11 BEST FALL FRAGRANCES | Le Labo, Montale, Dior Addict, Jo Malone, Bond No 9

Hey there, Tiff Benson here! Thank you so much for stopping by my channel today. Today were going to be talking about my Fall Fragrances, which includes brands like Le Labo, MinNY, Montale, Dior Addict, Gucci Rush, Robert Piguet, Chloe Love, Bond No 9, Profumum, Jo Malone & Memo Paris. 11 Best Perfumes to pick from— check them out below!

11. Barrel, MinNY—1:20, http://us.min.com/collections/min-new-york-scent-stories

10. Douglas Hannant, Robert Piguet—1:44, http://www.robertpiguetparfums.com/

9. Dior Addict, Dior—2:19, http://www.dior.com/beauty/en_us/fragrance-and-beauty/fragrance/womens-fragrance/dior-addict/fr-dioraddictfpl-dior-addict.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwsO6-BRDRy8bsxfiV2bkBEiQAF8EzKMB9U05vFY-v-47xTA68f1n5fwQmgRgs-t-UtQpcAIcaAoft8P8HAQ

8. Chloe Love, Chloe—3:05, http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/chloe-love-chloe-eau-de-parfum-spray/3158891

7. Italian Leather, Memo Paris—3:28, http://us.memoparis.com/en/cuirs-nomades/19-italian-leather

6. White Aoud, Montale—4:00, http://amzn.to/2dsKDuA

5. Baie Rose 26, Le Labo—4:26, http://www.luckyscent.com/product/46856/baie-rose-26-chicago-by-le-labo

4. Gucci Rush, Gucci—4:55, http://www.sephora.com/rush-P4965

3. Bond Signature, Bond No 9—5:53 , https://www.bondno9.com/bond-no-9-new-york-signature-scent.html

2. Wood Sage and Sea Salt, Jo Malone—6:27, http://www.jomalone.com/product/13298/32241/Fragrances/The-Collections/Woody/Wood-Sage-Sea-Salt/Wood-Sage-Sea-Salt-Cologne

1. Battito d’Ali, Profumum—7:04, http://www.profumum.com/en/Perfumes/battito-dali.html

Do you like my choices of Fall Fragrances? Have you tried any of these picks? What’s your favorite Fall Fragrance? Please let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy your day my love. Xo!


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Figure8snowman says:

Wonderful, sexy fragrance choices! Loved it)))

Ramon Heard Jr says:

I have patchouli from profumum plus I love creed event is le labo poive momento from min by. I use to live in my but now I’m Northern Colorado. boorriing.

scaz73 says:

hey tiff!! its mariascazzero !! love the perfume samples!!! What stores do you reccomend to go to explore perfumes and get samples other then sephora

Y2FitgentleMan says:

I’ll be rocking Mancera Rose’s and Chocolate.

Sidewalk Supermodel says:

Your thumbnails are goals girlie!! My fall scent will be YSL Opium Black. LOVE IT!!

A Scented Soul says:

I loooooove Sushi Imperiale from Bois 1920…. uhhhhhh it is beautiful. Warm cider in a bottle!

tpietropaolo01 says:

wore 24 gold other day which last 24 hrs on me no lie.. that shit smells like PLAYDOUGH… n omfg vid playin in background n ur giving props to my fav smell on Earth for girls Gucci Rush yummmmmi got my biz partner to get it for his wifee recently wonder what she thinks bout it… that smell is intoxicating to me..

Ramon Heard Jr says:

Le labo

Cory Drummond says:

Do you like the Vince Camuto line? I love the original (black bottle). It smells great on me and I get complimented often.

TheCriticalVirgo says:

Mancera wild leather is my fall/winter ❤️️

Andy29212 says:

Hello Tiff,

like your professionalism, and sophistication. Also, your descriptions are thorough!

Nunana Gamed says:

yessssssssssssssssssssssss Ms. Benson!!!! you are goooooooorgeous!! exuberant personality!!! new subbie. I love your channel and I am glad that I have found it!!! I will be wearing burbery Brit (school/work), hypnotic poison, Armani si, for her (school/work), decadence, aprege (church), manifesto and mon Paris as well as some of the fragrances that you have mentioned (im going to buy). can you also make video about seductive, alluring, long lasting fragrances

LA Woman68 says:

Wonderful choices!   New subbie, here.  🙂

lyrrasgirl says:

fall fragrance Belara by Mary Kay

Ramon Heard Jr says:

Sorry I’m so late answering. I meant to say diva man and go to luckyscent.com

Makil Marlo says:

I want to Smash my head into this tits

Ramon Heard Jr says:

oh oh….Die man by Amouage

Alex Medesan says:

It was hard to concentrate when you look so beautiful and well put together, until you said Batitto d’Ali. What an amazing fragrance! For autumn/winter I use Roja Musk Aoud, Amouage Jubilation and Epic and my all time signature scent: Chanel Cuir de Russie

luis calado says:

Nice review as always, by the way love your dress

Joel Lavalley says:

Hello Tiff can you please review John Varvados original, I’m curious to hear what you think of it. The staying power isn’t the greatest but on my skin it lasts so long. It is very similar to Paco Rabanne 1 Million. John Varvados is a go to of mine that gets me huge compliments thanks Tiff great videos & you are a very beautiful lady too ♡

enenenene0989 says:

Isn’t that bond no 9 for men? I saw many guys. Wearing it

deonmojo says:

great list T-Ben, thumbs up

Ruby Calabrese says:

Love the way you organized this video. very informative. I am a Musk, Oud, Amber, Vanilla, Oriental note lover . ( in that specific order) which is why I appreciate this review. Have you tried Musc Ravageur?

Annie S says:

very well made video! some of my favs were in your collection!

The Good Life says:

My Kilian Typical Me, Clive Christian Woman X and 1872, Frederic Mall in Carnal Flower, Serge Lutens in La Fille Berlin, Arquiste in Anima Dulics, Aedes de Venustas in Grenadille d’Afrique, Amouage in Reflextion and Farah, Hermes in Eau des Merveilles. great video

Lanier Smith says:

Brava! Wonderful choices. I am addicted to Dior Addict. Glad I found your channel. Lovely and so well done. Cheers!

Dominique Moody says:

You’re so gorge! lol Can you review the Montale line? It would be much appreciated.

Ramon Heard Jr says:

Leland is on Elizabeth street in nyc

pnkpath says:

You have such good taste in fragrances!

pjacksone says:

I want to try the Bond fragrances, does Fragrance.com have the real fragrance?

Christina Botts says:

not sure if you’ve done the video / tag that I’m about to recommend but a couple years ago there was a ” I ❤perfume ” tag. I would really enjoy seeing you answer the questions to that tag. This is the first video of yours I am watching and I am now subscribed. You are an absolute joy to watch. 🙂

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