Black Gold by Mancera! My perfume review!

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Scott Armstead El says:

Thank’s E

Mayowa Olusunmade says:

Very well said. Fragrances are very subjective. One of my favorite fragrances of all time is Montale aoud Samarkand and nobody else seems to care for it. I have at least 250 other fragrances in my collection but Samarkand does something to me that nothing else does. That’s why I laugh at posts that ask which fragrance is better or what should I buy? If I had done that, I would never have gotten my nose on Samarkand.

Excellent video.

Romeo Numberone says:

yeh top 20 montale and mancera fragrances combined would be excellent.

tom clyce says:

Had to get this… good job bro

Ali Ahmed says:

Great review as always
Please do top 10 Mancera fragrances
Love your work

md hussain says:

U r amazing!!!

Adrian C says:

Cedrat Boise is definitely the best of Mancera’s.

knick fan says:

Will this be good for the NYC heat?

maif Assad says:

Can you make a review about Top 10 all times strong summer fragrances, please.

trencher7 says:

How much more do you like this one vs Black Prestigium?

Guinea54 says:

Haven’t tried many from this house, really enjoyed aoud vanilla.. thanks for the review.. btw. what wacky stuff u been up to on that bed,, the sheets seem to always be removed lol. I think my fav citrus scent that ive tried thus far was that xerjoff 1861. and then maybe l’humaniste.. But i haven’t tried enough expensive shit to know any better

knick fan says:

Love this brother you bring fun to the game of juice..I will be picking up a bottle in the city MIN..

preskidd says:

Force, you doing ya thing big bro. I’ve had Sicily two months now, sexy sexy stuff for sure. I just got my black gold bottle in yesterday and I love it. I’m sniffing it right now off me. And would you know I never had a mancera frag before these two and I’m pleased. Keep up the good work sir.

Gym Rat 5 says:

I am interested in this fragrance and other mancera and montale frags. Can you please rate what you would consider the top 20 mancera and montale frags? I have velvet vanilla and aoud vanilla, I love them both.

Jim R says:

Great stuff! Black Gold is on my scent radar after I pickup Sicily. No hype…just love a lot v outs Mancera perfumes.

On a side note. I recently sampled So Blue (not to be confused with Aoud Blue Notes, which is outstanding IMO) and in wasn’t a fan. The same goes for Amber Rose…not bad fragrances, but I didn’t l didn’t live then. Enjoyed.

ShoeNoMercy says:

Would u prefer this one over Black to Black? thank you

Let's Get it says:

My guy E one of the best reviews out!!!! DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kene Ezeike says:

Lol this intro though, yep we knew already

Eddie says:

Does this come of soapy? That’s what I get from it.

Rafael Balarezo says:

The best of 2017 so far in my opinion Eric, I don’t get it why the Fragcomm don’t praise more about this beauty, it’s beyond beauty, it’s absolutely a MASTERPIECE, my number one from Mancera over Kumkat Wood, Cedrat Boise, Pearl and Sicily.

em kej says:

If we don’t divide fragrance on masculine and feminine ….. we don’t share them either because of; ….niche or popular, cheap and expensive ;]
I’m waiting for you to surprise …

Rick N says:

This is my favorite Mancera fragrance so far. Just a beautiful scent from top to bottom. I agree that the oud isn’t very prominent but I do get it. I get a lot of rose on my skin and the freshness from the marine notes. I just love the way this is blended and can’t get enough of it. This one is definitely a home run by Mancera. Thanks for sharing your review!!!

Sam Broome says:

Great job as always Big E. I’m hopping in that Mancera line, asap. All I need is a strong 7 from them. I need your suggestions.

TheCriticalVirgo says:

Love this one!! Perfect from beginning to end!!

tom clyce says:

I agree. It is my favorite fragrance I own.  Sicily is number two from Mancera.

That Fragrance says:

Thank you for this review brother! I keep trying to tell people about how gorgeous this fragrance really is. Appreciate your take on Black Gold. Many blessings!

namo730 says:

Great review man i loved it..Can you tell us ur top 3 Mancera from ur collection ?

ejtullis says:

You on point! just saw this on Mancera website. The bottle presentation doesn’t look citrusy. Great review!

Mr. Bangkok says:

King Hill! Another great review as always. You were right on point, fragrances are very subjective. Everyone isn’t going to like the same thing or have the same opinion about it. But there will always be the people who knows everything about fragrances. Lol…at least they think so anyways. And have something bad to say or criticize what you like. Smh

A p says:

let’s be honest….it’s the best mancera I’ve tried

MichaelP7470 says:

Done! Just bought a bottle, Eric! Beautiful fragrance. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Keep up the great work!

Niyaz Zamanov says:

Awesome review

Rick Ellis says:

what are your top 3 mancera fragrances?

Wayne A Colson, Jr says:

Thanks for the review….this is some good stuff!!!!

d.mohamed elsheikh says:


Melissa Dawn says:

Beautiful review. Thank you for sharing your passion for the fragrances you review and for continuously putting it out there that these are your opinions because it makes your reviews and channel authentic and highly credible.

So, you had my full attention as you described the opening and heart notes….but the deal was sealed when you said it eventually becomes a sexy, cozy, type of snuggle fragrance. Can’t wait to experience this one. ❤️

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