Black Gold Ormonde Jayne Fragrance Perfume Review!! (2014)

Thank you for watching my take on one of the very best Sandalwood fragrances on the market.


Fábio Condé says:

I got a sample, only loses for Richwood, this because the Xerjoff has patchouli lol thanks my friend!

Notes Punch says:

I love sandalwood and i was in the hunt to look for the best sandalwood scents but $720 ouch i don’t know about that , great review Ryan

Jim R says:

Excellent review once again! Adding this one to my try list.

Ruben Caro says:

I almost skipped video. That intro is movie length.

sydgia01 says:

720.. it was kind of hard for me to pull a trigger on Richwood but I will see if I can get a sample of this before buying it. I had discussion with Greg the other day. He have the highest regards for this house.
thanks mate!

kingfolston17 says:

This Sounds Awesome!!

bhaffar says:

I love sandalwood – looks like I’ll have to sample this one

Steffen Flindt says:

Must be nice to be rich 😀

Lanier Smith says:

The backstory on the perfumer is nice to hear! Love this house …just need to get my nose on more from Ormande Jayne. I love a damp amber and a rich sandalwood
. YES. I agree so much with you about putting an age range on a fragrance. If you love it wear it… right? Bravo Ryan Brilliant as always.

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

I’ll have to try this one! Ormonde Jayne were very hit and miss for me. I love Sandalwood though so, will have to pop in there. Glad the Oud is not too prominent. 🙂

Greggieboy76 says:

Great to see another vid from you Ryan! I bought this about a year ago and it was very weak and just ‘blah’ I’m pretty sure it was spoiled or fake, because everything else from this house is amazing. I am going to retest this and will buy retail if I like. Great take as always buddy.

Bigwave2003 says:

Sorry, but $720 and “well worth it” for a fragrance is a non sequitur. Is this another iso e super-heavy scent, like all the others in the Ormonde Jayne men’s line?

xdonnyboyx says:

Love seeing your collection every time Ryan, with those Rojas peeking up in the back lol!

Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews says:

Another line I want to explore. Lots of goodies here for sure!! 🙂

FragBoy Stewie says:

Sounds like an awesome fragrance! Thanks for the great review buddy!


you need to check out – Hard Leather by LM Parfums

Mitchell Gardner says:

Awesome review ryan.. holy smokes 50-60%?! Aren’t profumum roma’s 40%? And idk if this has been corrected or not but there was something about the oj bottles not being accurate as far as mls.. there’s the youtube video plus a trusted basenotes splitter confirmed this when he came up short 10-15 even 18mls on one occasion while splitting black gold. Anyway just wanted to give you a heads up. Google “skimping on bottles”

TheFragranceGuy says:

Sorry I didnt follow, just drooling over those Rojas 😉 love your collection.

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