Christian Dior POISON review – the perfect scent or a nasty venom?

Christian Dior POISON review

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People are strange says:

Can you review J’adore?

lacelailaful says:

Oh my god,this review was Orgasmic.Bang on

Kris Chan says:

I’m 15 mins in and I’m like: “This is some serious collector stuff!”

Agata Gębska says:

Please, join us at FB, at the group Dior Tendre Poison – please come back
We are there to express how much we miss this unique fragrance, which in reality is more beautiful than in our memory. Perhaps, we’ll make Tendre Poison come back …

Can 1996 says:

I’m not a big fan of plum and it’s so strong in this one… But thanks to tuberose and incense! those notes make this plum note more interesting and a completely new smell.

Miss Anthrope says:

Thank you so much for sharing your collection of treasures with us! I absolutely adore Poison, and other strong perfumes. Dana Tabu is my other main favorite, even the modern version is not bad at all. Anything with age and character appeals to me, and I never cared much for the watery candy detergent smelling stuff. It has it’s purpose but not for me! It’s nice to see other younger people who appreciate these things.

Much love

Carol lucas says:

I have a 1985 version, it is strong, strong, strong kkk

muncie robson says:

Wow! I am so envious of your collection! I would LOVE to sample the parfum one day…. I recently found a bottle of EDT from 1997… amazing!

Nicholas Moreno says:

I loved loved Doir Poison prefume fragrance smell, love to own couple of vintage pure prafum bottles. They smell so devine and the scents long forever.

Polly Tee says:

My beloved Christian Dior Poison perfume…

Doris P says:

Ok so, I just watched this review and I have to say that I used to wear Poison when I was about 17 y/o. I remember I wanted it for my birthday because I once smelled it in a magazine, and then I was hoocked! I can’t remember what ever happened to the bottle which I finished, but I wish I would have it still so that I could smell the original formula because I sampled the reformulated one a few days ago and I have to say that It’s different. Not so sure I like it now, but I’ll try to find the original Poison because It sure was an amazing perfume. I guess I was into spicy fragrances back then, even as a teenager, and now I’m 41 and still like it. That says a lot right there. Anyhow…Thank you for another great review Dacob.

Carol lucas says:

No smoke, no poison lol

semra mua says:

I enjoyed your video so much. You have spectacular collection. I really liked wearing poison in my youth days I love it so very much. I loved the way you sniffed your wrist and enjoy it so genuinely. Thank you !

gina2190 says:

do you prefer the extra berry / plums EDT vintage or the esprit which in some ways seems toned down , well less plums and more refined ? or do i love em both ?? cheers 🙂

Miss Anthrope says:

As a perfume lover and Poison fiend, this video was like porn to me lol. Sadly, all I have is a reformulated 2010’s bottle of Poison, but it and many before it are well loved. I would die to have the Poison body line from the 80’s, I never knew such things existed. And that bracelet is the bomb dot com. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful collection with us Dacob. P.S. your hair always looks great

Sintija Rudene says:

And the funny thing was-I didn’t see the name of perfume. I just smelled it. And I thought in my head-wow.. This is so toxic. I feel sick. Smell like poison. And I looked at the bottle and the name was poison.

La Serpenta Canta says:

how do you travel so much?

Jeff Kelvin says:

Hello Dacob, I am a man, pls suggest for me which of the poison perfumes is for men? which bottle color?

Jane Hibberd says:

why do they keep reformulating?

Georgina Mondshine says:

What a beautiful collection, you know so much! Your pronunciation is lovely, (it’s one of the things I am so particular about :P) and your insights, “safe should never be attached to fashion”, can that be called wisdom, even if it’s a superficial theme? lol. Thank you I had a great time and brought me memories of when I used to wear it.

Alex M says:

Goodness, these collection items (the bracelet is incredible!) belong in a perfume museum, they are simply beautiful. Thank you so much for showing these to us! I cannot imagine how Dior Poison must have smelled before the reformulation, I discovered it only very recently and I was instantly mesmerized – it’s still an amazing scent, a rich mixture of incense, fruit (mostly plum) and honey, simply lovely!!

Hanybal Yazigi says:

Reminds me of my mom. This was her perfume. She stopped using it. Now she uses guerlain and jadore

Nancy Wang says:

It happens to be my fav fragrance!

Leny Hornales says:

Ohhhhhh I Love Poison 🙂 It`s my Perfume since 1988 till now and forever 🙂

Muncie Robson says:

Dacob, was the ‘Esprit de Parfum’ in lieu of an ‘Eau de Parfum’? Would you recommend the ‘Pure Parfum’ (should I stumble miraculously upon one)? I just got a 5ml ‘Esprit’ WOW!!!

karim jan says:

poison perfume can use for men also & witch color coz there is lot of poison perfume

gina2190 says:

i say perfect scent , and wow what a collection ! best information about vintage too 🙂 wicked !

