My suggestions for the best Leather based fragrances.
Not including copies and inspirations of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather.
Including designer brands Davidoff, Ferrari, Issey Miyake, Tom Ford, Bottega Veneta. And Niche brand Memo Paris. – I’ve exluded the very high end expensive options to keep it generally more affordable.
There’s plenty of similar versions and takes around the Tuscan Leather theme, so I’ve ignored those.

If you want my number 1 choice, obviously it’s TL.



jacked & juicy sequence says:

don´t like the leather safran combo in some of these

Ben Avelarde says:

Thanks for this list of fine leather .I do have my eyes on Ombre Leather and I will check out Venetta.Have you heard of the house Ajmal..I’m thinking of trying out Santal Wood or also Santal Rose …Thanks

edreamsincolor says:

I personally love rather fragrances and I get what you mean by brown and black leather smelling differently. In my opinion brown leather is rich and warm while black leather is cool and smooth. I love TF ombré leather ( I just got a bottle) and Memo Irish leather is my absolute favorite Leather fragrance. I’m surprised Italian leather was a scrubber for you, I like it and I like Russian leather too

It's Kyuu says:

Memo Paris African Leather, and PdM Godolphin are my favorite leather frags.

anotherFragranceReviewer says:

Great list. It’s good to see some love for the Bottega Venetta, a great designer that’s underrated, also it gives me LDDM vibes, tht leather, patchouli and vetiver combo… Cheers Peter

john savvas says:

Italian leather is the best of the memo line imo.the tomato leave takes a back seat within one minute i would say.subjective stuff..

Stephen Khoo says:

Hey Peter, great video as always! I too quite liked the Bottega Veneta and had to scrub Italian Leather haha. But I am generally unimpressed with the whole Memo line.

My favourite leathers that I think you may also enjoy include:
1. Papillon – Anubis for the smoothest and most plush suede note I have ever come across with a smoky incense.
2. Charenton Maceration – Christopher Street which is this really cool tension between modern and vintage perfumery.

Have a good one and looking forward to the next video!

DiseaseOfYourMind says:

Godolphin/Tuscan leather/La Yuqawam forever! If you want a bit lighter, buy Aoud leather.

Taffy J says:

Nice to see Irish Leather get a nod; it doesn’t seem to get as much love as the others from Memo. A feminine-leaning designer leather I like very much is Alaia. Enjoyed your picks.

Justin Allison says:

Leather is a interesting scent to talk about with others. It’s very much ” To each their own”. Everyone has their own favorite smell of leather..There’s just so many natural leather smells to love. I personally love the smell of leather that’s used in horse saddles. To me it reminds me of good time out ridding. lol, it’d be easy to guess my favorite..

Adam Leon says:

my fav so far is adp leather

Robert Perricone says:

try La Yuqawam by Rasasi…smells like Tuscan Leather but way cheaper and lasts as long as Tuscan. There are many reviews here of that one…….all agree that it could be considered an actual clone of Tuscan..and a bit less harsh and easier to wear…….Thanks, Bob

pandora p says:

I love leather. My first niche bottle is Godolphin. Just tested French Leather two nights ago and the shirt I wore that time still smells a bit of it now. You’re right, opening is nothing to shout about but love the mid and dry down. It’s unexpected since I don’t like Rose. Waiting for a good deal to make me pull the trigger. The Bottega Extreme is a nice one too.

ehou333 says:

I love Memo Irish leather. Have you tried James Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur ?

Stephan Thienel says:

Any thoughts on Chanel Cuir de Russie?

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Memo, nope.
Ferrari , from the few I’ve sampled from this house, nope
I would like to sample Davidoff sometime. Sounds really good.
Like Bottega . I’ve got the original too.
Didn’t care for my experiences Issey Miyake . Pass !
I would like to sample other designer leathers though.
Honestly, I am going to sample Polo Leather . I think there’s one.
I very much like Polo Vintage Green . Some people don’t like it.
Got a sample of Ombre Leather . It’s not bad .I’ve sampled Ombre 16 .Some forward floral aspects to to it.
Course I love Tuscan Leather.
I get some depth from Ombre Leather . Love the spice aspect that comes from it.
I do get spice in 16, but the floral part comes forward more.
There’s a violet to Heeley’s . Ends up a little bizarre .
I’ll sample Memo again Peter .
I used to like Rhino , but it reminds me of the antiseptic that barbers put their comes in .
Things change.
That Ferrari though, no .
With Memo, I don’t need things to be overly different .
I need them to be discernible .
There’s one that I do like, and it’s easily recognizable .
It’s Atelier Des Ors Cuir Sacre .
I think that’s how you spell it. Yup, I have it out now.
Been sampling leathers lately .
I’m not being snooty , but there’s just something that I enjoy about it.
It’s a tiny bit of this , some more of that, but well balanced.
Kinda like the house. Just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive.
You need to like vetiver .
Wish it lasted longer.
Oh well.
Always enjoy you take on fragrances, even though at times we differ.

