$25 and Under: Clubman, English Leather, Stetson, British Sterling

Last of the $25 and under aftershaves and cologne reviews



Please make a review about La Toja aftershave lotion from Spain.. Thank you

Seth Mattison says:

I’d love to drive a shiny white Lincoln Town Car while wearing a classic British cardigan and smelling like Clubman Pinaud. (I’m 31.)

JadeNTnT says:

First day of class-i wore british sterling and right when i got into my second period class i had to leave because my teacher is allergic to smells

Aron Scott says:

Are you ever going to make any more videos?

Bill Russell says:

One Of The Best Colognes
EVER Made !!!

Seth Mattison says:

I enjoy wearing Stetson from time to time. I find it smells like old-fashioned soap and lotion for hours, although the first few minutes can be a little unpleasant. I really like Clubman Pinaud after an evening shave–I find it gentlemanly, refreshing, and comforting, and it’s a great to smell like it while falling asleep. I don’t care much for English Leather (I eventually got rid of it), and British Sterling is one of my least favorite fragrances (I sold it at a yard sale).

Vivek Chaudhary says:

And here is the Pinaud-Clubman After Shave fragrance test by a 3 year old https://youtu.be/hI7UbOD_gvE

Don Fraysier says:

Clubman, to me, smells like a barber shop, which I actually like. It also smells a little like Brut to me, but I prefer the Clubman. As for the other products, which are colognes, you get what you pay for. There are far subtler colognes, which are oil based, but they cost a lot. Yet, their fragrance lasts longer, and because they are not alcohol based, they do not assail the nostrils.

Tim Kennedy says:

I liked English leather as a teenager. Got several sets of it at Christmas. Still used it occasionally later, but then I worked with a guy who seemed to bathe in the stuff and you could smell it all over the office (cubicle area). Quit using it. Prefer Old Spice.

Cody the Barber says:

im a barber and I hate clubman aftershave but some of mynclients love it..
i like the shampoo though ! its a lower concentration. .
Brit Sterling is so nice in my opinion.. its not offensive to my nose. i find it a less soapy Paco Rabanne Pour Homme

Doug Potter says:

Clubman Lilac Vegetal right out of the bottle not so good. If you are patient the payoff is there. I have heard that you pour out twice as much you are going to use into an open cup let it air out while you get your shave on. You can do that with cheap aftershave. My wife happens to love lilac so what do I have to lose.

Julian Rocha says:

Lmao “Spousal Unit!!!” hahahahahaha

robert beatty says:

i like english leather, british sterling and stetson. all manly colognes. never had clubman yet. try gillette aftershave cool wave. canoe is also good.


My great grandfather wore British sterling. Anytime I smell it I think of great memories. As the on grandson in the family I was his pride and joy. I have recently asked my wife for a bottle for Christmas. If for anything else it will be a great bottle to pick up and smell.

Christopher Malcolm Stepp says:

Pinaud is a classic masculine scent not found in many of the patsy after shaves on the market, there is a reason it has and still is found in barber shops today, it works. plus its made from chuck noris, john wayne, kerry grant,Clark Gable and steve mcqueens dna

Emperor Wang says:

I’m 34 and wear Clubman all the time.  It’s probably one of my all time favorite scents.  And my (34 year old) wife loves it…a lot.  Out of everything I wear she likes the Clubman and Rose of Bulgaria AS the best.  I definitely don’t get an old man vibe from the Clubman, but I’ll concede that one could definitely be too young to wear it.  I don’t think a young man in his teens or 20s could pull it off.  BTW you should make some new videos!

Bill Russell says:

1 part English Leather
3 parts Clubman
& You’ll Need A Bat
To Keep The Ladies Away !!!

TimBurVlogs says:

I love Clubman so much but you might be on to something with your view of it, haha, even my Grandpa told me I smelled like an old person when I wore it around him.

Karl Beerman says:

english leather was my first cologne that I started wearing at about 12, I thought it was alright but a lot of people didn’t like it on me so I’ve moved on to stetson at around 14, I’ve worn stetson and enjoyed it, but it can be strong at first. Since I was in my 20’s I’ve really enjoyed Stetson Black, that is my favorite one. I’ve not tried British Sterling or Clubman but I’m always willing to try out new things if I can find them.

robert stockton says:
Emily Green says:

I keep a bottle of british sterling in my collection at all times! Mostly for nostalgia because my dad wore it everyday, but the drydown smells nice on my skin if used sparingly

William M Trexler says:

You could make this video in half the time or do more product…a lot of unnecessary description

Seth Mattison says:

I enjoy wearing Stetson from time to time. It smells like an old-fashioned soap after it dries down, and sometimes gets a little bit lotion-like in its smell, and the fragrance develops interestingly throughout the day. It lasts surprisingly long for a cologne concentration. I don’t like it all that much in the top notes, although the top notes are pretty nice when using the aftershave balm. I think the key to Stetson is application: You must put it on right after a thorough shower, and avoid applying too much on any one spot (that is, spread it out well). It could also be one of those fragrances that only works well on certain people’s skin, but not others.

louis borselio says:

Put me in the Clubman fan club. I bought the after shave just a few days ago and it smell so good I wish I could gargle with it.