Chako Adonis says:

Amazing. This my only perfume I use…where can I buy all those big boxes of Poison? Macy’s or Sephora never sell those kind of big boxes. In Paris only maybe? Any site? Thank you so much.

Niel Wong says:

Dacob you are so right about the soap being a luxury, Tom ford sells his soap for crazy money and you don’t get anything

muncie robson says:

Dacob have you smelt the current extrait de parfum? It’s on Dior’s web site for £150 for 15ml. I don’t know if it’s available elsewhere in the world… very tempted! Xx

Karen Deeside says:

That little purple bottle fills me with utter dread. I was pregnant when Poison was released. This fragrance had me running to the toilet gagging every time I walked past any young fashionable lady.

Tove Nilssen says:

I have used it for over 30 years, that means since 1985. Love it.

Alcoholic Nun says:

Where did you purchase your precious bottles of vintage Poison? I would love to experience this 80s powerhouse scent but I’m very skeptical of eBay.

Ana Zouhir says:

c’est mon premier amour il est indétrônable

Denis Aubrey says:

incredible video! You have so much passion! Excellent grade A++! 😉

isa Santos says:

Quero todos esse perfumes para me adoro!
I want all the perfumes to love me!

Aala'a Omar says:



This is one of my top signatures… An elixir of mystery, aloofness, intimidation, and seduction, it has one of my favourite notes (Tuberose) and is so much like me, mind you I’m only 16 and I’m a male, so people my age prefer sauvage and such crap (Sauvage=Why Dior?) but I wanted something better, and I couldn’t find better than POISON!!!

lovepotionsinc says:

My mom’s two favourites were YSL Opium and Dior Poison in the 90s. I can immediately tell when its the recent reformulated versions even though I no longer have access to the originals. Scents are really that powerful of a trigger (I was somewhat of a sceptic of that fact until I had a whiff of the new Opium. I immediately had to remove myself from its presence. I can normally stand iffy scents but I could not control my physical reaction to the scent.). I remember playing around with the bottles as a child and I can still remember how the tassels felt in my hand and my fingers tracing the grooves on the glass. Today’s Poison is an okay scent but it’s just an okay scent that’s so lacking in the depth and sensuality of the original. This was such a comprehensive video. I really appreciate the effort that goes into your uploads. Archive tour! I would die! You have killed me with Poison, Dacob!

Melinda Cooper says:

You do not know what this video meant to me!  I wore Poison as soon as it was out in the stores in the 80s.  I felt like I was the scent and the scent was me.  So sad what Dior has done to it.  I wish I could find the original formula.  You are so right about it being ancient – I got the same vibe.  There will never be another scent like Poison.  Even the deep rich purple color.

Anon Ymous says:

Worst perfume ever, LOL!

Mona Markussen says:

I just bought the Poison Seductress Amulet and first edition of the edc. Must admit i’m not as passionate as you but the edt in the amulet is gorgious.
Can not find the amulet,only in pictures so guess it’s rare..

Danielle Huber says:

Oh Dacob, how I wish I had seen this video before I went down the ‘I must collect the fragrances of my youth on ebay!’ rabbit hole. I apparently spent WAY too much on a 3.4 oz EDT tester that was listed as vintage – its address is 33. CRY!!! It’s my buyer beware fault for not having done my full research first but I am still horrified and out good money I could have spent on more perfume. 😉 It is the tall, oval bottle – I don’t know when they switched to the round for EDT. Do you? In better news, upon first spray I was instantly transported to a place and time in my life and in olfactory heaven. I was alone and I smiled, it was like coming home. The reformulation isn’t as bad as I would have guessed. My first bottle was gifted to me in 1988 when I was 14 – the splash EDT bottle – and I wore it just about every day until it was gone. Back then once I finished a bottle I moved on to something else, so it’s been many years since I experienced Poison. Sweet but deep and mysterious, I still find that this fragrance speaks to me or perhaps even understands me. I love that if I spray it on in the evening I can still smell it on my skin when I wake up. Love love love love love!

shuvanidev says:

I love this presentation of Poison. The collection and history is amazing, yes, but your thoughts and description of the scent itself and it’s individual parts is extraordinary. I love how you talk about the memory of the ancients that is revived with the opoponax. The incensey aspect of Poison is one of the reasons it was my signature scent “back in the day”. I cherish the bottle of original formula like gold. It is still one of my all-time favorite fragrances and you have done well by it, thank you!

Ingvar Urbanite says:

“Safe” is a four letter word. 😉

Fatima Gamez says:

I have a pretty funny story about this.. I sprayed this on a paper and asked my friend what she thought and said it smelt like a toilet.. I put it on myself and a few days later when I see her she tells me I smell soooooo good and what I was wearing lol.. she could not believe it was the same perfume.. It smells so creamy and warm. I’m 27 years old and pretty girly but this scent is just me! I actually use this as my everyday perfume and I just get lost in it. It has a different punch than other perfumes these days. I love it.

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