Willem Krauss says:

pretty good selection. but one is missing for sure. B683 by Marc-Antoine Barrois made by Quentin Bisch. For me the best leather scent on the market. cheers

Ten Scentsworth says:

Great video, wanted to check out leather blend for a while

Perfume Guru says:

TL is one of my favs. Awesome list brother. And always a very nice video. Thank you. Need to check the Noir. Cheers. And yeah that Tomato Leaf is a very very unusual note. I have one from Aedes de Venustas which makes me extremely uncomfortable. Lol

Undercover fragrances says:

Great video man, I got try some of these fragrances out soon. I hope you have a great day.

lj6583 says:

One of my favorite leather scents is from the indie House of Matriarch. I love Destrier! Such a great scent. Sometimes I get a brown, well worn leather scent and other times I get a black, polished leather scent. Maybe because of changes in my body heat or something. IDK. Anyway, I agree with you that there is a difference in the color of leather and the scent. Great review, Peter!

O R Ricci says:

Did you ever smell Monsieur Rochas? It’s discontinued already but it was a nice fragrance not sweet at all, it was a very nice mixture of leather and tobacco. I also want to ask why do you put Tom Ford as niche fragrances if Tom Ford is a designer?

elke gerhard says:

Interesting video Peter. The Memo ones I’ll check out soon.
I don’t have much experience with the leather notes in perfumes but since many years I like to wear Daim blond by Serge Lutens in autumn combined with my black leather jacket with pleasure.

cozzin73 says:

A really unique leather fragrance is Richard James Saville Row which combines tubereuse and suede. Great spring fragrance.
With money no object what are your favourites?

Joakim Hallgren says:

You NEED to try Sadel by Svensk Parfym. It’s hands down the best leather fragrance in my opinion, and my favorite fragrance of all time as well. It’s amazing!

Avalanche says:

Supreme leather by Polo Ralph Lauren!

Joy Amin says:

excellent list my brother….surprised indeed to see some designers which are my favorites …esp leather blend 🙂

Troy Brenny says:

Great video. You have impeccable taste so when you like a fragrance I KNOW it’s good. Thanks Peter!

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Haven’t seen or tried the Davidoff, but I’ve heard good things! Yes, i enjoy leather scents. Demeter Riding Crop is a straight forward leather scent that is also dirt cheap. Has decent longevity on my skin too! Oud Saphir from Atelier Cologne is a good one with some sweetness.

Ritankar Sasmal says:

Memo is not affordable tbh they r costly too! I tried African leather i didn’t like i like my leathers leathery n masculine n AL smelled to me more of a fresh spicy sweet one… i am excited to try Moroccan leather as well, as u mentioned…

Ivan Madolev says:

I know you don’t like Roja but best leather is Roja Great Britain.Period

michael oles says:

i have GREEN LEATHER from Josier. a fine leather ( a suede) for the warmer weather. Has a greener fruity/ rasberry note.

The Scentinel says:

Great video Pete. I have vern enjoying Cuir Andalou by Rania J, The Hedonist by Cult of Scent and the suede-y Tom of Finland by ELDO. The Bottega Veneta is a love.

deJavaScents says:

I like Ferrari Essence Leather for cold night.

Mark Mark says:

What is your outro music ?
Always puts me in a trans
This video was just what I needed thanks for the diagnosis on ombre leather I don’t think I would want to smell like straight up leather needs something else in it …
Might go with Ferrari since the other two are hard to find Amber blend by Davidoff is really good too but hard to find also

Rich Mitch says:

The timing of this video is immense. I’m on a leather mission atm. Leather blend is a lot of fragrance for the money, great stuff. My favourite is mona di orio’s cuir, fancy doing an expensive niche video?

Marv Hall says:

Love leather fragrances. But it can become slightly too heavy and sickly after a while. I’m not into paying loads for a good fragrance so I’ve opted for the Rasasi version of TF Tuscan leather.
The raspberry sweetens it up nicely.

Jonathan Edwards says:

I bought a decant of ombre leather and it reminded me of John Varvatos dark rebel, a killer leather fragrance that can be had for cheap. Dark Rebel Rider is a daring take on leather as well.

J says:

I feel exactly the same way about Italian Leather. The tomato leaf just comes off as untasteful, and it’s quite present. Irish Leather is my favorite in that line. I wasn’t sure about French Leather, but I’ll give it another try. Bottega sounds interesting, thanks for the recommend.
I quite enjoy Acqua Di Parma Leather. It’s very potent though, so 1 spray lasts all day, 2 sprays are suffocating. However, it has this joie de vivre elegance you get from opening a brand new luxe leather bag.

Batman 1987 says:

memo African leather is fucking amazing

Kasey Cheung says:

i love leathery scent, esp the scent of a brand new calf leather handbag. for perfumes, my favorites are Cuirs by Carner Barcelona and L’Aigle de la Victoire by Rance 1795. cheers.

haitang says:

Leather fragrance attracts fleas and mites. Be caution where you are sitting.

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