Ferrari Leather Essence Fragrance Review (2013)

Hello people, another Ferrari fragrance Review and this time it Leather Essence, lets see what we get, the bottle courtesy is from my brother.
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sebastian says:

I don’t understand how can you rate this smell and anubis kiss smell 10/10. Anubis kiss have quality, which this ferrari don’t have. So please be more accurate. This fragrance don’t deserve 10 for the smell.

Rohit Bagadia says:

When are you doing jeremy’s wanna be frangance

Anshul vlogs says:

Bhai so bhi Jaya karo…..


Sounds like  a good Fragrance for the price.

AGentlemansJourney says:

Only losers like Ferrari and that douchebag AGentlemansJourney pumped this brand hard. Hahahaha

E.J. Wells says:

Joy. I’m trying to get in contact with you. I have new perfume that has not hit the market yet. I dont want to say more publicly, but will tell you that one of your favorite perfumers is involved.
Plesse email me, I want to send you some. I want you to have it first.
Or find me on Facebook. e.j. wells. I put in a friend request to you a week ago.

TheHonestjbone says:

Joy you’ve been killing the reviews lately. If you get a chance check out Oscar De La Renta’s Pour Lui! It’s a real great cheapie/80’s powerhouse (1981) and reminds me of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. Masculine, mature, a little soapy, daring, evening, day, GREAT frag.

Old Botcher says:

Thinking is futile. The only sure thing is that things are what they are… and will be what they will. Regret does you no good; it has never undone the regrettable. And, one thing leads to another, that’s for sure. But whether one thing is better than the other, well, that’s something you can’t be sure of. It’s not everyone’s privilege to have what you want. It’s a privilege of a few. It’s not everyone’s priviilege. Tomorrow is another day.

Michael Bullock says:

Great review and I enjoyed it and I’m gonna try it have a blessed night

Google Phone says:

I love the Ferrari line (thanks Chad)! They have some really good fragrances for the most part… however I will say, essance Oud may be one of the worst fragrances I have ever smelled. In ferrari’s defense I may have received a fake (the bottle looked a little suspect). In any manner, for straight up bang for your buck, you really can’t go wrong with ferrari.

Mark MD says:

Can’t ever find any of this line only ever see Ferrari scuderia black and red

Jay Uddin says:

Joy bhai. Im dying to know your views on Jeremy’s office for men. Obviously no one apart from a few people have smelt it. But I would love to know your take on it.

Carlos Colom says:

This is a really wearable spicy sweet leather. If you like London by Burburry switch the tobacco note with soft leather and youll get an idea how this one smells. It works really well on me. Youve got to love spicy fragrances to appreciate this one. Excellent review Joy!!!!! Thanks for mentuoning me. My appreciation for you is sky high ny brother

agriā invicta says:

Nice scent, but poor performance. I sold my bottle.

chytaan says:

I wore it yesterday. One of my favorites of the Ferrari essence line along with Ferrari Oud.
Ferrari Leather Essence Amazing. Like joy said ..I smell cinnamon with vanilla spice .leather..intoxicating smell to me . There is a hint of similarities to Ferrari silver Essence.
Longevity is good as well.

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