Ferrari Leather Essence Fragrance Review (2018)

Ferrari Leather Essence Fragrance Review (2018)

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Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video, Big Beard B of Big Beard Business reviews Ferrari Leather Essence.

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Christian Garcia says:


Rudolph Leake says:

I sprayed my Ferrari Uomo on today! F*CK the Box!!

Jhonatan Sanchez says:


King UnderRoof says:

Lol the shot with the crushed box next to the bottle was art

Sal Geno says:

I purchased after Chad and Max Forti review. Was blown away on how good the scent was. The clove adds the spice! I tested this with a couple different women. This was the only leather scent they would allow their men to wear. Leather is strictly a man’s preffered scent….no female like’s Tom Ford leather….a real fact in the cologne game

RafoRH says:

Nice One BBB, bring us more of Alexandria’s fragances…

CloudsOfSilver says:


akia gibson says:

Much love BBB! I love your honesty bro great review once again.

BaDR HaRI says:

#Bx3 F.cK Th3 BoX!!

Joel Franco says:


Eric Diedrichson says:

Love leather based fragrance especially in combo with tobacco

M C says:

This motherfucker manicures his nails lol.

robert reyes says:

The bottle with the crushed boxed next to it was epic!!! Lmao!!!!

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:


Fragrance Online says:

The bottle design is pretty cool

Osborne Gerrard says:

You box destroying mother f’er

Alex Chu says:

Fuck DAT box chad. I laughed so hard when you did that. Ya. I don’t think Ferrari is a house that gets compliments. Thats right Chad. I said it. Lol

David Reynolds says:


iven G says:

And today MR K got fired lol

Le PotatOverlord says:

3rd?I guess and I knew you were will gonna toss the box

Alfre Pue says:

Great review BBB

Sammyo 6 says:

What’s up with that sensual intro lmfao

iven G says:

I like it but don’t love it. It’s something I wear when I’m with people i know

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