Davidoff Leather Blend (2014) REVIEW with Olya + GIVEAWAY

Davidoff Leather Blend Eau de Parfum for Men https://www.notino.com/davidoff/leather-blend-eau-de-parfum-for-men/

Get GREAT DEALS on fragrances at Notino http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8406667-12225571?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.notino.com%2Fdavidoff%2Fleather-blend-eau-de-parfum-for-men%2F&cjsku=DDFLBLM_AEDP10

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Bernie777 says:

Nice review. I really like Olya, you two have a good repartee.

George Bonilla says:

I would love to win the sample!

Akash Khan says:

awesome review
i would love to sniff this stuff

Sudi Dut says:

Don’t own any leather. Sounds G8 for winter.

jeppjohnboy says:

She’s the bomb & you are too, Carlos. Thanks again for another awesome review

Meu Fragrance says:

Nice review and shirt!

Mark Kornak says:

Davidoff or La Yuqawam?

Dion Cassius says:

Another great one ..

Adi Abu Issa says:

great review
Thanks Olya, and keep up the good work Carlos.

landshark321 says:

Great collab review on a great fragrance, which you point out, is a darn good value on Notino! It’s on my “to buy” list for sure. It flirts with being a gourmand leather fragrance but isn’t quite so. Still, it’s rather sweet and well done.

Cody W says:

Fun video! Loved the honesty! I really enjoy leather fragrances. Please enter me in the contest!!

xXxrootxXx says:

great vid bro,would love to win decant !,thnx for video guys

Papi Red says:

I hope I get to try this soon. Great review Carlos

Andy Panayiotou says:

Sounds like an interesting scent. Great video!

JansportHipHop says:

You and Olya are great together, two great noses 🙂

Sachiko says:

Great review, although it isn’t fragrance for me probably.

Jeremy Higgins says:

You guys where great!! Passionate couple

musicnphotos1 says:

Love the videos, and agree that the opinion of different ladies with different levels of interest in fragrances has been really interesting to see in your reviews. I was especially interested in this review because some of my favorites fragrances have turned out to have a leather note. I also saw the Robes08 review on Davidoff Leather Blend, and was tempted to buy it since then, but didn’t want to blind buy. I would love to win the sample for this one. Thanks for the videos!

Dayne Rhoades says:

nice to see something that is affordable, but high quality. I may have to look into this. Thank you Carlos!

Omar A says:

wow. last time I remember seeing this in a video was back in the day with robes08. looking forward

J vaio says:

You are simply amazing, thanks for all the revieuws! Helping us alot!

Micholas Nitchell says:

I was wearing this today funnily enough! Great fragrance, but Tuscan leather is still the number 1 leather frag of all time.

condyeckerle says:

Leather scents can be tough to wear,, it would be interesting to see on what you think about who gets it right ot wrong —-in your opinion——and how and when to wear -or not wear -this interesting frag note. Great guest as usual, you have a great lineup of people. Much appreciated.

Serg S says:

Love the Leather theme. I am very excited to try this note once we get out of this 80 degree October weather. You guys ROCKED IT as always!!

Chris says:

Leather Blend, Agar Blend, Amber Blend

Diana Devlin says:

I’m not usually a big fan of leather fragrances, either, but you made this one sound really incredible. I’d be thrilled to try a sample of it! I live in New York.

Dave Carrizal says:

Great video

Ben kelsey says:

I love Olya’s jacket. It’s a real eye catcher.

flashqt says:

This fragrance sounds great and the price is not bad either, need to try this out at some stage soon.

Good Scents Bad Scents Shane says:

Sounds like a winner, she is awesome

Frank G says:

Great review Olya and Carlos on a house that isn’t mentioned much in the frag community imho. Such an underrated scent that doesn’t get the love it deserves.

Matthew Mueller says:

Great review of this one. Debuted in 2014 but had not heard of it until now. I’ll have to get my nose on a sample. Thanks!

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