Always And For Leather I Tuscan Leather VS. #tuscanleathervs

When you get your own hip hop song you’ve crossed over into iconic. Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather was a masterpiece long before the hip hop world learned of it’s existence. Leather has always been a great note in fragrance, but it’s just so hard to do right until lately. Enjoy!

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Mark Utterback says:

i just subscribed. Nice reviews! Purchased ombre leather 16 yesterday. Love it! What do you think?

Money Mike says:

Video suggestion: If you are going to a wedding, weather you’re the groom or groomsmen what 3 fragrances would you wear ? Better yet as someone that’s getting married I want to command the crowd

A R says:

TF Ombré Leather

Rami Matar says:

Haha Kevin I love the video, but it’s la “yoo-kaa-wam” by rasasi not la yaqum by rasi haha! It means irresistible in Arabic.
Thinking of buying this one! I already have 4 clone scents because of you and other reviewers!(Tres Nuit, club de nuit intense, al rehab silver and Individuel(not a clone I know))

An Autumn For Crippled Children says:

Great vid, Kevin. Tuscan Leather is one of my favorites… I haven’t gotten my nose on Rasasi La yuqawam, but I know it’s almost identical to the original. I did buy another clone of TL which is Arab Tradition from Nabeel.
People who own Tuscan Leather will probably say that the ratio of leather to raspberry is like 70 :30. In Arab Tradition, the raspberry note is amped up so the ratio is 60 to 40… so it’s more mellow, more fruity, more versatile so you don’t always gotta be dressed formal to pull it off. I think you should definitely look into that one. Peace

Robert Perricone says:

love the Rasasi better than TF……….smoother………..

Mysterium Lugosi says:

Dior Homme Parfum is my Leather. Good dressed up scent. Good for dates and intimate encounters. Good for formal occasions too.

Kyle Stevens says:


sov says:

I love these comparison videos, especially comparisons to good and cheaper alternatives. Thumbs up!

victor carrillo says:

Nice intro man, I like that black and white picture/draw

Xochitl Holguin says:

Love both but Rasasi is much more wearable

DJVonDutch1 says:


Arthur Schopenhauer says:

with my right hand on the Bible and my left hand on the Quran I am not making this up this fragrance gives me 24 hours plus my wife tells me a day after I can still smell your scent Trail I am not making this up


I totally agree with you. Sometimes people have to talk themselves through a past purchase. La Yuqawam is the best of any clones period. I can tell the difference between Club de Nuit and Aventus. Another good TL clone is Arab Traditions by Nabeel. Keep up the great work sir!

kwaaddo says:

Have la yuqawam and recently got sample of TL at Nordstrom. I couldn’t tell the difference but I guess people with trained noses can. I’ve Never received a compliment with this but damn I feel like a billion bucks when wearing it.

Julian Coryn says:

Can you give the name of your recommendation please?

Charles Martin says:

Great video and review I just received my Rasasi yakowam good juice. I love to wear this at work.

Honda Game says:

thanks man. i might try it out.

Chandran Nair says:

Rasasi my dear….Not Rasi.

gonzaljevic says:

Always awesome.

Adam Saleh Atik says:

I agree with your assesment, and would also like to add that, Arab Tradition by Nabeel, is the closest perfume to Tuscan Leather HANDS DOWN.

James Paps says:

How could this have a dislike lol

keo ung says:

Love your review Kevin. I’ve always been intrigued with Tom Fords Tobacco Vanille and Tuscan Leather. I’ve never owned one and have not smelled one. Of the two which do you feel is more versatile and appealing? I’m thinking of ordering a sample and wasn’t sure which to order first. Thanks

Antæus says:

Clive Christian C for men hands down. End of story

abedjaf says:

Grt video and informative as usual. Probably you should try Montale leather aoud. A more airy version of tuscan leather. Very beautiful year round. Btw, i own and love la yuqawam (which means irresistible).

A Sally says:

Great review playa. I’ve been rocking La Yaqawam for the last year, definitely a winner. La Yaqawam has been my new T.L

Mike Mcguinness says:

Why can’t Americans pronunce words

Your Two Scents says:

Tuscan leather is amazing but prefer the more reasonable Rasasi LY. Both to me do seem to be evening formal scents that ooze class and sophistication. I am waiting to try Nabeel Arab Tradition for it appears to be even more accessible not only in price but in how to use it. Great video btw.

Lazz the Wolf says:

It’s ra-sa-si family, not rasi. I like them both but colonia leather concentree rules both!!

Kenny Hawkes says:

Yoo son what Up just passing Thur Hey anybody tell u u look like brain McKnight lol just saying boss….

perfu_ mess says:

Hey Kevin, could you give me a hint about your favorite/recommended jazz performers? Regards from Russia

Mike says:

Fahrenheit is a beautiful leather fragrance. Very versatile for occasion and season in my humble opinion. Try out the perfume oil Surrati Tuscan leather, incredible how close it smells to Tom ford and it projects!

jaffakatt says:

Leather Oud from Dua Fragrances.

Benjimikey says:

Davidoff leather blend is a beautiful fragrance

It's Dawson says:

I am seriously addicted to La Yuqawam Pour Homme, can’t get the smell out of my head.

Sean r says:

Tom Ford has great fragrances overall. solid fragrance line.

24ZEPACDC says:

Love La Yukawam. So masculine and my girlfriend loves it.

Charles Martin says:

I’m a selfish type of fragrance wearer. I wear it solely for myself and my Wife. Being a trucker I have men ask me why do you smell so good and always different smells. I replied why not it’s all about attitude.

Samuel B. says:

Cuir by mona di orio is the best leather fragrance imo.

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