10 Cheap Fragrances that Smell Like Expensive Fragrances!

These are ten inexpensive fragrances / colognes that smell like more expensive fragrances. Thank you for watching!

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tokekkk says:

Now do 10 expensive fragrances that smells cheap XD

Kenyon Times says:

I’ve been watching you for a while… your videos are great.. I was wondering what are those bottles in the right hand corner on your shelf… they look like oils.. what are they and where can I purchase some

Soban Aqib says:

hi can you recommend a Christian Dior oud ispahan clone?

serasane says:

Cuba Royal came before One Million.

Michael Richmond says:

Thanks, I like these inexpensive alternative videos

Don-York says:

Thanks for your insight. I would like to add one to your Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male comparison, that is Fujiyama: Gentleman. Having not ever owned or smelled JPG: Le Male, Once you mentioned Cuba Gold, I though of Fujiyama: Gentleman; which I recently bought and compared myself to Cuba Gold. At first I thought these (Gold and Gentleman) smell similar to birthday cake. I guess JPG: Le Male does to? (LOL)…Very sweet aren’t they?

Darci Milord says:

Us females would love a video like this on Perfumes, no one is doing it! What about Tom Ford Soile the gourmand scent???

Robbie McGill says:

Get to the point, less jibber jabber.

jack feifer says:

You have a different video where you name armaf club de nuit Nas the best Aventus clone……so which is it?

Tej Singh says:

Antonio Banderas Golden secret = 1 Million. Christophe Raynaud created both. buy it

Troels Andersen says:

Yeah one more!

LaMario Robinson says:

hey Steve, appreciate helping me pickup great scents, I’ve been picking up TM pure line!!!!!!! I picked up unpredictable adventure by Glen Perry recently & maybe it’s me but the opening stinks but as it dries down it becomes a great scent! how’s do you feel about the opening?

Julian Alberto De La Rosa Suncar says:

Can you make a review of English laundry fragrances?

Minhaj ullah says:

any name of beautiful spray plx?

Julio Daiz says:

love perfumes

Janet Riggione says:

Some of the men’s fragrants at the dollar tree are so so nice and sexy for a buck omg

bitty a says:

i really like your video and i hope you could help me to find a purfum that smells like black opuim

Andy Tung says:

haha this video killed me; cuba gold is the only one i have on this list and its your number 1.

bongkoy mil says:

great review! I just bought cuba prestige after watching.

Trent Austin says:

Stop calling me Shirley. @0:28

flowerbomb112 says:

Doesn’t your lighting have any effect on your expensive perfume on display in the back?

lightfusegetaway says:

Waiting for my bottle of Cubano Gold to arrive from ebay, which I understand smells like Le Male, which in turn is supposed to be similar to this cologne I used to love back in my early 20’s called Azul which was sold at the youth clothing chain Anchor Blue/Miller’s Outpost. You follow me? 😉 Pretty excited to try it out! Haven’t been able to find Azul at a reasonable price since those stores closed down.

jack feifer says:

Cool!thanks for clarifying,I love your videos,keep it up!and I went out and actually bought both on your recommendation, I’ll let you know

Mark Ayres says:

Great video Steve! I enjoy your content. I might want to try some of these out.

smackroscoe says:

Subscribed because of this video. Thank you for doing this. I will try about 7 of these.

toobalkain says:

some of those cheap fragrances are surprisingly good and can be excellent deals but to say that one fragrance is a clone of another one is misleading. Might be the quality of ingredients, might be something else beside that, but they’re just not clones in the sense of they’re not the same thing. Not sure where the figures are coming from, like a cheapo X is 90% like a niche Y, can we say a Honda Accord is 90% of an Aston Martin Vanquish? I mean, they both have 4 wheels and take you from point A to point B, the difference is 8.23%. It’s meaningless, those percentages. 4711 does have neroli like Tom Ford Portofino but it’s nowhere close except that both have longevity measured in minutes.

Bushido Mavashi says:

cuba black is copycat of ??????

d fernandez says:

I had a travel sized bottle of legend and i hated it. It smelled more like something women would use and i also hated 23. Im also starting to dislike Flight and a cheaper alternative to that would be bod black but bod black is much stronger and the alc content is very high. The best Jordan colognes for me would be michael jordan, jordan, and flight fresh

Ihsan Qazi says:

Please find anything for Armani Pour Homme , i love it but its expensive and very low sillage

CarJacks The Clown says:

Damn. No 360 red

Fango Man says:

Insurrection II Pure Reyane Tradition smells way more like Creed Aventus and is literally 1/10th the price at $25.00 the bottle is also nice as fuck for a cheapie…. just like the Insurrection II Dark style bottle but BRIGHT WHITE!!!

Arūnas Jonas Kastėnas says:

Fantastic review and suggestions. Cuba indeed make some masterpieces.

The Fragrance God 845 Hustler says:


Wladimir Ivanov says:

ANIMALE is my expensive fragrance, gg, 35 dollars 3.4oz in Brazzzzil

brazapride says:

insurrection pure is also very similar to creed aventus, have you ever heard of it?

Low YW says:

Nice Vid!

What do you think about Jo Malone?

Chris Gomes says:


Raymond Solis Jr. says:

Aspen is suppose to smell close to Green Irish Tweed

Antithesis Fashion says:

You forgot about Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills smells like tuberoses and has an oak moss shade to it with an aroma of white florals, lasts very long even though it’s an Eau De Toilette, this 1981 release is $40 for 90ml Eau De Toilette, price may vary from shop to shop!!

Abdulla Talib says:

Hi. I’ve got allergy in my respiratory system. so, I should wear fragrances with moderate silage and my fragrances must be aquatic and never contain spicy notes. I need a top ten list for me, please.

Estalder Vicente says:

Do you know of a clone for Creed Neroli Sovauge?

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