Alien by Thierry Mugler Fragrance / Perfume Review

Presentation: 2:00 | Smell: 3:15 | Rating: 7:35

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A fragrance review / perfume review of Alien by Thierry Mugler. Thanks for watching!

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Bottle sizes available: 1oz, 2oz, and 3oz
Concentration: Eau de parfum

Other fragrances mentioned:
Al-Khatt by Xerjoff
Angel by Thierry Mugler

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Angel Lately says:

Dominique Ropion is a man 🙂

Excellent, descriptive review otherwise!

Chloé says:

Love/hate thats how i describe my relation with Alien <3

Laura Ke says:

love this parfume,bought it yesterday and whaauw so nice fragrance.

Angel Rodriguez says:

Great review
Do you think that a man could wear this?
Also, which one do you think that a man could wear without any problem?
alien or euphoria or black orchid

maniacram says:

How come you’re not this animated in the Men’s Fragrance reviews?

MsCerise007 says:

You talk about everything except the perfume. Less talking & get to the point. Who cares what the box looks like or what other perfumes the person makes.

Frank Lee says:

This scent is… hauntingly beautiful. It reminds me of a winter night sky, Vast, beautiful and mesmerizing in a way that only the cosmos can be. Its beautiful. i think Angel’s bottle would fit it more though.

note: this was worn by a friend of mine, who i was terrified of when i was younger (age 6) because i legitimately thought she was an angel, which meant that i died. 🙂

Fussball Meister says:

This perfume has too much of a nutty feel.

David A. Quiroa says:

Steve- the bottle is supposed to be an Alien Cocoon;)

Rosângela Lagonegro says:

I do not felt the acent of Jasmin on it…i felt woods and sweet .

Lavender Gooms says:

My favorite celebrity wore this when I met her. The best way I can describe this scent is coconuts and a very nice smelling man. I know there isn’t any coconut in this perfume, but it seems like a very androgynous scent to me.

The0to1smell says:

good review man my wife got it today ..I think it has a close smell to joop

immitable says:

dominique ropion is a he not she.

Hadi Wang says:

Hi Steven..
i was wondering. this frags was for woman right..
what do you think if a man wear it ?
well the sales executive on the store tell me that is a unisex frags.. theres no too feminime scent and theres no too masculine either..
what do you think ?

Michael Hatcher says:

Alien smells like every flower in the garden distilled into a potent juice. It has a thick and powerful smell. It’s not for girls, but for mature women (not necessarily old). I like it, but its intensity would probably keep me from wearing it often. Perfect smell for a formal occasion where a woman wants to impress.

KeLL*StaR says:

I do love Alien but I have to be in the mood. Mysterious is right, it also has this “tyre” type note that I hated when I first smelt it, but now I look forward to it. Yes, I did a 180 on Alien. 🙂 PS: Wow does it stick around or what!

puun14 says:

my girlfriend always turned on every time I put this perfume on me. love it!

Monica Villada says:

His bottles are works of art, but unfortunately I don’t like anything by Mugler except womanity is kind of nice but i don’t like the smell as a perfume. Maybe a candle would be better

Miss Anthrope says:

I adore Alien, it smells really nice in small doses. More than two sprays is a bit too much for me personally. Hard to believe it’s polarizing though, everyone I’ve encountered loves it and this is my most complimented fragrance. Alien is definitely the most readily likeable of all Mugler creations, but it’s just as special nonetheless.

aeroswann says:

Steven, are you going to do a review on Dior Sauvage and D&G The One EDP? Do you know when the latter comes out? Thanks for always cranking out awesome reviews!


My signiture

Gg Fla says:

Toy story 2 rather

Dat de La Cuisine says:

My favorite perfume

fluffymadeupcat says:

Great video! Thanks for your opinion, especially the end but about who and how wears it.

Bread And Butter Baseball says:

This scent reminds me of….. bug juice

Xozzen says:

I smelled Al-khat at an airport… It just straight up smells like animal excrements to me. Cowshit. Completely unbearable.
I remember sniffing out alien once, and not liking it either. It was just way too strong for me, but I didn’t get the feces note in a similar way.

L M says:

Awesome review on Alien, this scent is the bomb!!!

hassan jaffri says:

they should release alien for men

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