TOP 3 Creed Fragrances For Men Chosen by Aisha

Milliseme Imperial
Spice and Wood
Jardin di Amalfi
Royal Oud
Silver Mountain Water
Virgin Island Water
Original Santal
Green Irish Tweed My Full Review is here
‘Love U’ by Razihel
Zero Copyright Music
BFL Intro and Outro Jingles and Where Ya Gonna Put It? by Carlos J Powell

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Cig Smoker says:

Creed juice doesn’t seem to do well initially on paper… I tried the entire line while in Dubai and nothing stood out at that moment except VI Water… I Admit, I didn’t understand that I’ve have been doing it all wrong my entire life. Niche EDP concerntrations definitely evolve on skin and overtime. In Dubai, the sales people really want you to try everything unlike New York. I highly recommend a trip.

Mitchell Gardner says:

Where do you work Carlos, heaven? lol

Cademan Lillywhite says:

she is some eye candy <3

James W says:

She’s fine asf

Josh Riddle says:

and she is hot

George Frountzos says:

I got Aventus but i love Silver Mountain smell

Kevin Fang says:

Is that your daughter? Sorry I’m genuinely want to know

Dandre Lewis says:

No Millisime Imperial.

Micholas Nitchell says:

i don’t know how you can smell Green Irish Tweed and Santal for the first time, without mentioning Coolwater and Joop.

Mark Ayres says:

Great video Carlos! Very nice woman in the video!

Jared Hopper says:

MY GOD WHOS THIS GIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Like whaaaaaattt what magazine is she in anybody know

Bloke says:

can u tell me wich genuine ebay seller i can buy these from ??

BogdanDorianC says:

Aventus is subtle??? What the??? It’s like the best “in your face” fragrance. Very manly and extremely strong. It smells on me at least 14 hours and fills whichever room I enter. Best of the best. Thumbs up for King Aventus.

Javier Smith says:

She is gorgeous!

z28 camaro says:

Carlos thanks for having the sexies guess, keep it up 🙂

Jose Alaniz says:

Great vid Carlos. Maybe you two can collaborate on reviewing the best economical scents.

Michael says:

I like your energy and vlog but sparing myself from being rude please change the girl. I know a lot of the horny desperate guys on the comment section are just kissing her ass the whole time but bring Stephanie back. Sorry for offending you, but I’m a fan and just trying to help. Great vlog and once again didn’t mean to offend your friend. I’m just trying to be honest and I think you had better reviews when Stephanie was on board.

Alf - redas says:

Aisha is such a lovely lady, I like your reviews, really enjoyable to watch, so honest and natural, thanks indeed, forgot to add – greetings from Ireland.

Phillip Peterson says:

I used to have Millesime Imperial, I would get so many compliments from females, next time I buy it,I’m going to try something to make it last longer, I’m beginning to think Guys like Aventus more then females, dudes are over hyping this fragrance to death on YouTube, jumping on the bandwagon of the next guy.

16 blocks says:

Viking sucks smells like ass

Marcelo Siqueira Lima says:

#1 — Virgin Island Water. The end.

Smokesome says:

Hello sir. Can i have sex with Aisha? i will give u 4 camel and 3 sheep and 11 goats + 2 chicken and 3000 rupees. I have big penis for pleasure she. Thank you very much

Josh Riddle says:

lmao middle eastern lmao I love her

LivSimple says:

Aisha’s a keeper! I agree with her on Aventus…I have a number of Creed fragrances, but Aventus is THE first Creed cologne that I don’t really care for.

Danish Mazhar says:

Aisha is a bomb….lv straight from pakistan

Joseph Azzato says:

oudwood is actually caused by an infection in the tree causing the tree to pump sap and resin to the infected area making the wood to come very hard and is prized for carving along with it’s smell a few ounces can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars making it the second most expensive note in colognes ambergris being the most expensive note

Jorge Arias says:

Saludos desde República Dominicana!

FH FR says:

Aisha goes into the love pile for me

Jsmal jx says:

I think she likes the camera more than she likes perfume..

Alex Rodriguez says:

I’m down to Aruba

clintbronson5 says:

BFL great video’s always and have helped me with a lot of my picks ( though I must admit BY KILIAN Straight to Heaven is a masterpiece :-p ) thanks for taking the time on doing these. Oh! Have to say with you Perfume Experts that do these videos why are thier no Clive Christian’s?? Is it too expensive? Too strong and not great to you all??? I find it a wonderful house but you and many others just do t seem to talk about it really. Anyway thanks and I’ll keep liking the vid’s

Dandre Lewis says:

I OWN Aventus it Smells like Old Man 2 Me.Green Irish Tweed , Millisime Imperial Are the Business.

Patrick Donohue says:

She absolutely nailed it..Santal is pure perfection..My absolute favorite..Virgin Island Water easy second..Just made my first Creed purchases and those 2 were the easy favorites. Salesman also mixed Aventus with Virgin Island Water and that was amazing..Did not like Aventus by itself.

Niche4Sure says:

The girl in this video is smoking hot. She has an upstairs situation,which is giving me a downstairs situation in my pants…!

shayan009ful says:

looking good Aisha love u

Funkslave says:

Wow, what a gorgeous babe, and dressed to ensure as many as views as possible!

Marcus Russell says:

I just purchased Aventus batch S4215X01
Can anyone tell me anything about this batch number?

Dandre Lewis says:

She has a Baby Face Cutie.


awesome vids Carlos , you one of the most real fragrance dudes on Youtube man .

Runjon says:

Can you put Aisha in all your videos please?

Pariah Carey says:

I get SO many compliments when I wear Green Irish Tweed… I did just buy 8.4oz of Aventus tho… Definitely my favorite.

Alex Rodriguez says:

Hey Capitan Spalding I c u

Souldragon RedGoldenDragon says:

No more king for Aventus..before 2017 all said aventus is king..but after 2017 beat aventus is GIT..before that GIT get no 4 or 5 uper in the top 10 list fragrance

Michael says:

Aisha needs to go boss. I’m just telling you straight out.

Marlon Khan says:

U kidding she don t like green Irish tweed and adventas

LivingGoodSmellinBetter says:

when she put her hair down i fell in love lol

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