Aramis Fragrance Review – A True Classic Power Frag Cologne For Men

Aramis is a classic powerhouse cologne with deep musky notes and oily woody essence. Associated with 1970s kitsch chic, it’s also a refined cologne if used in moderation. Watch our video to learn about its blend, wake & strength as well as the value for money.


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Aramis Review:
A pedigree from the 1960s, Aramis is a powerful fragrance that was released by Estée Lauder. Now something of an icon, this leather chypre should now come with a warning label. Handle with care.

[01:12] Composition:
Estée Lauder’s emblematic sixties fragrance opens with sweet bergamot and thyme contrasted by bitter artemisia and black pepper. The heart emerges and consists of patchouli, jasmine, aromatic cloves and sage.

The dry down leaves a distinctively amber base created by earthy oak moss, labdanum and sandalwood with a leather finish thanks to powdery guaiacwood notes

[03:47] Seasonality:
Needless to say, the warm notes set Aramis squarely in the colder months. Aramis works best when warm from the late autumn and all the way through winter.

[04:53] Wake & Strength:
This power frag doesn’t disappoint but it may cause death by misadventure if over-applied. With an overperforming sillage and projection, you may struggle to get it off you if you use too much. Furthermore, it’s longevity can last for days so take great care when putting this monster on.

[06:06] 3rd Party Feedback:
Aramis tends to cause divisive reactions. Whilst some celebrate its old-school vibes, there are many that are put off by its dated character. However, men wearing this feel confident, sexy and classy. Remember to take care in choosing your audience when applying it.

[07:18] Impressions:
Its character means that this is best worn by worn over the age of 40 during the evening. With regards to the occasion, it can be used in low-key formal events but is best reserved for dating. Nevertheless, it may not be a success very time as it is a very masculine fragrance.

[09:00] Presentation:
Aramis is delivered in an understated yet retro bottle with bevelled edges and the name printed on like a plaque. The atomiser performs admirably and gives off a mist that spreads well ensuring that you won’t over-apply in a single spray. Otherwise, the packaging is somewhat dated with red waves. Finally, Aramis offers exceptional value for money as you will see in the links above.

[11:38] Conclusion:
Aramis reveals your inner panther and pairs well with an open shirt, medallion and thick moustache. Joking aside, although it may not be as versatile as some modern fragrances, it is a warm and mature classic cologne when applied in moderation. Warm notes of leather and amber go perfectly on cold winter evenings.

If you think that this is a fragrance that would be a perfect addition to your collection, see the links above to Notino and Amazon to find the best prices.

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The Bespoke Unit Team


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Aramis Fragrance Review – A True Power Frag Cologne For Men:


Victor R says:

This is a perfume women will always notice.. and will always be unsure about. Usually women love things which make them curious and a little unsure about, so I think they will like Aramis ) But, this perfume is also one of the most difficult perfumes to wear. How many sprays would you recommend? One full spray in the area of neck and chest in my opinion should be enough not to overkill ) That do you think?

Karim Adel says:

Keep these nice videos coming, perfect review mate!

Jay Brazinni says:

for the others who wear Aramis, how many sprays do you apply/recommend?

Victor R says:

Information you are providing in reviews is really useful for practical purposes. But you need to promote your channel because it definitely deserves more views.

Ben Champion says:

Another fine review CP. Was my Dads signature in the 70s. Great masculine juice that still holds it’s own after all these years and women still love. A perennial classic.

JoDhakz Venthan says:

Me aramis classic n drakar noir

E R.A. says:

I wear Aramis, Quorum, Givenchy Gentleman and Polo (green) as I belong to old school and powerhouse fragrances and I can not stand the new sweet-sugar and girly scent for the boys of today.
tobacco, patchouli, wood, Oakmoss, leather and herbs………that is the way a man’s cologne must smell.
and when short of money I go for:Azzaro, Halston Z14, Bogart Signature, Brummel, Agua Brava, English Leather; cheap in price but manly as hell.

Jim Cricket says:

I actually really like Aramis. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t dare wear it for the reasons you sum up perfectly!

Michael Bullock says:

Great review and I enjoyed it

Harry Muhammad says:

Nice vid sir.I found a bottle at a thrift shop that seems to be a vintage splash on with really good juice.What I think is the batch code is only two digits 99.Do you know the history/date of this fragrance splash bottle?

CC33777 says:

Great review.  This is a big bold unapologetic leathery fragrance.  Seems like many of today’s young women want their “men” to smell of something they could wear themselves.  Sometimes you just gotta say WTF and step out of society’s comfort zone.  You’ll be glad you did.

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