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Milk Sunshine Tint
Milk Baked Bronzer
Milk Lip & Cheek (Perk)
Riddle Oil – EX
Malin + Goetz Petitgrain Perfume Oil
Our Impression of Ombre Leather 16 by Tom Ford
KIS Oils
Malin + Goetz Sage Candle
Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
Nintendo Switch


Mejuri Hoop Earrings
Wendy Faye Bar Studs
Wendy Faye Birdie Ring
Catbird Threadbare Rings


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travelller says:

I love you so muchhh joanna! but don’t fry your brain

Katie Bullied says:

Joanna Spicer told me to buy Ex by Riddle Oil so I bought Ex by Riddle Oil

simon snake owner says:

she’s cute.hope she likes English guys.

Clare says:

wow you really missed the opportunity to clickbait this video “HUFFING VALIUM?!?!?!”

mama101 says:

Ohhh I really want the leather roller ball. But it’s 17 shipping to England?! Is there no other alternative 🙁

Olivia Strouse says:

i was too distracted by your hair looking amazing to pay attention so i kept having to rewind

Vianney Ramirez says:

You can’t judge a book by its cover lol

holly clarke says:

i LOVE your humour!!!

Sarah Fontana says:

Okay that bit about you in target with he nintendo switch and the 8 year olds made me laugh very hard.

trisha hartley says:

IM SUCH A TRASH FOLLOWER !! i thought i was subscribed! (i am now, don’t worry. clicked that dumb bell too) thx for the favorites update too! im going to look i to those milk products and fragrances

Fotojournalist Anna Dorthe Olesen says:

I just love you. and your favorites.

Milla Sörensson says:

I laughed too hard at ur cat freaking out, quality content 11/10

aly l says:

me: i don’t buy things just because influencers use them
joanna: my new favorite scent is-

tori says:

loved this episode of Maeby Steals The Show

skeletondance says:

The tarte oil mixed with the drunk elephant b ydra literally cleared my skin in like 2 days. i don’t use them anymore but i remember being blown away by that oil. My bottle had a bit of a more minimal design though lol

Linda Pluhar says:

Grrrrrrrrrrl here are some switch game suggestions that’ll keep that brain fried & happy: legends of Zelda: breath of the wild, Hyrule Warriors, and over cooked 2!!!! I love my switch so much but it does cause me to melt into my couch often if we’re being honest here

Sarah Southard says:

I feel you on the maracuja oil from Tarte! i love it so much (on my 2nd bottle) but it is ugo lol. i wasnt impressed by the gold flake one though.

sleeepycalifornia says:

buying the malin+goetz perfume based on just the “sexy” tbh

ilsewmags says:

Plz plz what hair mask do you use since you’ve dyed your hair? Need help sos!

xoxochad says:

I bought the damn perfume and it is woodsy and sexy and amazing. I cannot stop smelling it. I look like a psycho just holding up this little tube to my face all day. It’s Perfect for fall. You have the best taste in fragrances. Love ya ♥️ Thankies

Claire Deschamp says:

about the tarte, you should find a little glass vial from like michaels or something and decant it!

Sara Bouhlal says:

Omg the cat killed me… And Tarte’s packaging look like a Britney Spears’ perfume … So 2007

Derek D says:

I wish they made more of you so I could have one.

Blondie B says:

Your enthusiasm about the Nintendo Switch is awesome Joanna!!
I’m a Classic Nintendo lover too!

Elliott_M says:

get zelda

travelller says:

#look #listen #honesttogod haha joanna i loved your iconic phrases

Leah Hodge says:

get an amber dropper from whole foods and switch that shit out! make sure to get amber/blue glass in case the oil is photosensitive. this is one of my go to tricks!

Jade Arendas says:

That Tarte packaging makes me cringe. I know you mentioned not being in love with oils, but I know of one that is literally life changing. True Botanicals pure radiance oil in clear. It’s truly amazing that I could cry. For years I’ve been on the hunt for the most perfect routine and now I have it. Plus we also have the same skin type, so I do think you’d enjoy it. Ok Toodles! xx

Grecia Acosta says:

Omfg I agree with everything you were saying about tarte’s packaging GIRL that’s exactly why I always just walk past all these ridiculous brands like too faced and tarte and urban decay like WHO ARE THEY MAKING THIS MAKE UP WITH LUDICROUS PACKAGING FOR??! 8th graders?! I’m strictly glossier and milk make up

Liz Lemon says:

Please don’t tell me you believe in tarot cards. I understand that people think reality is boring, so they believe in all this alternative stuff like religion, ghosts, astrology, crystal healing, acupuncture etc, but this contributes so much to making pseudo science and magic seem real to the general public. Not everyone has the ability to be critical, so the capable of us need to set an example. Critical thinking and education are the most important tools we have. We don’t need more science deniers, okay? Reality is wonderful, the universe is super exciting as it is. 🙂 Sorry for the slight rant, this is extremely important to me.

arielfeasts says:

I use eucalyptus oil the same way, its my favorite

Black Opal says:

Your cat is sooo cuuute and funny. The couch really made her mad!!

Claire Daniels says:

lol put the oil in an old clean glossier serum bottle

MissAdamLambert888 says:

I cannot even begin to say how much I missed your perfume vids and how passionate and happy you always were in describing your new perfumes and am super happy to see this upload because of it ! <333

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