Davidoff Leather Blend Men’s Frangrance Review!

Jimmy Q’s Fragrance Reviews, Leather Blend by Davidoff!

A review of the leathery and retro Leather Blend, by Davidoff! If you want to smell like a 70’s porn star, then you’re in the right place…

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Eamonn Shields says:

good to see you back man. Did you hear or see the banter about the fragrance reviewers

rami s says:

welcome back mate

Luciero says:

my nigga is back

NillerMann says:

Yay… Yay! He’s back! My favourite fragrance reviewer. Hope to see more from you in the future! And also.. Hope to see a video of your collection 🙂

miata149 says:

During your hiatus I unsubscribed; but now you’ve returned I re-subscribed. Speaking of BrExit, congratulations on the outcome.

Reno Russell says:

Really glad to see you back!

Malik 83 says:

Welcome back.

Paul says:

welcome back Jim! love your reviews!

razscott says:

Stellar review mate, need to try this one, nice to see a vid from ya, cheers!

ibikaiytube says:

glad to have you back.i thought u were gone for real

thechardy says:

Welcome back fella! Hope it isn’t 10 months until your next upload. I can start buying fragrances again.

Andre Szymanski says:

Oh… wait… what? You’re back? 🙂

Northern Edition says:

An interesting review of an unusual designer fragrance. Thanks Jim

Evan R says:

“Dirk Diggler” vibe… Man, I’ve missed you’re reviews. Come on back!

Xanovia Scents says:

Great to see you back man… Thanks a ton for the review… I’ve heard a few people talk about this one and now you’ve pushed it over the edge… I’m picking it up… ^_^ Awesome job as always…

Abhishek Subbaiah says:

Good video, love your setup.

Max Shapira says:

Man, finally!!! Glad to see you back! You are my favorite reviewer. You are the best, don’t stop. Keep up the great work! Thank you so much. We all appreciate your effort. Big love from Israel!!!

ElColector210 says:

Just received mine yesterday. I fucking love it!!!!

Toiletterian says:

welcome back bro

Dominick U says:

glad you’re back

Grizzadious says:

i was actually going through all of your videos last night, so its so good to see you back!

Fraser Kerr says:

Bloody hell, where have you been, good to have you back, hope after this that you don’t buggier off again … Keep them coming

Jose Vancouver says:

OK JIm – good to have you back. While you were away, some crazy Brit named Mr.Smelly showed up and has taken the UK and the Internet with his fragrance reviews!!!

Lex Ellis says:

YES JIM! you’re back my man and LOL “here’s the box!” xD!!!

Thanks for this! been wanting to know about this one for a good while!

Robert Ono says:

DHP, if you would ;)) AlohA

mr1980chris says:

WELCOME BACK! I’m a little late lol but yeah… it’s awesome to see you doing reviews again! and even better to see it’s of Davidoff Leather Blend, I’m a big fan of this one, it’s been on my “to buy” list for months now.

Looking forward to more reviews!

Kerry Pope says:

Jim where u been buddy?? Never mind just keep the vids coming

Fraser Kerr says:

Great to see you back mate, missed you big time

Samuel Gustav says:

You’re back!!!!! 😀

Bottom Note says:

Smooth dude. Gonna look this one up.

Shahin Ghazizadeh says:

Soooooooooo happy to hear you back!!!!

Wolf says:

Welcome back mate :d

Mark Harris says:

It’s great to see another review from you. They have been too few and far between, but at least you’re still out there and show up here from time to time. (At least you’re not reviewing every new fragrance under the sun, which starts to become disingenuous and uninteresting.)

John Troyer says:

“About bloody time” is right. You’re one of favorite reviewers and the break was way too long. Welcome back and great review! Enjoyed it as always 😀

bhaffar says:

Curious to try – thanks for the review and welcome back!

Joshua B says:

Awesome to see a new video from you Jim.

Jim R says:

Welcome back! Enjoy the review and I’m looking forward to getting my mitts on this one and trying it one of these days. Don’t be a stranger…

Dawood Shaik says:

When I visited Saudi Arabia a couple of months back, I bought this there on Mark’s recommendation. I enjoy this

Shave- a-thon says:

There’s no indication that this scent has been discontinued and it’s listed on the Davidoff site. Even the Macy’s link on the official site indicates it’s not in stock: http://www.zinodavidoff.com/fragrances/for-him/leather-blend/

The discounters don’t seem to have older stock, either. Why is it so hard to buy? Neither Nordstrom’s nor Bloomingdale’s carry the Davidoff line. Sephora also doesn’t carry Davidoff.

Rebin Hassansory says:

YEEEY youre back!

Carson Vidourek says:

Super glad to see you back dude!

namo730 says:

Nice to see you back again man 🙂 gret take on this one

Subzero0 says:

Nice to see you back, nice to present this rather unknown scent. Is it better than CH men privé?

1928flash says:

Glad to see you back. Only looking at your videos again just recently. Good review as usual.

Jay R. says:

The games been missing your reviews brother! come
Back to us…

unhealthyfoodie says:

Can you make a new update on what you currently wear for work/dinner/going out/ and etc?

Kaan Gokce says:

I’m so happy to see you again. Thanks for coming back!

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