Doug Ellett says:

I loved the comment “I smelled like an old man”.  Classic.   I actually wear clubman, but enjoy the humor anyway.  Thank you for the video.

Justin Lambert says:

Pinaud Clubman – Old man? More like Gentleman. Classic Barber Shop aftershave cologne. One of a kind. In other words, it’s Awesome.

CP 1993 says:

$8 at Walmart in my area

DavyBaby says:

My dad, now retired, was a barber and sold many Clubman products. I would test all of them. I like the bayrum but my wife isn’t crazy about it, and the reason was she said I smelled like an old man. 🙂

Nooby Vapor says:

Super reviews sir.  Have you ever tried English Leather Black?  I agree with your review of the standard English Leather, but I love English Leather Black.  Oh and another fave of my mine from the 80’s is Ralph Lauren Chaps.  Again, good reviews, please do more!

Emmett Blakney says:

Please post more !

Arnold Guallpa says:

No more videos, sir?

Valsahr says:

I like all of those colognes. Especially clubman.

The person who askEd you to move was rude. They could have moved without embarrassing you in front of people and said something in private.

Peter Mizla says:

I use aftershave splashes for their performance- not their scent. I have the Pinaud Aftershave in Vanilla scent- which is different  then the original- its scent fades very fast- and I love the cooling , tingling it gives. I use a scent free  balm after.

Proraso makes a great invigorating after shave splash also- its a bit more pricey but performs excellent. Price  for 3.4 oz is around $12.00

I have Aqua Velva Ice Sport- which is different then the original-  this cannot be bought at retailers- only on line- this is a great aftershave also that has vitamins, menthol, that is cooling and leaves a very slight tingle- at a great price.

Nivea E splash I also enjoy- its hard to find at local retailers- but is easily found on line.

Gillette Cool Wave aftershave splash is also very good- found at most retailers.

allu222 says:

hey, can you do a review of tabac cologne? I love your videos, btw!

Blueman Cloud says:

Very good video.

Den Wol says:

I got some stetson for christmas back when i was like 12 in 89. I liked it.


I have used british sterling and I like it, if find it as a very classic aroma. Clubman special reserve is the one I like most from clubman pinaud. English leather is not bad but it smells more like leahter and musk.. I have never used Stetson. They are getting expensive because I live in Mexico.

Simon Goulding says:

I really enjoy the Clubman Bay Rum. Funnily enough you can’t get British Stirling or English leather in Great Britain hahaha 🙂 Ah the 80’s. Makes me want to hop in my Golf GTi, Put on my Rick Astley cassette & head over to Spud-u-like :-)Try Bvlgari Man in Black. My all time favourite. I think you’ll like it. Very dark, leathery, hint of tobacco , rum & tonka bean.

rasoulis59 says:

I picked up Stetson cologne from ebay after watching your beautifull review.I like it very much.Ι am Greek and i want to try classic American colognes.I also order halston z 14 and will let you know.Thank you yery much.greetings from Greece!!!

shade231 says:

Damn near gagged on sterling once putting it on, and by god it would not come off. Stetson always seemed to lay well though. I like it as an aftershave as well.

Capt. - F/V Atlantica says:

As a fragrance-collector I typically wear modern designer and niche scents but once n’ awhile I like to blind-buy old school scents just for kicks since I enjoy retro- anything. I recently bought English Leather, Sung Homme, Cool Water, Halston Z-14 & Azzaro Pour Homme after a pit-stop at TJ Maxx. Honestly, I dig all of them. I wouldn’t wear them out n’ about simply because I am only 26 years old but I enjoy a spray from old school scents if I am just hanging out at home or working in the garage. I paid less than $45 for the lot. All of the bottles were 2.5ozs or bigger. Hell of a deal if you like taking a trip to the past. Could you review Fahrenheit or one of it’s flankers? I wear Fahrenheit already & have for 2 years as you could guess by my avatar since its Fahrenheit & flanker bottles. Reason I request Fahrenheit is I enjoy hearing people’s take on it since it’s a complex composition. Plus I think you’ll dig as well as your followers

Atblueram1500 says:

The British Sterling reminds me of walking into a bar in a motel and everyone is smoking. I get this cigarette vibe from it for some reason.

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