Yves Saint Laurent – Mon Paris Perfume Review (2016)

My thoughts on the newest release from the house of Yves Saint Laurent…Mon Paris. Enjoy!


ellementira says:

I enjoy your reviews a lot! I still haven’t tried Poison Girl but apparently it might not come to US retailers. Strange seeing as I think the US market might be the best home for it. I also want to try the new blue Guerlain LPRN flanker, even though I suspect it won’t be a favorite…

Rio Cappuccino says:

sounds really nice thanks!

dachucktaylor1 says:

This stuff smells great on women point blank period. As a male this is definitely a scent that will turn us on.

Mornaco Theodora says:

Agreed with you and I believe it’s been influenced by the new owner, Lo’real. Its full of alcohol and cheap ingredients … but funny they don’t reduce its price. Ridiculous!!

makeupabsolu says:

your glasses look stunning on you !!! i love your choice ! love love love it !


Good review. I’ll be ordering soon.

emilio says:

So just another generic La Vie Est Belle copy with musk…… I’d really like to hear your opinion on Addict by Dior.

MsJcmJcm says:

Absolutely. Pretty delicious scent, but unfortunately it doesn’t last and I’m not wowed. I received a sample and truthfully, I just wear to bed. I’m unimpressed.

Deborah Van Walsum says:

I have mixed feelings about this fragrance. On my skin I initially get a harsh, sour pear. It almost has a latex, plastic smell. It is really off-putting. Waiting for it to open up I get crazy berries. Lurking under the jam is musky, patchouli notes. It is the bastard child of Si, La Vie est Belle and Coco Mademoiselle. I don’t like on my skin as much as I like it on my clothes. On skin it is sour, metallic jam – on clothes it is a soft musky powder. Meh. I will wear it because my son gave me a (huge) bottle as a gift but it is not a go-to scent for me. The bottle is gorgeous, though!

Nutter says:

I totally get that reading off the notes is kind of pointless since we can look them up, and many people (myself included) can’t pick up a lot of the notes anyway. But it’d be nice if you’d tell us what the opening reminds you of, I mean telling us to search for the best sellers of the moment isn’t helpful. It’d be very nice to know if it smells like something I already have. I guess I’m just not sure why you won’t name them? Is it some sort of violation of a youtube rule?

Mrs Press says:

My first thought when I smelled this for the first time was…this has been DONE TO DEATH!!!! Why do these companies keep making the same fragrances over and over. What ever happened to creativity and originality?! These fragrances are soooo boring!! I used to like these fragrances when they were new and different, but come on… perfumers have been beating a dead horse for YEARS now. I think that’s how I began to fall in love with some classic fragrances (i.e. Mitsouko, Shalimar, Hypnotic Poison, Bal A Versailles, just to name a few) because they are so different that, though they have been around forever, it’s like they are new and interesting. It is also why I began to look to the niche brands (many of which have been big let downs for me, but I could not accuse them of being boring). I can hardly wait for this (seemingly unending) trend to come to its end! That’s my rant, sorry!

Mebrice Depace says:

The lid is ridiculously crap. It just smells so boring and obviously targeted at the younger audience who are being groomed to like fruity, synthetic nonsense.

Frida Hultgren says:

When a reviewer say “we have smelled it before” me as a relatively new fragrance nerd want to know: from where? Overall I like your reviews a lot!

Kiki R says:

Nice review! Also love your glasses. 🙂 I hope you’re having a great summer,DD!

Adelaide Love says:

Hi Arlene, I was wondering if you would be open to splitting m.micallef ylang, amouage sunshine and Mona di orio vanilla. You got me totally hooked on these frags but I can’t afford full bottles of them. I live in Canada.

Ana Zouhir says:

est ce que tu dirais que c’est une senteur gourmande? quel genre de femme porterait ce parfum?

naheed a says:

a pretty smell. refreshing in hotter weather. not trying too hard I guess.

I Know Everything says:

I think it smells a bit like midnight fantasy

cami v says:

I have , and really never regretted just amazing and stay in your skin

Lanier Smith says:

Very interesting and I enjoyed your wonderful review. I must say I am not a jammy fragrance fan. So …. Cheep Generic and ….Bubblegum…Ewww! Well I should test it and I will. Candies that no one wants. LOL Yes I know them. What is it about Granny’s that draws them to those horrid candies. Do love the bottle.

suri canaburi says:

Hey Delicious Delights, I totally agree with you It’s a little bit generic like all the other bestsellers… it’s ok but nothing special to me… But the bottle is very pretty and that’s all

You are really great!!!! I luv you’re videos!

What do you think about Versace Crystal Noir EDP not the EDT ? 🙂

Free Spirit says:

Really like your method of reviewing a fragrance. I soooo agree with you about the sort of uniformity among the women’s designer fragrances.
I sniffed this one at Sephora and didn’t think much of it as to trying a sample of it and maybe eventually buying it. Bottle was the reason why I got attracted to it at first . But soon it was just another Meh! ; p

Patrick Echevarria says:

Funny how our noses are so different. I know this is a womens frag but still I tried and asked a sample of this for the wife because I love how it smells and I am so picky when it comes to what my wife will like because she is too so hard to please when it comes to fragrances. Luckily,she love it too just like I did. I think that what matters most.

Jada Edwards says:

Totally agree on this review….I got a 3.4oz bottle for Christmas from my mom-in-law, and I can’t stand it. On my skin, this is a headache inducing musk bomb. Bleck. Luckily, my teenager enjoys it, so I was happy to pass it along….. 🙂

charlottesmom says:

Brand new subscriber here, loving your videos!! Random question: is that a Karate Kid poster in the background, that is one of my favorite movies. :0)

Aolani Velez says:

reminds me of the original dior cherie

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