Versace Eros Fragrance Review

Versace Eros Fragrance Review

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Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video Big Beard B of Big Beard Business reviews Versace Eros.

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Love, passion, beauty, and desire are the key concepts behind the new men’s fragrance by Versace. As Greek mythology and classic sculpture have characterized the Versace world since the beginning, so the perfection of the male body is evoked with an allusion to Eros, the god of love. Versace Eros is a fragrance for a strong, passionate man, who is master of himself.

Eros interprets the sublime masculine through a luminous aura with an intense, vibrant, and glowing combination of fresh mint leaves, Italian lemon zest, and green apple. An addictive sensuality accented by oriental, intriguing, and enveloping notes like tonka beans, amrboxan amber, geranium flower, and vanilla melds with a racy virility symbolized by woods—such as cedarwood from Atlas and Virginia—while vetiver and oak moss provide intensity and power.

Mint Oil, Italian Lemon, Green Apple, Tonka Bean, Geranium Flower, Vanilla, Vetiver, Moss, Cedarwood.
Passionate. Sexy. Strong.


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International Monarch says:

I only got 2 hours of good projection on my skin. After that, it smelled like I washed it off and only had a minimal residual of the scent. Maybe it could be that it’s so strong, it burned my sense of smell.

PskyMusic says:

3:57 this part was hilarious “have em choking, using a gas mask.”

Alex-Ann Weston says:

She’s a lovely lady man! its commendable when you SHOUT OUT THE WIFE! on another note, love your videos you are truly funny.

Scott Kuhnen says:

Guys check out my site for Versace Eros and other top-ranked colognes just like it! Cheers!

Red Salmon says:

My teenage son wore this yesterday! 3 light sprays he was projecting but not cloying. Fit him perfectly. Great scent

cronos222 says:

Every woman I’ve asked about this fragrance thinks it smells great . One woman at work said I smelled ” Delicious ! ” and I like the scent a lot myself ( also I’m fond of women saying I smell delicious cause I’m needy like that ) so I’m happy with it .

alak58 says:

Versace Eros has been reformulated and heavily watered down sometime in the newer bottles are VERY weak.don’t last more than 30 minutes and are only skin scents, meaning you can only smell it when very close to skin.

Rexhepi Veli says:

French is my mother tongue. You killed me at 0:43 when you said “de temps en temps”. You pronounce it very well though

Orlando Sturge says:

Has it been reformulated?

Mr. Shlock says:

One of the better reviews actually — not sure why it is so polarized in the FragCom except that its potency flagged it as a “clubbing” scent so it MUST be beneath many. I really appreciate this stuff.

pewdie pie says:

i am thinking of wearing it to school is it too powerful?

fitz 90 says:

I really love that one!! Im in love with it!!

VT 24 says:

That bottle alone is Amazing!! Unfortunately, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, it’s marginal & cloying AF to me

Cesar Mieses says:

Eros is a must have especially if you enjoy fragrances that have a minty note. Eros has also be formulated very well and smells a lot better than most other mint based colognes. Hurry up an cop a bottle and don’t believe the silly hate hype.

Omar Abd Alkader says:

This scent the new le male

Sean Rahmings says:

I might get this over Dylan blue

Huzaifa Ahmed says:

I see you are honest
Please recommend me a best perfume between a price range of 20-80 American dollars.
Male age 21

Daniel Kola says:

Your wife probably smelled it on some scumbag she fucked and asked him afterwards what it was and he told her and she went and got it for you

Virdeus says:

Is this still worth getting today?

Giovanni Price Sr says:

Bro who makes your black tee’s and where do u get them from?

Tony GameTime Johnson says:

I’ve worn it in both the summer and winter…it definitely does better in the winter but it wasn’t that bad in the summer either…

The Scentral Point says:

Lol BBB you are brilliant funny and good to see your channel is taking off!!!

Matt Carnithan says:

0:09 Some Step brothers ?? Fart scene onions and ketchup

JoshySC says:

I actually got this one through Scentbird and I absolutely love it. I didn’t get a lot of compliments on it but it’s a banger in my book.

The Analog Circle Podcast. says:

Dope video.

Ethan Gillespie says:

Yes @focusx it is a high school scent

Miguel Ramos says:

I bought it on Amazon. Versace!

Ethan Gillespie says:

It is medusa head

MIS315 says:

Your channel is probably the only fragrance review channel that I can stand to tolerate. Clear concise and to the goddam point. All these other bozos critiquing and comparing and filibustering and surveying. Ain’t nobody got time for that! If I want to see a review about a fragrance it shouldn’t be as long as a sitcom (with the ads included). No excuse for a review to be more than 15 minutes

Sudin Thebe says:

It’s stayed on my skin more than 24 hours!! Extremely long lasting Monster, fragrance!! Best scent ever!!!

MrHispanicz says:

Honestly it doesn’t project too much on me. Maybe it was just a weird time for me idk. might be better for semi warm summer nights instead of fall

gavin ellis says:

Women love this

ARS says:

Hello, i really need an advice, im hesitating between Eros and stronger with you.. i love them both, any suggestion pls?

Popelkuchen says:

5:48 haha

GreatGrandmasterWang says:

You kinda remind me of that singer…

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