A* Men (Pure Leather) – Thierry Mugler (Review)

The most under appreciated flanker?


Tonnis Kooi says:

I’m calling for 2016:
pure oud
pure chocolate…. any other predictions on mugler flankers??

Jon R says:

I agree! I just got 2 bottles on fragrancenet for $35 ea!

32roho says:

Great video. I like pure leather also. I am glad I was able to get such a long lasting, great smelling fragrance at a discounted price.

burtlloydphotography says:

The most under appreciated flanker indeed. My number one out of 40 scents.

Jolly Victorian says:

Good review George, and yes sadly some flankers outshine other flankers that really do deserve attention.

Hebiri Chiheb says:

my num 1 for winter it last longer and project like a monster

Jim S says:

Mugler reminds me of George Lucas.  The dude cant do anything other than AMEN flankers, much like the leach Lucas only doing Star Wars stuff.  Next……

Handsome Smells says:

once again, a brilliant, brilliant video!

bhaffar says:

Call Mr. Plow,
That’s my name.
That name again is Mr. Plow.

308bushmaster says:

This is my list
Pure Havane
Ultra zest
Pure malt
Pure wood
Pure leather
I love them all. These fragrances are Amazing. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Quadrillion aire says:

this video is fucking great.

im not even a TM fan but this vid is just awesome

Never stop

João Silva says:


Dylan says:

Love pure leather and from time to time I will mix it up with pure Havane, true. Anyway, what do you think the next edition will be?

Xanovia Scents says:

Lots of Pure Leather love at my house… I just put up my wife’s top 20 Fall Fragrances list up last week and I put all of my fragrance together and Pure Leather took her top spot… It’s really a great fragrance and you can find it on the cheap easily… Awesome job as always George… ^_^

jeppep95 says:

Leather or havane?

Fragrance Bros. says:

I like Pure Leather, but I think Pure Wood was really one of the best. Both are definitely underrated

Sean McCarthy says:

Great reviews George! Any thoughts on A*Men – Le Goût du Parfum? Hope you’re well

TheFashionbugs says:

B Men deserves some love, not a weird face.

jeppep95 says:

this was the funniest fragrance video ive seen

Leel Sinai says:

Great review. I’ve been curious about this and you definitely sold it.

Tucansam08 says:

are you saying some flankers flunk? 🙂 . I do like pure leather as well, but wish he would do something all together new.

Tonnis Kooi says:

i blind bought this one on the tip that i smelt like a men intense. well, its not a men dries down to a nice tarred coco vibe. but pure leather is just garbage. i pawned my 100ml bottle off onto my buddy. kept a 20ml decant just for testing purposes. i wanna test it out in the ultra cold like -40 ahah. i also own pure malt,pure havan, and pure wood. ultra zest is growing on me. but i absolutely hate pure leather. pure leather gives me a super harsh rubbery vibe. hardly any leather until the dry down. but its just too beast for me. good review brother. keep them coming

Jim R says:

I actually like Pure Shot (it gets a bad rap) and like Pure Leather much better than the original A*MEN, which I found to be too sickly-sweet and tarry for lack of a better word. Enjoyed the review very much!

ulises diaz says:

this video came out on my birthday

MrMatt C says:

great review , i just got this one in a trade , looking forward to wearing it this winter 🙂

Brandon Olausen says:

You’re a good dude.  Count me in as a subscriber!

eduardo suchima says:

Would Like to try this one! What you think of d&g the one edp? Would like to see your opinion and even a review if possible 🙂

Fraser Kerr says:

Another great review, keep up the good work

Colin Green says:

Yeah, so… I Googled Thierry Mugler to find out more about the guy. After seeing a picture, I was like, what the hell is wrong with this dude’s face. So I Googled “Thierry Mugler’s face”.

Google that phrase, click the second link down and prepare yourself for the horror that awaits.

WildDoveX says:

Very well done review, very artistic, lots to get interested in, including all the neutrals (black and beiges) with their myriad shapes and textures in your video images.  Subtle music at just the right volume that doesn’t interfere with what you’re saying. Authenticity, passion, comfortableness. Yes.

Brace Raid says:

HAHAHAHHAHAHA and they aren’t breaking my heart…like Christian dior

Scentmonk says:

Am I the only one who actually doesn’t care for angel men, but love pure havane.


Nice review. Sadly for me pure leather has a ‘urine’ smell in it, its prob just my nose as im not a fan of leather in fragrances in the first place. Pure Malt is the best from the line for me, stunning stuff 🙂

Amir Pi says:

Great review George!!,from this line i really do like the Pure leather a lot***,thank God,i did buy two bottles then ( one as a back-up) it is so hard now to find this gem at least over here,thx mate,cheers

Rio Cappuccino says:

Excellent video yea they definitely went dark here,I had 2 bottles like a year ago and sold them now after seeing this..maybe I should try and patch things up.

waltherP99BG says:

Imo this one is niche quality , and if the juice was in TF or Killian bottle it will sell like crazy.Idiots are bashing it just because it’s Mugler (there’s no Thierry anymore) .I’ve made an experiment and went to a “niche head” meating in London in december.I’ve asked them about Mugler as a brand , and the answers were “mediocre” , “so so” , “smells cheap” and “synthetic” , and like 1/2hr later i’ve asked them “What do you guys think about this unreleased Tom Ford?” when i was actually wearing Pure Leather ….. “Oh it’s beautiful” , “it’s so deep” and “it’s very complex” .Typical Basenotes and blogger CLOWNS “I can do like 10 pages of total garbage single review , and some noobs will think i’m an expert , when actually i don’t know SHIT about notes and fragrances”.
They should be very thankful i chose not to bring my hidden camera , because 2 of those imbeciles are actually making money out of it doing reviews for big time magazines.

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