Atelier Cologne Store San Francisco | Our Top 5 Atelier Cologne Scents 🎁🎁🎁 (CLOSED)

Atelier Cologne San Francisco | My Top 5 Atelier Cologne | 3 Giveaway Prizes

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Atelier Cologne Store San Francisco | Our Top 5 Atelier Cologne Scents

This is a preview of the new Atelier Cologne store in San Francisco on Fillmore street. It’s always great to have a new perfume shop open in San Francisco, so this is exciting. I was invited to visit the new Atelier Cologne boutique to check it out and we ended up shooting a few videos together. Evan works for Atelier Cologne and he and I pick our Top 5 Atelier Cologne fragrances. Both our lists are different but we ended up with one overlapping Atelier Cologne fragrances. Please watch to find out what our favorite Atelier Cologne fragrances are and participate in the Atelier Cologne giveaway. You’ll have a chance at winning 1 30ml bottle of Bergamote Soleil and 2 sample packs of the entire Atelier Cologne collection. So three prizes, 3 winners. Make sure you’re subscribed to LFSG and like this vide.

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Atelier Cologne Store San Francisco | Our Top 5 Atelier Cologne | 3 Giveaway Prizes

Atelier Cologne Store San Francisco | Our Top 5 Atelier Cologne | 3 Giveaway Prizes

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sdrawkcabvag says:

Is there anything that smells similar to santal carmin? i unfortunately cannot afford that. I have been told it is not a true sandalwood scent, so i’m not sure what else to look for to compare it to. I just know i LOVE it but cant afford it 🙁

lj6583 says:

This is a great house. Thanks for the video and review of some newer fragrances that I have not smelled, yet.

Roger Matts says:

Atelier Cologne seems to be a great niche house I will explore more these fragrances.

Paulsicles says:

Can’t get my nose on any Atelier here in Utah 🙁 not a big fragrance scene here even though essential oils are pretty popular. Cheers from Utah!

Paramedica SP says:

Please count me in the giveaway please. These fragrances mentioned sounds really nice.

sf2explus says:

I have a 200 ml of cedrat enivrant amazing scent for a citruss it really does last and ligers all day a get a full day. so although atelier cologne is expensive the quality is high

Fernando Garcia says:

Great review. I had no idea Atelier had so many different scents. I am only familiar with the ones sold at Sephora. Thanks you for the chance. FL

Cash Bishop says:

I need to visit the Atelier Cologne in SF to experience all of these amazing scents! They sound delicious! The gourmands are my favorite kind. It would be great to be picked as a winner. Florida.

Thomas Thurbanno says:

A lot od great stuffs here. I would like to try all one day. I have tried some but I never tried Bergamote Soleil.
From Ohio.

Emilio Oliveira Cruz says:

Great collaboration video guys. I never tried any atelier cologne yet so count me in the giveaway. I live in California.

Rodolpho Barrozzo says:

One of my favorites niche houses for sure. My favorite is Vetiver Fatal. Bergamote Soleil sounds nice.
I’m in Texas

Jerry Hall says:

I really enjoyed watching this top 5 video. Nice to see the differences between Sebastian and Evan’s tastes. Great giveaway! Please consider me. Arkansas.

Satyajeet Dharmadhikari says:

No orange sanguine???

Miguel Angel Herrera says:

Evan is the best brand ambassador for any fragrance house! Great job! Thanks for considering me. Texas.

Loreta Loreta says:

I love that they have a very good varieties of fragrances. From NJ

Silvia L says:

Rose anonyme for Christmas lol!

George Williams says:

I would like to try Bergamote Soleil because it’s sounds perfect to me.
From NJ

Doug Citizen says:

I would love to win one of those samples sets. I need to get familiar with this house. Much appreciated. Texas.

Albert Belshoff says:

Please do a review of Musc Imperial. I’m very interested in this one. Great video.
Cheers from Orlando, Florida.

Loide R says:

Good job guys and thanks Evan for the giveaway. I love the video. From Los Angeles – CA

Joey Rey says:

Evan real name is jose

Juvenal Pineda says:

5-Orange Sanguine.
4-Vanille Insensee’.
3-Santal Carmín.
2-Oud Saphir.
1-Gold Leather.

