10 LEATHER Fragrances

Discover LEATHER! one more video before I peace out for the Christmas break!

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Happy Sniffing!! 🙂


rr M says:

I think ELdO’s Marquis de Sade is a pun of some sort, behind the one note-it says it is-hides a man in a faint “rien”esque persona/aroma. maybe they were going for deSade’s innocent looks and his hidden Sadism… Histoires de Pafums also has a great leather fragrance dedicated to him.
Rien is great and so underrated started the video thinking here we go, another list without Rien! lol

Lily White says:

My favorite is, Red Rider by BPAL.

VT 24 says:

Merry Xmas, great list mate!

Gaptoothredheadedsinger says:

I have a really hard time with “leather” in fragrances…It grows on me but I always have to pull back, stop, and rationalize what I’m supposed to be smelling.Then go back and slowly appreciate it. Merry Christmas, Tom!!!

Mrs Press says:

I love leather and suede in fragrances as long as it’s not a dirty leather (like Tauers Lonesome Rider). Enjoy your downtime!

Marci LK says:

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll wear my Chanel Cuir de Russie today.

Fatty Boombalatty says:

Nice list! Rhino makes me think of those rather shocking (in those days) Mapplethorpe leather portraits, bold and very artistic.

Alessandro Baldoni says:

Metal Hurlant was also an iconic frech magazine that published comics in the 70s-80s from authors such as Milo Manara, Moebius, etc.

Gabriel Garcia says:

Merry Christmas ha!

Tania Filomena says:

Merry Christmas! Current favourite leathers: Etui Noir Miller Harris, Absolue d’Osmanthe Perris Monte Carlo, Eau de Velours Bottega Veneta

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Merry Christmas Thomas .
best wishes in 2019

Rich Mitch says:

Have u tried daim blonde by serge lutens and leather blend from Davidoff? Glorious.

Indecence says:


Niels Bandit says:

Would be so great if you one day did a review of the whole house of Naomi Goodsir

DocMc Stuffins says:

Was that the song from that girl who was in Destiny’s Child that no one paid attention to? Melissa?
My only leathery fragrances are Black Sugar and Spicebomb. Some of the others have a bit of leather but not much. So, thanks for the list 🙂

Rich Mitch says:

I’ll have what he’s having

South says:

Please please please no background music I have sensitive hearing. I had to watch this on very low volume to eliminate the background music as much as possible

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