Top 3 Most Complimented Creed Fragrances | Men’s Cologne Review

Top 3 Most Complimented Creed Fragrances | Men’s Cologne Review

Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in black men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video Big Beard B of Big Beard Business reveals the top 3 most complimented Creed colognes in his collection.

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Top 3 Most Complimented Creed Cologne

1. Silver Mountain Water –

Silver Mountain Water a bestseller since its launch, this modern scent captures the purity of the mountains-soft, milky-sweet blackcurrants mixed with green tea, the richness of bergamot, and sandalwood.

2. Aventus –

The exceptional Aventus was inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor, celebrating strength, power and success. Aventus is a sophisticated blend for individuals who savor a life well-lived.

3. Green Irish Tweed –

The fragrance elegantly combines woody freshness and pure masculinity, equally suited to a stroll through the Irish countryside and a strut down the red carpet. One of Creed’s best-selling scents, to wear it is to be unforgettable.

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Sheizdopetastic ! says:

Loved this review. Been exploring other scents by Creed. Glad to have come across your video.

Wet Shaving Fraghead says:

Great video brother.
Anytime I get an itch to pick up a new frag my wife always says get a creed. It’s the only house that doesn’t give her headaches.
For me I can’t live without my original vetiver (which I adore) and original santal. They have such delicate and refined fragrances and never smell synthetic. Ironically GIT is the one I can’t seem to get on with but maybe I just need to wear it more and see how it goes.
I forgot I also love MI
My latest bottle of SMW doesn’t get near the longevity I’m used to which is a total bummer

Irvin says:

All of these are on point !

Mike Jones says:

Great channel Fam!!!!!

BILL Pullman says:

Just subscribed bro. Great videos. What’s the track in the background?

DeMoreo Reddick says:

You have to put it up to the light to see how much you have left.

pdude1911 says:

Nice man! I just shaved my beard this morning… SMW is my favorite. I sampled Aventus and GIT and while nice, they’re not my thing. Got a compliment at the office from a lady co-worker, who is sort of my boss for the time being (me being the new guy) while wearing SMW. Always a good sign 🙂

Mr. Chaos Ghost says:

I’ve been hearing good things about that Silver Mountain Water. good go see it get an endorsement I trust

GetSmart says:

have you tried creed Himalaya

david drake says:

I think Silver Mountain smells like shit. To me it smells like cheap old lady hairspray. I wanted to like it but it don’t smell good on me at all

Kankrit Tangkakarn says:

nice review man, subscribed Xp

Calvin Haskins says:

Agree, great choices

Shaf Serious says:

are these your own?

Arthur Schopenhauer says:

I don’t know what to think about GIT and other Creeds. I’m really disappointed with the house. I own 4 bottles, which I brought from a reputable source. While I enjoy their fragrances, they underperform. Their longevity and projection are pathetic. I feel like I’ve wasted $. What are your thoughts

Starrchild65 says:

What batch is that Aventus?

Aidan Shaw says:

lol i live and roll in the hills in ireland and fook all here smells as good as git lol.good work friend:)

David Wyatt says:

Hey beard brother! If you want to see the level of your GIT, hold a real bright light up to it. You can see through it, just enough to see the juice level. A little life hack for you.

Vauxhall 2theBay says:

Bro I never knew about luxury colognes. I’m sitting hear with these $60-$80 bottles thinking I’m doing something lol. I’m bout to jump on these.

Tom says:

HAHA – “Silver Mountain Water, it smells like you’re on a silver mountain…with running water.”  Love it!  Good work man

Joe Silverstein says:

Not a bad review… not sure how you get compliments with SMW though. That’s my worse compliment getter

kwiggins148 says:

Have you tried Xerjoff fragrances?

Louis Rios says:

this is me in a video. I literally use only these 3. SMW and GIT daytime and Aventus at night or special occasions. Fuck a collection you don’t need anything else. I wanna like Millesime Imperial because of the smell but once you apply it, it becomes a disappointment because of how little it lasts and how it changes once in the skin.

Rk1 says:

bro, I respect you and the colognes. but does it bother you that tom ford said that all men should be penetrated by a man at least once? Legit, I take your word it smells good but what do you think about proudly supporting something like that?

BlaqMambaX says:

GIT is one of my better Creeds, but I like Bois Du Portugal and Acier Aluminium better. Aventus……. I bought a small decant of this from a mall years ago and it was a beast. I recently bought the 4 ounce bottle and it’s just not the same. I’ve read that you have to let the newer bottles sit and mature after you get some air into the bottle. Also, I can’t for the life of me smell the pineapple that everyone raves about, not in my old decant or newer bottle. I have SMW as well and although it smells good, it smells a little inky to me but the ink smell isn’t too overwhelming. Great review sir.

jack frost says:

Big man! I got to stop watching you! Got me buying all kinds of shit! Lol, can’t stop watching you really. you keep it real. Had Aventus and just bought Silver Mountain Water and GIT! keep it coming.

Robert C says:

12-15 hours on GIT and SMW? LOL! You’re definitely one of the lucky minority. Aventus maybe. By the way… Xerjoff Mefisto crushes Silver Mountain Water. Nice review!

Noel Dean says:

Nice review just subscribed.

Jesse Aboagye says:

Solid review man, just came across your channel. Subscribed!

BoChosen says:

You in Philly, Fam?

S. Byers says:

lo Trump

Robert Smith Sr. says:

What is the song at the beginning of the video? An instrumental of?

Vince Ambers says:

been watching long while. Just subscribed> Spoken with authority> Good diction. Great editing> Keep it up MAN.

david guillen says:

Hey brotha where can I get me a sample of Aventus?? I’ve heard about it, but I don’t know if Im willing to dish out 495 on a BlindBuy

Louis-Philippe Noël says:

nice spraying Technic

Ruud Peeters says:

Nice review man. I have both GIT and Aventus and they’re both pure winners. So versatile, so fresh, so pleasing!

Zae Anderson says:

that big beard just earned you a new sub! keep it up

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