Lynus Lao says:


João Batista says:

I really enjoyed this video. My favorite is Gold Leather too!

Patrick T. Smith says:

What a great collaboration video guys! I would love to try my first Atelier Cologne fragrance.
I in NY

Fazal Cheema says:

I was so hoping one of you will include Orange Sanguine in your top 5. It seems like Atelier’s new creations are overtaking original ones on the most part. My favorite is Orange Sanguine. I am in NY.

TM Scents says:

Does Evan work for Atelier??

Chris Kovacs says:

Hi, Sebastian! I would love to win either the Bergamote Soleil or the Sample set because I do not own any Atelier Colognes, but I’ve always loved their products. I’m not very familiar with all of their fragrances, but I look forward to finding out more. I live in San Diego, CA.

Santa Batistini says:

Great video guys. I’m very interested to try some atelier cologne like Vetiver Fatal and Orange Sanguine.
From Florida

Serapio Silva says:

Oh, it would be quite hard for me to have a top 5 list of Atelier. Most of their fragrances are incredible! I would love to participate in this giveaway of a bottle and samples! Thank you Sebastian. Arkansas.

Mark Smith says:

My favorite is Philtre Ceylan along with Orange Sanguine. I’m in California state.

waltherP99BG says:

No love from both of you for Orange Sanguine??
Own and love Gold Leather and Orange Sanguine.Gold Leather is GREAT compliment getter – ladies live it on me.
Never smelled Bergamote Soleil and the whole Orient line and i hope i’ll be able win one of the prices.
Virginia USA

Le Parfum says:

I live in California and I would love to win the sample set to explore more the house.

Rudesindo Caldeiro says:

I have tried Bergamot Soleil and Mandarine Glaciale. Both beautiful scents. I am in the United States.

Carlos Stratoff says:

I never tried any fragrance frim this brand but I have heard a lot of good things. if I win the samples would be wonderful!

Darci Milord says:

Love this style of video, the two of you sharing info and understanding of the notes and ingredients! Great banter rack and forth! Location there looks so cool! Consider the new Cali girl, would love to win!

William D'Alexander says:

I’ve never tried this line,,, I heard the projection and longevity from this line is terrible…… what’s your take on it??

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Great video and overview on this line! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Tonny Johnson says:

I would love to try Bergamote Soleil but I never tried Atelier Cologne fragrances.

Patrick Ponce says:

I’ve actually never smelled anything from this house. I’ve seen so much about their fragrances. I live in Irving, TX.
Great video, looked like a lot of fun! I’d love to visit SF!

Casey CjC says:

I layered Vanille Insensee with Musc Imperial which was rather nice. I really like Musc Imperial on it’s own, very refreshing. The Orange Sanguine is also quite nice but I find, on my skin, that the orange fades rather quickly. I have a few more samples to try but I’m impressed with this house.

Jim Dickson says:

I would love to try these. I have never tried any of them

Zest West says:

So Musc Imperial is similar to creed aventus so count me in to try this sample set.
I’m in CA

Boryana Gigova says:

Figuier Ardent is the only Atelier Cologne fragrance that i own , but i’ve smelled Cedre Atlas and Orange Sanguine-both are very good.
I love my Figuier Ardent and i’m pretty sure i’ll like/love most from the line – that’s why i hope i’ll be one of the 3 lucky winners.

Primo Songco says:

I’ve been wanting to have Atelier in my collection especially the Imperial Musc or Rose Anonyme Extrait.

Josh Hoke says:

Evan’s from SF? In Brooklyn now tho right?

Monique Oliver says:

The discovery set with almost 30 samples of Atelier Cologne sounds very interesting.
I in Los Angeles, CA.

TM Scents says:

1. Pomelo Paradis
2. Bergamot Soleil
3. Cedrat Enivrant
4. Santal Carmin
5. Vanille Insensee

Jenn B says:

I happened on your channel looking for perfime reviews, so enjoyed this video. I live in the Bay Area, so I will have to make it to the Atelier Cologne boutique for holiday season shopping. I purchased Orange Sanguine and Vanille Insensee travel sprays on the suggestion that they were beautiful layered. I don’t recall where I read that suggestion, but it is really a great combination. I’d like to win so I can try more from Atelier Cologne.

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