Chemical Guys Stripper Scent Air Freshener Review on my Nissan GTR

I figured this would be a great video for an off day so I hope you guys give it a huge thumbs up for the extra content! 🙂


GhettoMist says:

This is the closest I’ll get to having a hot chick in my car :'(

Juan Vargas says:

Sweet cargo shorts dude… said no one.

Matthew Montoya says:

When are you making another live stream

mk5ed30 says:

So what your saying is that it smells like male strippers?! Hahahaha

Jesusalvarez210 Kinglove says:

I like the new car smell.. that did last me about 5 days per two sprays.. and it was strong.. I’m trying out the black forst I hope this last like the car smell.. I do see the reviews but I really don’t pay attention to them because I would like to see for myself.. it’s like everybody has different taste at a restaurant some people might like the taste of the food of that restaurant and some people wouldn’t that’s just how I see it but I do hope that the Black Forst does last I’ll be doing a review on my own

Rene Garcia says:

My detailer sprayed it in my car it just smells like vanilla

Arkadiusz Zylkiewicz says:

Who doesn’t like strippers?

Osvaldo Perez says:

Great Video! Which dashcam are you using. Does it have parking mode? Thanks.

Sean The Detail Guy says:

ok I might get this and try it out and see what you mean so far we got the same taste so I will see thanks

Mustang's Understood says:

Strippers smell like smoke and alcohol from the club. My ex was a stripper

detailgirl 7 says:

I use the leather scent of Griots Garage amazing stuff btw and I spray it on my carpets, turn the ac on full blast and sprayed around passenger carpet and it lasts longer.

No Brakes says:

I love Stripper Scent……..from what I remember from the few times I visited strip clubs the smell is right on, except the cigarette smell is deleted. The only problem with Stripper Scent is that it only lasts several hours, not days…….I always make sure the label of the bottle is facing the wall so my wife doesnt see it. BTW she likes the smell. I use it in her car too.

Down Heat says:

I think you should try turtle wax upholstery cleaner

Victor Sican says:

Haha when I first time o tried in my car it smelled like women’s perfume. I don’t use it on my car anymore lol I don’t want to get in trouble xD I only use it in females cars XD

Tim Chapman says:

Now my car can smell like Daddy issues!!!

Humza Khan says:

What tire dressing were you using in this video?

John Mitrano says:

Please don’t replace the stock wheels, the car looks beautiful stock

DonJZA says:

so it smells like a stripper after spending the night at some dude’s house and wearing his shirt from the previous night….got it

Uškozaminje says:

great smell, definitely the unique. i bought for the first time “stripper scent” a month ago, and keep using it. i’m a big fan of fruit air fresheners, especcaily the smell of peach. tutti-frutti is also great. i think you have to spend about 1/3 of the bottle, and your car is gonna take a scent of a “stripper”. 🙂 you will not feel anymore the scent, but everyone else will, and asking you “what’s that great smell?” 🙂
i spray on carpets, front and rear, one or two times a week. when you spend half a bottle, you can fill in distilled water, with no problems. 🙂
in my country, “stripper scent” costs about 17$

Chemworks Detailing says:

Thanks for the review! Short and on point

Aaron 1530091 says:

Will your son like it and does he have sensitive nose?

Cristhian Gabriel says:

Sounds like a good scent for my celica, do you think its safe to spray onto leather seats or would the oils stain? Also an idea for a product to try out is the Top Coat stuff that seems to be all the craze on Facebook. Kinda expensive but claims some serious shine

Michael Warbux says:

I love Stripper Scent! It legit smells like a stripper haha! It only lasts a few days tops. It’s still worth every dollar…giggity.

No Brakes says:

I think you sprayed way to much of it in your car……

YaBoyRyRy says:

Piece of advice: turn the car on with the A/C on full blast and have it recirculate in the car with the doors closed. Spray 2-3 times whichever scent you desire down near your right foot on the drivers side and near your left foot on the passenger side then step out of the vehicle and let it run with the doors shut for about 10 minutes and it will do the best job of odor elimination and distribute the smell throughout the vehicle.

G L says:

I want to try wax gods

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