Daniel Josier Perfumes Ambre Tabac & Green Leather REVIEW with Redolessence + 10ml Decants GIVEAWAY

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Gina Tabasso says:

I love tobacco and love leather. I never heard of this house. I have a few Spanish perfumers. Wonderful. I am not a big fruity fan though. I’m in Ohio. The Ambre scent sounds terrific.

50footRingo says:

Count me in.

Jorge Hernandez says:

I’m looking forward to try Ambre Tabac. Thanks for the giveaway!

Va Do says:

The leather is my favorite perfume ingridient!!! I hope this perfume will wonderful.
Can I compare it with, foe example with L”Envole Cartier?

M M says:

again great video carlos. apart from the fragrance what i loved about the video was Stevens t-shirt. love the sunset colour in that.

Joe Wolfe says:

Well done as usual fellas. This is a very interesting house. I’ve sampled his Vetiver I believe it was. Tobacco is one of my favorite notes and would love to try these two. Fingers crossed!

Jakub Józefowicz says:

For me Green Leather sounds great as I love leather, and this one seems to be the smooth one. I’m afraid that Ambre Tabac could be too sweet for my taste. Thank you for another great review.

Yonatan Farber says:

looks like a really nice line/would love to try one of them 🙂

by the way,
always like to watch your channels.such nice and honest reviews.thanks so much for that.

manny44 says:

I’ve been DYING to try Daniel Josier. Love that he’s Spanish, love the bottles, love that he’s been around forever. I know he had a frag that some people thought was an ever better Terre D’ Hermes. These sound amazing. Illinois! Also wanted to say to you guys, in case I don’t say it enough, I appreciate you both.

Keith Bertrand says:

new house to me!! sounds amazing. hoping to try.

Rafael Balarezo says:

I have to go to OSME and sniff all of these beauties from Daniel Josier. Thanks for sharing Carlos.

Daniel Oshima says:

I’ve been fortunate to sample a few of Daniel Josier’s stuff and Green Leather is really nice and my favorite. Thanks for this great review and introduction to many of this great Spanish House.


Superb video

John Brocado says:

I would love to try these smooth fragrances! I love amber nargile and love the saffron note in the other one and would love to try this new house!

فيديوهات واتس says:

Love the bottles

ali lotfi says:

thanks for awesome videos. like to see new niches . looks like a worthy one . good job guys.

Yann Olivier says:

In europe green leather is considering as an strong and expensive version to ch men

edward gurango says:

Great looking bottles! The fragrances themselves sound intriguing!

Fred Helton says:

I tried both and they’re great. Both are on my full bottle list to purchase.

FallingSnowify11 says:

Always happy to watch your reviews, ans thanks for the giveaway.

Amir Pi says:

Great take ,thx a lot!!cheers

totalxindecision says:

I love seeing you guys get enthusiastic about stuff!

Mark Kornak says:

I knew very little about this house but am now very excited to sample several of their offerings. Thanks for sharing!

Freida People says:

fav part was the massaman curry tofu. jk… but srsly… that sounds so good.

Wet Shaving Fraghead says:

Ambre Tabac sounds pretty awesome. Thanks for bringing another house to light I was unaware of

Roger Saenz says:

Great review! Carlos and Steven may I ask you guys to review Coach cologne for men. I feel it’s worth a shot!

Abraham Gutierrez says:

These two really show quality! Great review

Leon says:

6-7 hours? Thought they would last longer

Shasta Daisy says:

You two have a great dynamic; love the way one nose picks up and shares things that weren’t as pronounced to the other. The notes of Green Leather intrigue me, but both sound amazing! Unisex?

Pete TheHawk says:

Very nice presentation on these. Looks to be a house worth exploring thanks guys

John Michael says:

Carlos always gets my heart pumping when he gets excited about a scent cause you can tell when Carlos really likes something and i could tell he really liked that first one! And i can’t wait to try it! As always, you guys rocked it together… LOVE IT!

Keith Montgomery says:

I would love to get the chance to try either of these fragrances. You make them sound very interesting by saying that you feel they are reasonably priced at $210.00.

JoeSCENTMe says:

Looking forward to trying this line. I heard great things about Daniel Josier.

whysoserious1978 says:

wow this sounds awesome would love to win a sample, that would be great. I love bergamot and I’m also a fun of tobacco especially in the fall.

Ryan G says:

Ambre Tabac sounds lovely. Appreciate that you make these giveaways world wide as a Canadian viewer.

Habers09 says:

Ambre Tabac sounds really good. And that presentation is absolutely amazing!

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Wonderful vid! I’ve been curious about Daniel Josier scents since your video at Osme! They sound wonderfully done. Thank you amd Steven for your thoughts on these! Always a blast to watch. ♡

Charlie Willis says:

Love the presentation of the bottles and the pricing doesn’t seem to bad compared to the quality of notes y’all mentioned. I also love how you guys consistently present fragrance that isn’t quite out there to the public, so for that I am very much appreciative about. Definitely hope to get my knows on it soon!!! Keep up the great work guys!

– Charlie

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