Baldessarini Ambre Fragrance Review 2007

A woody-oriental fragrance with fruity nuances that ‘separates the men from the boys’, is the third fragrance from Baldessarini. Charles Schumann, the face of the first two, once again lends his masculine and charming image to advertise this woody-oriental juice with whisky and oak-wood accents.

A distinctive note of whisky opens the composition harmonized with the notes mandarin orange and red apple. At its heart, the sharp leather note is blended with violet. Its amber-oriental character is sustained thanks to vanilla, oak moss and labdanum. It was created by the Firmenich perfumer team in 2007.

Perfume rating: 4.16 out of 5 with 655 votes.


The Fragrance Decant Boutique says:

Sounds like it might smell like Burberry original.

luis chavez says:


AKU' STIKZ says:

Hey ! First of all you have a pretty nice collection over there, I myself have some of your perfumes on my collection too. Anyway, the Baldessarini Ambre from Hugo Boss, was my no.1 winter fragrance back in highschool. First sniff of it at that time made my eyes popp and a huge smile on my face thinking ” OMG with this daddy right here i can rock the clubbs and i’ll sure get noticed and what an awesome distinguished smell it has ! ” That’s the first reaction at 16 years old when my mom made A big bottle of Ambre a gift just for me for the winter holidays. So that was 9 years ago, today i’m 25 and i want to buy for Christmas a bottle of it just to wear it and remember the magic notes of this fragrance. It is so warm and cool fragrance. I Love it.

Good Scents Bad Scents Shane says:

Great review and good on ya for keeping it real.

brodank says:

Ambre reminds me of my father who passed away last year

Lazell Reed says:

Hey Dell great review!! What you think about that Apple Crown?

Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

Nice video again and this time you are in very much relax mood. I feared you may pick the perfume bottle for drink, being in a booooozy mood. LOL.

John Rudzinski says:

No Dua? hehehehe

Peter Eichinger says:

Firmenich have a large factory and research facility in Geneva (Switzerland). They make a lot of ingredients used in formulated perfumes and colognes. In addition, people like Alberto Morillas work there, making custom blends for clients. I had friend work there and he would come home smelling very nice!!!! Seriously, he often he would smell of one note which was a bit overpowering at time. But they had experts testing everything from the plastic sprayers and raw materials to make sure there were any traces of taint.

Perfect Scents says:

Apple crown is my drink brother can’t beat it I member you talkin bout that bear long time ago lol

johniii1 says:

I bought it and it surprises the hell out of me .Thanks

AGentlemansJourney says:

Why did you delete the original review? It was good.

macgeek317 says:

Man that Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is the bomb! Love it on my girl, there’s also a body powder available.

Steven Evans says:

great video.

Leel Sinai says:

Hey man – do you need The One edit by D&G or F pour homme by Ferragamo? Looking to swap or sells those. Also trying to reduce to what I need.

Rory 2006 says:

l agree with you about controlling the collection. I know we can all get carried away with anything in life but it doesn’t look too good when you show that hot new girlfriend yer collection of 2,875 fragrances!!! I love the ‘sack’ talk. Spot on!

LBKENT says:

gotta get it thanks

dachucktaylor1 says:

boozy scents are my fav

Wael Hamzeh says:

Already have 2 of these..the apple note is amazing

BoChosen says:

Dell, I love this scent. I rock it to this very day. Fantastic video as usual. Respect as always…

Sandy Vargas says:

Hey Bro, great video thanks for showing your collection. I just purchased Ambre based on your review, Semper P!

Christopher EL The Fragrance Gent says:

I bought L’Aventure and it is the best clone I’ve ever smelled! Thanks for the tip Bro!

Ricky Bobby says:

Hey guys I’m pretty new to fragrances and I was wondering if I could get some advice. Rn I own Dior Savauge And Versace Eros, and I’m looking for 2-3 to add to my collection. I’ve tried Acqua Di Dio, Bleu De Chanel, And L’Homme-YSL. Haven’t tried any others but I’m open to suggestions. (Nothing to expensive so under $80 or so each) Thanks in advance!

nugepuge says:

Awesome in a bottle!
For your empty spot (in the cool weather)…..Lanvin Avant Garde, Perry Ellis M
Both under $30

RyzFragz34 says:

Great collection. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the review!!

Samuel Gustav says:

Hey Dell 🙂 I think I’ve this one on stores next to me, I will give it a go. One question that is not related to this fragrance, what is your take on the Montale and Mancera fragrances?

J Swole says:

Another one I’ve been interested in for a while. Hiro was the man dude. I miss his videos. Great review!

BNOVA says:

Great review Dell. I have this one and you hit the description right on the head. Like you, I find the best time to wear this is in the evenings. It can be worn on a date especially if you do not want to be loud. It is a cosy scent as well and often it is one of the few scents I can comfortably wear to bed.

svtang03 says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing. Great tips. lol . FYI, I think there’s a typo on the video title.

Fussball Meister says:

Damn, bro you got me laughing with you can be 4’2 and have a mentality of a man.

enoc guadalupe says:

Smokey boozy apple.. this sounds interesting bro.

Darren Newell says:

I love this scent

August Lamczyk says:

I have to say that Baldessarini Ambre is pretty awesome. I thought I caught some of it’s vibe in Boss’ Baldessarini… I know a little confusing but I think Hugo Boss’ boss was Baldessarini. Anyway it is a pretty inexpensive scent and would love if you reviewed it sometime.

Rob Whiff says:

that sounds really nice ,not a lot of people talking about this one ..

ela_ s86 says:

Open a shop

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