fragrances For Spring | Our Favorite Green Fragrances🌱🌿☘️🍀🍃

Top 20 Green Fragrances For Spring | Our Favorite Green Fragrances
➡️Encre Noire Sport:
➡️Tea Escape:
➡️Cologne Intense:
➡️Smoke For The Soul:
➡️Chanel Pour Monsieur:
➡️Vert Des Bois:
➡️Cyber Garden:
➡️Vetiver Dance:
➡️The Soft Lawn:

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Top 20 Green Fragrances For Spring | Our Favorite Green Fragrances

This is my Top 20 Green Fragrances For Spring video. Dalya and I put together Our Favorite Green Fragrances for Spring recently as we wanted a different spring fragrances theme and since today is St. Patrick’s Day it was to launch our Top 20 Green Fragrances video. We love Green fragrances and we have a huge selection of green fragrances from simply green to ultra-green notes. The higher the Top 20 Green Fragrances For Spring list goes the greener the fragrances get. So if you love green notes such as green grasses, green leaves, green notes, mint, vetiver, green stems, anise, petitgrain, green tea, shiso, green pepper, basil, galbanum, fig leaves and more then this is your Spring fragrances video. Top 20 Green Fragrances For Spring. Let us know if you have questions about anything. BTW what are your favorite Green Fragrances? Please comment and let us know.

Lalique Encre – Noire Sport
Maison Margiela – Tea Escape
Houbigant – Cologne Intense
Memo Paris – Italian Leather
By KIlian – Smoke For The Soul
Chanel – Pour Monsieur EDT
Project Renegades – Geza Schoen
Le Galion – Whip
Eight & Bob – Cap D’Antibes
Tom Ford – Vert Des Bois
Costume National – Cyber Garden
Tauer Perfumes – Vetiver Dance
Imaginary Authors – The Soft Lawn
Parfums Dusita – Le Sillage Blanc
Nishane – Ambra Calabria
Jovoy – Incident Diplomatique
Oriza L. Legrand – Chypre Mousse
Oliver & Co. – Ambergreen
Zoologist Perfumes – Elephant
Andrea Maack Perfumes – Coven

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Jimmy Santadeo says:

Is that woman related to Carlos Puyol a former FC BARCELONA defender?

Southern Sillage says:

I like y’alls collabs, it shows how different people can get two totally different things out of the same fragrance.

Hasib says:

Great list. Haven’t tried any of these lol

Beadcat Tamjo says:

Great collab! I enjoyed hearing your list & descriptions of these fragrances. It is fun for me to learn about new ones.

cejII says:

The green I loving right now is Kate Spade TRULYgracious. It’s smells like a burst of freshly cut grass.

Joris says:

Great list, one of mine favorite green fragrances is Acqua di Parma colonia club, only I wish it lasts longer!

Henry M. says:

ENSport is totally sport…so much aquatic synthetic stuff that it makes me sauseaus. mind you, I love the way it smells, but after a while I feel sick because of all that synthetic action. happens every time I wear it….but man I love the way it smells…up until…great list. my wallet is cursing your name for making me think of new things to get. MAHtey. it’s a green leaf, used to make a kinda green-tea like drink.  Very popular in Argentina and Uruguay.

Zahinn says:

Love green shit!
Dusita and Coven sound great.
Also Incident Diplomatic

Jacob Bonilla says:

Sounds like an awesome list! You always have something that I feel I have to sniff. ….. I’m surprised that no one ever mentions Amazing Green by CDG. It’s got me wondering is that people don’t really care for it or just haven’t smelled it? Have you? If so what is your 2 cents on it?

totalxindecision says:

So many new to me ideas! I like the sound of Coven. My current green favorite is Atelier Cologne’s Trefle Pur.

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

*_Happy St.Patty’s Day to ya_*

Sanjay Shah says:

Craven Pour Homme is also very popular Green Fragrance

Zahinn says:

COVEN has 2 fragrantica pages. I’m confused. And they both have different notes. Different release dates

aalbertoii09 says:

That Eight & Bob is one of my favorites from the line!! I also love Memoires de Mustique


I’m getting Dryad this spring.
Coven sounds great though

Jeff Rosenblum says:

Great list. This is my favorite style of fragrance to wear in spring so I tuned in as soon as I found out about it from my notifications. Good job you two. Thick, Moist. Yes sounds gross….

