Cheaper Alternatives for TOMFORD Tuscan Leather? The FRAGRANCE SMELL CHALLENGE

These 3 fragrances smell alike but have different prices. Can Lupe tell them apart on first impression?

Tuscan Leather vS La Yuqawam vS Godolphin

Parfums de Marly Godolphin –
Rasasi La Yuqawam Pour Homme –
TOMFORD Private Blends Collection Tuscan Leather –


Himmat C says:

chill beat

Lanier Smith says:

This was so much fun!  But then you always bring an element of fun to all your videos. I loved the challenge. I know I would never come close in such a challenge. 

iooi says:

Damn music is so annoying and loud.

The Scentient Man says:

Your comments at the end summed it up. Sure after the first sprays there are similarities but TL is the eventual winner. But La Yuq is a good option for the price. This whole experiment shows how crazy TF prices are when something similar can be produced for much cheaper.

Romeo Numberone says:

Background music is to loud can barely make you out!

AsiaMedusa says:

compare Aoud Leather Montale too, its very close to TL

rami s says:

I could only hear the music

Percy Mtakula says:

Man I thought wiggins was gonna be a bust??

Jim R says:

I have TL and La Yuquwam…love ’em both, but TL is slight bit better.  However, La Yuquwam gives the wearer a very credible and enjoyable TL like experience for a fraction of the price. I have no problem recommending LY is price is a consideration. I’ve almost pulled the trigger on a bottle of Godolphin but I’ve decided that I’ll pick-up a bottle of Montale Aoud Leather next Fall instead. Excellent video!

MrMathieuq says:

cant wait for your perfect 30 and top spring great video bro!

Premium Shop says:

Very nice idea, amazing concept.
You should do it more often Lupe.

thomascampr says:

Yes music is annoying and hard to hear you review over it.

Clair Byers says:

ScentLibrary has the best alternatives there from london but post international

E Gees says:

I actually Prefer LY over TL…The raspberries are more pronounced later in the dry down.  To me this makes it more wearable than TL.  I think people’s love for TL has a lot to do with it’s image and the Tom Ford Brand which has done a great job creating status fragrances. Of course TL is quality but I’d say La Yuqawam is quality as well.  Tom ford may be the clear cut winner if quality of notes was your only consideration but based on smell, La Yuqawam may very well be the better SMELLING scent…At least to my nose. Also, Rasasi doesn’t have to conform to IFRA regulations that have destroyed some of our favorite scents…Bonus

Greggieboy76 says:

Nice one Lupe, great sport for taking part. I am going to do Shahid’s challenge tomorrow and see how I do. I know from experience that TL and La Yuqawam are very hard to distinguish for the first half an hour at least.

DGPF says:

La Yuqawam is actually a little better than TL in any way (price, quality, longevity). 
I regret i payed for a full bottle of TL. 🙁

What's The Scents In That says:

best tuscan leather clone iv come across and is by far the cheapest is Arab tradition by nabeel….. great clone

Cornflake81 says:

I got myself a bottle of Golden boy and it’s somewhat simliar vibe.  Actually find it an easier fragrance to wear, as I still have a small decant of tuscan leather.

razscott says:

I need to try that La Yuqawam

Kinta02 says:

i would really love to get your opinion/review on la yuqawam! I would never buy tuscan leather because of the pricepoint but love the smell and heard so many good things about la yuqawam already. however, i hold your opinion in high regard! would be great 🙂
hope all is well for you!

Joe Anthony says:

Imo nothing will top and performance is really unmatched….though the new version seems a little weaker.Great vid bro.Hope all is well

Landmantx says:

Dont forget Oro 1920 by Bois 1920. Another great leather and Raspberry fragrance. I like Clive C the best. The Perfums De Marley one is good too!

Fragrance Tattoo says:

is Godolphin better than Yuqawam ? I have Yuqawam and I believe it’s amazing, you can check my review of Yuqawam. What do you think of Godolphin ?

Anthony Green says:

Anyone tried Tobacco Blaze Pour homme yet, by Rasasi

Dri Sousa says:

Hi 🙂 How would you rank these? Ty

IntotheFire says:

Cool vid! What was the music by the way??

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