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Hey everyone, Manny the fragrance vlogger here! Hope you guys are enjoying this Top 5 video! Let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts on it; whether it’s on one of the fragrances, my nose, or this video’s format. Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe if you want to see more. Thanks for stopping by!

➞ Aventus by Creed
➞ Erolfa by Creed
➞ Green Irish Tweed by Creed
➞ Millésime Impérial by Creed
➞ Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Another Fraghead ➞
MyMickers ➞
Redolessence ➞

Imaginary by Laszlo [NCS Release]

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Nick B says:

Really making me want a bottle of silver mountain water…

Mohamad attar says:

Great great presentation……..

Catherine Fraser says:

Love Ambre Canelle, white flowers, Eau de the Rose Bulgarie, Jasmal, Vanisia, Selection Verte. Best on down.


Dude, you are right on ! on all 5 fragrances ! good review bro….

Serg S says:

PREACH Manny!! With only a few months in the frag game. Batch inconsistencies have me worried about missing out on a great formulas and Aventus seems to be the top offender. Should not be an issue when you are paying that much for a bottle. GIT and SMW are my top two.

TFlorida1 says:

The whole batch variation is a joke. There are wine snobs and there are fragrance snobs, fragrance snobs are the worst. Fragrances wear differently based on a person’s skin and each individuals hormones can affect the perception of a fragrance. Then people apply different amounts of a fragrance, etc. Also an individual’s perception of an odor in a fragrance, such as pineapple, can be drastically different from person to person. Also, read the batch comparisons on different websites and people can’t even agree on which batches are the best or worst for a fragrance. Someone will say batch XXX has lots of pineapple and another person will say for that same batch there isn’t much pineapple. Then some people will say a fragrance needs “…to age” before wearing it and then others completely disagree. It’s hilarious to read these snobs compare batches and state which batches are the best or worst. Batch variation is a load of BS.

Niels-Henrik Jeppesen says:

You say MI it’s a hot weather fragrance.. does this mean that if you live in a country where you have a very small amount of time with hot weather that won’t be any good, since you basically never get to use it, and you might be better off with another frag? Love your content, keep up the good work!!

Jon New says:

Great video. Man you have a great flow in your videos.

Jeff Loflin says:

Erolfa…if there was an intense version..or a version that lasted more that 15 minutes it would go viral. Worst performance of any fragrance I have sampled to date

J. T. says:

Virgin Island Water!

Dav G says:

MI also has a bathc variation. I have bottle from 2017 and 2015 and the smell is way different. Where 2017 is way saltier and poor on performance and 2015 is much more fruity and perform very well. I find 2015 MI much better performer than Aventus. Only what I do not like in 2015 MI is the opening which has kind of metalic, harsh vibe. All you need to do is wait 30 minutes and this 2015 batch starts to shine and smells incredible!

soulerflare7 says:

Can you please elaborate on how the R01 from Jeremy is different from the other bottle you had.

Gsm Apple says:

Kilian,Creed.Serge Luthens,Bond9nyc..Ramon Monegale…the best ever….

يوسف الحسن says:

عطري المفصل

eric anthony says:

I am lucky with Creed I guess. I get 4 hours projection with MI, GIT, Aventus and Royal Oud.

xThEGr3aTeSTx says:

if I bought Creed I would be scared to use it because of the price lol

Gsm Apple says:

the best Creed are Imperial And silver Mountain

VinBr0 says:

Where should I buy creed aventus?

Darryl Gore says:

Aventues, Silver Mtn Water, MI, GIT, VIW. Thank you

satyris411 says:

Original Vetiver and Royal Oud

dreww1818 says:

Keep up the great work – excellent reviews!

Murat Tavukcuoglu says:

Personally I’d take out GIT and put Royal mayfair in there .

Rick M says:

Awesome Video! I can get a new LT4215R01 Creed Aventus Batch! Recommend it?

Mark Pine says:


jesper Widen says:

creed is the best

MICKOO says:

i like silver mountain water since i born

Likki Likki says:

Cool water smells cheap,nothing like GIT

Joanne EnnaJo says:

hi, i smelt all of these. 1 time me and my girl friends when we were shopping in Myer a friendly sales man assist us and let us smell creed aventus, wer not impressed to Aventus, it smells just ordinary and like just daytime office scent, the oud tho was manly and sexy,perfect for date night. what me and my friends also like were mr.burberry edt, dior for men something i forget the name, and the bulgari in a blue bottle. we all think they smell good night or day.

Happy Living says:

To me spice and wood is up there along with Himalaya. Himalaya is the most underrated creed perfume ever

jaafar aldhurais says:

Hey buddy, thanks for the video. i have 4 bottles of Creed ! i love them all and i cant put them in order ! but, let me try. 1- GIT 2- MI 3- Aventus 4- SMW … house of Creed are top notch.

mirza barkatullah says:

Hello brother, what do you recommend for office wear,something from creed vs dior sauvage

Jim Ferdinando says:

You didn’t put the longevity for GIT

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