10€ La Nuit De L’Homme | Zara Y Collection Perfume Review

Hey guys, you wanted an affordable YSL La Nuit de L’Homme clone? Zara Y Collection is what you’re looking for.
Request delivered!

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Joy Amin says:

im getting my 2 bottles in couple of days….excellent video brother

Rizky Ananta says:

Man..you are great clone reviewer. Nice work man..respect you for that.

Just Add Light says:

Very well done Ifi. Great description about the muskiness. It’s the same for D Collection – a more floral and musk heavy L’homme on my skin. I find that both are excellent fabric scents – meaning that they smell better on clothes. And for the price, heck, why not? Spray away!

Jhonatan Sanchez says:

The clone king back at it again with this great review!

Bassline Rally says:

It smells identical to Federico Mahora FM329 which is also a clone of La Nuit De L’Homme. Good video again iffy! Keep up the good work. They really help me to decide. I’m also loving Zara Gourmond Leather which is JPG Ultra Male. Yes! Zara have come a long way as their fragrances of old were too synthetic and weak.

Joe Luke says:

Hey Ifi and frag com, I discovered a great alternative to YSL L’HOMME around 8 months ago. I don’t do cologne review videos anymore, but I am always looking for great clones and gems in general. Please, take a look at this for only $17 online, you can’t beat it.
From what I know, the only retail store that sells this is PERFUMANIA which are in many malls around the US.
It is usually on sale for like $20…I will include a link of the cheapest per ml of this fragrance, I’d like to see you review this and make a comparison!!

In my opinion, the performance is around the same as the current L’Homme (6.5/10) and it is around 90% similar to the original, with a nice clean powdery smell with a little touch of ginger!


Tom Eis says:

Great video bro. Been asking myself how close this clone gets. By the way, whats with this EDP version of Vibrant Leather? Never heard of it

Javad Ayaz says:

Very poor longevity. Lasted 3-4 hours for me. I dont know how LNDLM smells like but i do like the scent. Just a shame about the performance.

simpa256 says:

Do the other ones D and A too. Great work.

Javad Ayaz says:

Are you a clone of Mr Liam Neeson? Does anyone else see it? 🙂

David Peters says:

exceptionally well presented video ifi, these fragrances are certainly worth looking into, as a part from your good self, i have heard a lot of good comments on this range of frags, so when the opportunity arises i will be trying them out. respect my friend.

Martijn M says:

This is a beauty. I own YSL’S La Nuit Frozen Cologne and the 2014 Collector Edition of La Nuit De L’Homme. Thanks to Zara, Y Collection now serves as my ‘indoors La Nuit.’ Scent wise, it’s so beautiful. It doesn’t have the same projection as my La Nuits, which is why I don’t use Y outside. But indoors.. Perfect.

p celan says:

Can you please check Zara Man Gold? to me it’s 98% similar to Creed aventus (only a faint chocolate smell). Jeremy said it reminded him of aventus too. The bottle is the same as this video, just entirely black. I still can’t say if Zara is good or bad; is really stepping forward with fragrances, most smell really nice and give the impression of a more expensive perfume. However, the overall quality regarding projection/longevity is not good (in my case at least). For the price could be a good option but in the long run don’t consider it money well spent. Sorry I talk too muck. Really enjoyed the video and totally agreee with the girl, I’d choose la Nuit as well. Best regards.

Manu Haber says:

Very poor longevity and sillage. A real shit.


please do a review on the zara aventus clone you mentioned in the video and comments.

Fake Account says:

Another great video I got a bottle simply for the price. Smells to me just a slightly weaker version of ysl

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

I have La Nuit . I like it.
I have Warm Rich & Addictive . I like it.
I had someone else wear it . I noticed that W,r&A did get overly synthetic at times .
There is *Suave from Parfums Vintage* . Here’s the link ; https://www.parfumsvintage.com/product-page/suave-50ml
*Parfums* Vintage had a discount code for samples, but I forgot to get some. So I don’t know how Suave is.
I would say to you ifi, if you haven’t sampled this house yet, you should try and get in touch with them.
They are really good about sending out samples to You Tube reviewers , along with FREE giveaway bottles
for you subs.
*Suave* is supposed to be like the *Vintage La Nuit*
That’s why I am mentioning it ifi .
I do not work for PV , not do I receive any compensation for doing so.
I am new to your channel, and I like what you do.
Keep up the great work.
_may you and your loved ones have the very best of holidays_

derrick davis says:

The new zara night is the best aventus clone ever released December 4th

Fake Account says:

You should also try zegna intenso it’s a better clone than Armani code

Safsum says:

Ifi the clone king. you have to try ronaldo legacy !!

JohnSmith says:

You answered my question with a video thanks ifi lol. I got a sample of la nuit del homme but i find it abit feminine. It is nice tho and lasts all day on the skin. Do u find it feminine?

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