Acqua di Parma Colonia Leather Review

Fragrance Review of a scent often compared to Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather

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The Fragrance Decant Boutique says:

Really like this one!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: says:

Bald arsehole! Ha! Ha! That man off-camera was Stephen Hawking; I recognised the voice.
The gloves are a bit creepy.

Joakim Hallgren says:

I absolutely love your humor. Brilliant!

Rich Mitch says:

Have u tried ebano and mirra?

John David says:

LOL @ the pictures for David Niven and Audrey Hepburn.

Neal Francis says:

Like this one myself dan , I need to get a blue one for spring, which would you recommend mate

Bernie777 says:

I have got to try Acqua di Parma. I was thinking about starting with Essenza. Any recommendation would be appreciated. Great review. The leather sounds beautiful. Thank you, sir.

Stelios Constantas says:

I blind bought this one cause i love the house but im trying really hard to like it. I dont know, there is something missing and yes i do get a lot of that boot polish note. 7/10 for me. But Ebano is great. Sweet woody patchouli spice. A bit old fashioned scent in the best way. Great video Dan.

Just Add Light says:

Oh cool! You know Dimitri too? Yeah, nice bloke. Very opinionated. lol As for Colonia Leather, I think you’ve got something when you mentioned that it’s rather “drier” than Tuscan Leather. I get that too. I tried layering a sample with MB Individuel to see if I could add some raspberry to it….total disaster. Your elaborate description is very much appreciated Dan – especially for people on the fence about purchasing the pricey stuff. Keep it up my friend.

kkchome says:

Great review. The only one of this line I have tried is Colonia Sandolo, which I really enjoy. Highly recommended.

GhostTech1 says:

I’m a fan. Do you prefer this to Tuscan Leather?

Jim R says:

Surprisingly, I do not like those signature Mediterranean Acqua di Parma fragrances…but I love both Colonia Leather and Essenza Oud – two brilliant fragrances IMO. One thing I need to state is that Colonia Leather is miles-apart from Tuscan Leather with only a faint passing similarity. Sure, they’re both leather frags…but that’s it as they are very, very, very different. Enjoyed the review as I feel this one, along with Essenza Oud, rate more attention. Cheers.

Frank Katsaros says:

The best scent from my favourite fragrance house. Does not get much respect in Fragcom, for some reason…. fine by me, my fall & winter signature scent that gets loads of compliments.

Alistair Thow says:

Sorry I couldn’t make out that metallic sounding voice, what kind of asshole did it say you had.

Chaosflower says:

I just watched the worst advert I have ever seen in my life. It was so bad I was stunned and so I didn’t press skip ad. You should ask Dimitry about Jesus.. Jesus is an asshole.

Lanier Smith says:

Great review… I had to choose between Colonia Leather and the Essenza …and I went with Essenza. But since I love leather this may be on my horizon. Bravo, well done.
PS. Where ever did you find that photo of Audrey Hepburn, She never before looked so…so… round!

Big Wolf says:

Wooooooo! Wait that long for so long! Thanks for review

Tal says:

Dmitry sounds like me 🙂

Dylan says:

Quercia and Ebano are beautiful but it’s the bloody prices, I just don’t get the ridiculous price point, and I have to say it’s that what spoils the whole experience for me. Anyway, loved the Milo skit, surprising and funny.

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