3 Fragrance / Cologne Clones from Perfume Parlour

In this video, I speak about a company that makes fragrance / cologne / perfume clones for a fraction of the cost of their more expensive counterparts. The three fragrances I tackle in this video are Creed Aventus, Creed Royal Oud, and Nasomatto Black Afgano. Thank you for watching!

Where to buy: http://bit.ly/2dv00oZ

Buy cheap designer and niche fragrances at BeautySpin!: http://bit.ly/2d1PTXY

Buy cheap niche decants on ScentSplit!: http://bit.ly/2cmR8kh

Where to buy Aventus: http://amzn.to/2dJXHlf
Where to buy Royal Oud: http://amzn.to/2deoeCd
Where to buy Black Afgano: http://amzn.to/2dv5wrq

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Mr. 45 says:

Do you know how long it take for shipping and delivery to the USA ?

Jarrod C says:

do you know what Old Spice’s “Aqua Reef” deodorant smells like? is there a frag that smells like that? (artificial blue berry, fresh water/aqua)

Monica says:

I think these clones are perfect for travel and for my desk at work if my scent fades (I have a few 30 mls and rollerballs in my desk) I also often pack my SOTD in my purse. However w/my more expensive frags I always worry about my purse being stolen (my frag almost always cost more than my purse, LOL). I can see these clones being perfect for carry for “touchups”. I hope they have women’s scents or the few men’s scents I wear!

Chris Wilkinson says:

Hi Steven,

I’ve recently been learning more about fragrances and have stumbled upon your excellent channel.

Your manner of presentation and video production values are amongst the best on YT.

Would you consider doing a side by side comparison of your top five fragrances and their Perfume Parlour counterparts? It would be very interesting!

Thanks for you videos and keep up the good work!!


Masum Khan says:

D Miss me says:

Update: they do ship sprays to US!

Rodrigo C says:

why the batch variations on such an expensive fragance like aventus i dont get it people are paying premium price for them to change the formulation come on!!

Matt topcat says:

I have oud wood and creed virgin island water ..the oud wood has an identical dry down and the virgin island water is 99% identical but here’s the thing ..it lasts 4 times longer ..i also got the beard oil and put it together and ended up with beast mode virgin island water

Bloke says:

im surprised u not so impressed by their aventus –
to me its excellent..
ive only tried the oil –
will try spray soon

lucgh2007 says:

I’m going to buy a shit ton of clones before the site goes down lol. It’s just matter of time.


(Watching this in June 2018) I just purchased a similar fragrance to the Paco Rabanne ‘INVICTUS’ from the Perfume Parlour. I actually own the genuine 100ml version of INVICTUS and I have to be honest I was ‘bowled over’ by Perfume Parlour’s interpretation of it. Absolutely SPOT ON! Great company .. I will definitely be shopping there often. Thumbs up and new subbie to this Channel. LONDON UK

House of Banelord. says:

I bought 9 bottles of 30 ml let see if it works out for me.

Masum Khan says:

Jay Dee says:

are these fragrance oils or sprays?

Heart Beat says:

How did they stack in terms of performance?

Diva M-lord says:

I love your honest reviews, and the passion for good smelling juice I too have a champagne nose but a working ladies budget, few questions: where to buy in the US? From this Co
And can you do a review of womens scents… no one has done these oils in womens

Peter Cortez says:

Hi Steven!! Which have better projection, the oils or the spray?? Which do you actually recommend me. And i also didn’t understand the last part, so if i order from the us i can’t get the spray? Just the oil?

Danny Milea says:

I hate to mention this but if it doesn’t last, then what’s the point? These usually don’t last long.

Sean Raymond says:

I am sitting here right now – literally just received my order of 17 fragrances – testing Colonia Oud by Acqua Di Parma- I am astonished. It is really close. So is Millisime Imperial!

Masum Khan says:


do the oils differ much from the performance projection of the spray? do you ever use oils? would love your opinion on oils. if you use them I would love to see a video all about fragrance oils.

malangni110 says:

I didn’t find good projection from perfume parlour

Masum Khan says:

powerdisplayful says:

Can someone give me a link about how people clone perfumes? With these devices

Luis French says:

how about the sillage and projection, it’s long lasting

Hellochyeah says:

I could create a video channel using all your words and make it 95% similar to yours. You would resent it and rightfully so. Why then do you do this to other creators? Do you not understand that the needs of the creator come first before the needs of those who appreciate the creation? If not for creed there is no aventus. Therefore creed should set the price. If not for creed there woild be no aventus to distribute. If one of your students invents a song that people want to hear and are willing to pay to hear and another student started performing it cheaper, would you as a teacher not want justice for the student whose creation was taken without permission? I don’t know if clone houses get permission and in some cases, I think there is permission such as Pierre Bourdon is quite likely the nose at creed given the similarities between stuff he makes and some of the stuff allegedly created by the creed family (CW/GIT spice and wood/french lover OS/individual and Orange spice/kouros) and that creed admits to working with him. That aside, I think you need to listen to your inner morality here. You are smart enough and good enough to understand n

Hamid Dhais says:

I found the website but I notice that they have roll on and sprays, which one do you recommend ?
Many thanks

Pietja D says:

Find out mate why they discontinued gucci envy men? ONE OF THE BEST FRAGRANCES IN THE WORLD ALL TIME ( IF NOT THE BEST) – specially orginal before reformulation. Bottle was for 50£. Now last available bottles in Internet are 300 ,400£.

Choy Wei De says:

Would you suggest armaf or this for a better clone for aventus?


can you do a video on Creed Royal Water clone

Emilian Bizga says:

i just brought 5 of so called perfumes….most expensive crap ever buyed by me…desgusting smell like insecticide , i could buy with 25 punds a real, good 100 mls of a real perfume….

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