Dalya’s 10 Favorite Leather Fragrances Ranked By Me | Classics, Vintage + Surprises

Dalya’s 10 Favorite Leather Fragrances Ranked By Me | Classics, Vintage + Surprises
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Dalya’s 10 Favorite Leather Fragrances Ranked By Me | Classics, Vintage + Surprises

For a twist on my ranking videos, I asked Dalya to bring her 10 favorite leather fragrances for me to rank. There are some surprises with classics, vintages and some fragrances I didn’t know Dalya liked. Please watch to find out the fragrances and how I rank them. There are great classics here that I love. Do you like these fragrances? Have you tried them? If so which is your favorite? Please add a comment below.

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to my channel https://goo.gl/xWnYzi if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! The views and opinions for these 10 Leather Fragrances are all my own. If you’re curious to try 10 Leather Fragrances please buy or obtain samples or decants prior to purchasing a full bottle. The fragrances I like you might not like and vice versa. So I cannot guarantee you will react to this fragrance as I have in this video. Thank you.

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Gediminas Kontrimas says:

entertaining and informative

Barthelden says:

How is it vintage Kouros when it doesn’t have the silver shoulders?

Jon Komatsu says:

Yes, more rankings, puh-leeze!

Oooh, Kouros! A complex, butch fragrance in all the best ways. And Lord, how many folks have I offended with that juice! Haven’t worn it in a while. Will have to dig out my decant.

And yes! Do a comparo of the vintage v. current formulations of Bandit. Would love to hear the differences.

Fun video, mahalo!

tomagra12 says:

Said this before but it bears repeating. The two of you together are great! When Dalya smiles……

Liz Seville says:

Just great. Enjoyed this a lot. Thank you both.

Prasida Perfume says:

I love seeing Dalya’s collection and hearing your opinions about it. It seemed like you were having fun too. This is a great idea! It’s fun to hear the dialogue about the gender aspect of fragrance.

Ricardo A Rohena Pagán says:

Love Dalya!

Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

Love this video and her choices! Kouros & Bandit are rally amazing stuff. I’ll suggest to have a video for the vintage fragrances to come back.

Robin Brennan says:

I have never purchased a leather fragrance. I love gourmands so any suggestions?what Dusita fragrance are you referring to?

Niraj Patel says:

This was a great idea Seb!

Mrs Press says:

I LOVED this! Such a great idea; yes I want to see more like this. I may have to check out Bandit…I’ve always avoided it bc sometimes it sounds kind of scary lol.

Gizapowerplant says:

Love, love, love this channel! Great chemistry! Please do more! Thank you again!

Mas Tun says:

Vintage Aramis and Kouros? She must be awesome to hang out with irl

sérgio Teixeira says:

Great list, and your chemistry is just priceless. I’m sad to say it but that one doesn’t seem to be a vintage Kouros. It lacks the silver plate, but nonetheless it seems to smell different from the newer formulation, so what do I know…keep up the good work you guys.

M KP says:

Very good idea keep going… when is Ashley coming back. Really enjoyed her inputs.

Adi B says:

Thoroughly enjoyed the video! Would like to see more such videos. Great seeing the vintages come out and hearing your opinions on all the fragrances of course.

Michael Bullock says:

Great list and I enjoyed it and I like aramis and I’m gonna try the other fragrances and have a blessed day

Danster372 says:

Yes! Great format keep it going!! Great video. Ciao

Brian Elswick says:

I enjoyed this twist and would like to see more!

Taffy J says:

Yes, MOAR please! I’d love to see more of Dalya’s impressive collection, and it was fun to see Sebastian’s ranking. Great list! I have that vintage Bandit and it is indeed glorious. Vintage can be a hit or miss, but when it’s a hit, it’s usually a wow. P.S. As soon as I saw Dalya, I hit the “Like” button.

Ifrim Costin says:

Vintage is better guys, no strict regulations. I miss the oakmoss blended with old school green leather. Great video. Take care

Eleni says:

I love you two together! Such an interesting list and a hilarious, uplifting video! 🙂

ninsiana0 says:

Does Dayla have her own channel or social media where we can follow her?

Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews says:

➡️Watch Dalya Rank My Top 20 Leather Fragrances here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkUNbtGOqKY&list=PLWU-mtcVz4pvtQMFB0GoqrwgwkD7I6qR0&index=2 ⬅️

Lacramioara says:

Wow ,Chanel vintage,is gorgeous!!!

jaxlove says:

Still no Memo Paris, wow , some of the best leathers in game.

Sallahaddin1 says:

It’s totally not a vintage Kouros formula

rightglory BG says:

Kouros is the fragrance classic 80s heavy metal…:) Dalya’s Metallica tribute :)))

Liz Seville says:

And glad you put Cabochard in there. My favourite perfume.

Mohamed Hassan says:

Yes I needed this list. I love leather

Zane Torgane says:

Love your videos with Dalya! You should do your Top10 vintage gems. My favorite leather fragrance was a no name variation (Dilis No.23) on Cerutti Image Woman theme, featuring wonderful charcoal accord and some other strange notes, perfectly blended. The original Cerutti Image Woman is my second favorite and Cuir Amethyste Armani – #3 favorite. I am a fan of birch tar+coriander combo.

Gina Tabasso says:

LOVE this list!!!! I have many of them. Love vintages.

wincav says:

I DO like the concept of switching between reviewers on their top picks. VINTAGE fragrances mean very little to most people since they are much more difficult to acquire so I would leave them out. If I can’t get it, I am not interested. Please continue to keep up the amount of content and thank you.

Pierre Fre says:

Bring back Ashley

pandora p says:

Great to see you ranking Dalya’s favourites! More pls. One leather that I enjoy a lot and is very much under the radar is Atkinsons Excelsior Bouquet.

Robert Quinlan says:

Always delight to see dalya , both of you have a fantastic dynamic! Fun , great vibes and knowledge all in one place ☺

And unique video ideas and choices are so refreshing to see! Fantastic as always.

Q Q says:

another great list 🙂

μαθιουδακης δημητρης says:

Very good video sebastian! I have a question about bandit. I love the house of Robert Piguet and I own some. I wanted to blindbuy bandit but I want to ask you if it’s unisex cause it’s marketed for women. Thank you very much!

Willy Wonka says:

Definitely more like this, entertaining and interesting. Thanks.

120ml says:

Great friendship chemistry! Loving this.

Lefty Righty says:

Enjoying your guests Sebastian. Fun video.

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