FERRARI Good, Bad, Ugly | Perfume/Cologne/Fragrance Review

Let’s continue to tackle one of the best series of this channel the GBUUO – this time around we’re taking a close look at the house of FERRARI. Do you own anything from this house? Comment below…


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Jim R says:

Bright Neroli was a hugely pleasant surprise (love it) simply because Chat loved it and we seem to be polar opposites when it comes to fragrance. So BN would be both my Good and, surprisingly, Underrated too.

I purchased Leather Essence and, while not bad, I’ve worn it three times and I’m just not feeling the love. To be honest, I’m going to reach for something like Tuscan Leather or La Yuqawam Pour Homme or Golden Boy when I want to be slapped in the face with a leather glove. However, I find that I prefer Vince Camulto for Men, and others, when I’m wanting to wear a more subdued, light-leather type fragrance. I’m not giving up and will try it again in the Fall.

Nice video on Ferrari and I always love the GBUUO episode. The others in the Ferrari Essence lineup really don’t interest me, but they’re quite inexpensive on the discount market so perhaps I’ll try another one, or two, in the near future.


Xanovia Scents says:

Yeah man this is a very under the radar house with a lot of quality fragrances… I think I would have picked the same fragrances if I did a GBUUO of the house as well… I really feel Leather Essence is an awesome scent and I can not wait to wear that bad boy to death this Autumn… Also, thanks so much for the shout out during your talks on Leather Essence… I really appreciated that and I’m really glad you enjoy it as much as I do… Great job as always buddy… ^_^

M Shlock says:

Max, you understand that Ferrari does nothing related to fragrance, right? They lease the name out. I have four Ferrari scents. The first you reviewed, Uomo, is great, and a cheapie, so needs more time. Let me share my notes on it with everyone… “Light at first but nice — definitely leathery, the best(?), most noticeable at least, clearly leather note I’ve ever detected — and decent quality overall. Masculine but not overbearing — well friggin’ done Mr. Morillas!” For seasons I categorized it as Fall Winter Days Spring Summer Nights. The longevity is above average while its projection is average. Viewers — check it out!

With three exceptions the balance of the Ferrari fragrances, this Essence Collection, are not very good and certainly not great by any measure. Which three are better then!? The ones Ferrari specifically focused on releasing a premium fragrance of. The Essence Collection’s three Essence Les Eaux releases whose juice is visible in the clear glass bottles…

First, Noble Fig. For what it is it is a well above average bargain.

Second, Pure Lavender, an above average fragrance.

Third, and probably best if not just most appreciated, is Bright Neroli. Again, a well above average fragrance that is occasionally difficult to find and may not be discounted much, but is a bargain nevertheless. Often compared to Neroli Porofino that is several times more expensive and has worse performance.

duplomacette says:

How many bottles do you own and how the hell did you go through half a bottle of that let alone anything? Lol

Joy Amin says:

uomo and leather essence are very close….love them both….longevity is a lil weak but great scent 🙂

Big Daddy says:

Have you done or planning on doing a video like this on the Davinoff house?

Perfect Scents says:

Great video I’ve seen these and have always wondered about these the Bentley fragrances that I own I love

Kamal Saleh says:

you are absolutely right!!! I’ve got three of this wonderful house ( uomo, leather essence, essence oud ) really gorgeous just exactly the way you described them. just want to try bright neroli ? very informative as always, great review, thumbs up for you max.

Matt topcat says:

Hey great review max ..have you tried silver essense by ferrari ..its on offer at the moment on eBay and was wondering if to blind buy it

Sanjay Shah says:

Nice video Max. How about doing Chanel Les Exclusive GBU?

Iceburg0032 says:

I own Leather essence, Cedar essence and Oud essence and I highly recommend these ones I would say Leather is my favorite its a nice sweet suede then the Cedar starts off with a nice aromatic light watermelon smell that dries down to a light musk and coffee scent but really light on the coffee vibe but its their and then the oud with to me is really nice mostly rose with some oud in their when it dries down as with most oud and rose combos it is really nice..I highly recommend the essence line for the price they are definitely worth it!