Wastavo M says:

Excellent list guys!!!

Taffy J says:

Hello from Chicago to Dalya! It’s actually a gorgeous day here. Love the spring picks, especially the top 5. Coven was a nice surprise. One of my greens is Corsica Furiosa; it’s a punchy green, but sometimes the tomato leaf is too strong for me. Memo Iris Leather was my SOTD for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m also wearing Comme des Garcons Calamus, which is a lot less green. I love the Tom Ford Vert series too and Elephant is probably my favorite from Zoologist. Really enjoyed this review of one of my favorite genres.
Have a moist, robust day!

William De Shazo says:

Happy St. Pats! My favorite green would probably be Epic man, hope you’ve had a good one!

baratrion says:

Trefle Pur by Atelier Cologne

Jeffrey Edwards says:

loving green fragrances

Teresa Sadie says:

You are so funny “High walking around the streets half the time” you should do a scents with cannibis they are so many out now many you have already done that video you have such a large library of knowledge

SpaceLion87 says:

Awesome video guys! A ‘robust’ duo!! XD
Glad you gave some love to Geza Schoen Renegade, as it is a beautiful scent and interesting project where the trio had the chance to leave their print, signature accords that made them so famous (sort of what Frederic Malle does with his perfumers)!
Thank you for sharing

J-ROYL says:

Loooooove green fragrances! I’d have to add Russian Leather and Memoir Man. For the wintery green frags, gotta go with Filles En Aiguilles and Winter Nights.

semra mua says:

I just love you two together! So much fun !

Noel Dean says:

GIT scent of the day.

Ginny Giniver says:

Green=Love. Yes I do love green scents. Thanks so much for this video it was entertaining to watch you two do your thing. And the naughty bits were quite funny. I love Tom Ford Vert Des Bois Sebastian. Ever since you reviewed it I’ve been a fan. Although I thought you would end up putting it up higher. So what happened? Hope you had the most amazing day.

SciGuyFRAGZ says:

Great list sabastion! It’s green Irish tweed for me as my go to spring fragrance!

Jazz_Bob says:

Your list shows a great variety of green fragrances. One of the best (unisex) one’s for me is Dior’s “Granville” – feels like a mediterranean breeze at the sea, surrounded by pine trees and thyme. Understated, but elegant is Elie Saab’s “Essence No. 6 – Vetiver”. A very modern kind of green with minty freshness and a sour rhubarb note is “shi_sõ” by Nomenclature – seems to be an interesting brand.

John Reasinger says:

OMG I just adore Ms Dahlia she is divin! I love her spot on calls and she seems so lovely and truly a joy to be around. Thank her (and have her back lots) It’s easy being green but many of mine are indie (you should spotlight more indies lol) like Pandora by DSH, Providence Perfumes breathtaking Moss Gown, Cognoscenti No.16 (tomato leather) and Alpha by House of Matriarch!! I was a little surprised to not see MUGLER Cologne. Love your lists brother. Rock on, smell swell & be well. J xox

Sanjay Shah says:

Hi Sebastian nice video as usual. You love Jovoy and Nishane brands right. How about Italian Cyprus by Tom Ford and Eau Noir by Dior

Devil's Adv0cate says:

Avon Mark Earth

Terri Campbell says:

I bought the 250 mi decant bottle of T.F. Vert de Fleur and I’m obsessed with it. I’ve never bought a huge decant bottle of anything, but it’s so good and I am a lover of green herbal fragrances so I rolled the dice on the big decant bottle. I hope I don’t regret it since I’ve never decanted fragrances before.

Sanjay Shah says:

Can you please list all 20

michael oles says:

i wish you can list all of the fragrances since it would make like simpler when trying to refer back thanks

Saurabh Mishra says:

Hi , when are you planning to release your top 10 nice spring summer list..highly anticipated

Tim Severovich says:

Sampled the Maack line in Reykjavik and bought Coven. Thought it was her best offering. I searched it on YouTube and came up with this video to find it topped your list! This fragrance really made my trip something special. Check out Madison Ilhum perfumerie if you’re ever in town. They were very friendly.

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