AGentlemansJourney says:

Its nice to see someone else talk about this house. They are very underrated. Noble Fig is indeed discontinued unfortunately. Leather and Bright Neroli are my favourites. I’m trying to get my hands on the Radiant Bergamot which seems to be extremely difficult to get.

Albert Kelly says:

great review of a terrific line but wheres the musk and bergamot ones?

Guinea54 says:

Great video series once again.. I only tried bright nerloi from this house, and you are right it is a nice scent.. Its a soapy clean type citrus.. If people don’t like a sort of orange blossom floral feel then they might not like this one.. Its not really a citrus fragrance to me,, its more of a soapy floral.. it does have a tinge of feminine about it, that is the only down side for me, but its a goo done for sure.

masum khan khan says:


Hello Max. Have u tried the new release “scuderia forte”?

bhaffar says:

Thanks! TENMAX = 10% off at Notino valid 8/4 – 8/11

Jaime Valencia says:

My top 4 essence line leather, vetiver, Oud , cedar and from the sports line red.

Brian L. says:

Dang I hate to be that guy that mentions the one fragrance you don’t have. There must be something about Silver Essence that doesn’t appeal to you. I was really hoping to hear your thoughts on that one because it’s been on my radar. Great review as always and I appreciate the info!

joe says:

Wow! Finally someone did a video review of more than 4 ferrrari fragranceses. Nice… If u like amber woody and good projection and long lasting. Try ferrari amber classic. A great fragrance.

edward gurango says:

Vetiver fan here. I’ll check out that Vetiver model. Essence Oud? That’s another one I’ll try.

carlo sas says:

Great review but You missed the silver essence my friend.

Sr Fragancia says:

Great revew Max, I’m glad someone is finally talking about tis house, i got the entire collection almost 2 years ago and some of them i buoght them at retail price but i love them,UOMO, Leather and Oud were the ones that got my attention first.

Mark Ayres says:

Great video!

javier lugo says:

Great video on a great line, my favorite is the leather as well as essence oud, fig, neroli & Uomo didn’t care for essence musk & haven’t smelled the rest. Question what season do you think the lavender will work the best in.

Rex Maverick says:

Pure Lavender beat Mugler to the punch lol.

Florin Cretu says:

Max what do you think about Mercedes Benz intens? Do you like it?

]Meraquanta[ says:

Stop the disinfo. Why would Ferrari release black before red? RED is kind of a thing over there in Maranello and yes Ferrari Black is the second flanker to Ferrari Red. These grocery store fragrances were very widely available in Europe and heavily advertised before christmas season. Cheap and simple but they did exist.

Maurice Richardson says:

Love these.

Rafael Balarezo says:

Your underrated ones always turned to a hit Max. Thanks for sharing my friend.

The Bopper says:

I really enjoy this theme Max…well done. The Musk is also quite nice as well. Try if you havent. This house has always been underrated through the years. The oud offering has always had a cult following and used to be very difficult to find…now it’s much easier to seek out. I think Bright Neroli really shed quite a bit of light on the house most recently.

Bob Ono says:

Pure Lavender rocks! Also love, Uomo and I like Noble Fig…Mahalo, MAX, great job. Btw, the bottles and CAPs are a 10/10 for the price!

Jay Dee says:

Love this style of video review… concentrating on one line, great idea. Just got Bright Neroli for £27 in UK #bargain

Jan Patrick Lucas says:

Good day Max,

I’ve enjoyed your reviews and personality for quite some time now. Just thought I’d chime in here and be, unfortunately, somewhat contradictory. I do think this is a great house for the money and love their presentation. I own quite a few of the line and have the Lavender and Fig on the way. Leather essence is loved by many, however I do not like it. It’s not a bad scent and can see how someone may find it pleasant but it’s not how I would want to smell and also comes off as cheap to me. Cedar Essence , again on the contrary, I enjoy a bunch. I don’t really get cedar from it, but it’s a nice light invigorating musk. Essence Musk sort of reminds me of the Cedar but lighter – very light and does not have any staying power. The ugly for me is Uomo! I want to strongly caution anyone considering a blind buy on that one! I cannot and will not wear that fragrance. It smells like flowers mixed with gasoline to me. All that aside Max, I have the upmost respect for you! Very gentlemanly, knowledgeable and you have an absolutely crazy collection! All the best to you!

masum khan khan says:

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