Fragrance Battle | Tom Ford Tuscan Leather vs Oud Wood

Tom Ford is a super genius and in 2007 he release his Private Blend collection. Some of the most beloved fragrances in the world came from this entry in the line. Tuscan Leather, one of the best leathers on the market, and Oud Wood the most wearable oud in the west. In a head to head fragrance matchup who wins? Let’s see……Enjoy!


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xskalibur says:

I wore oud today. I liked it a lot. However, I didn’t get much projection or sillage from it. I guess I should’ve used all of my sample.

Stelios Constantas says:

Oud Wood anytime!!!

BoChosen says:

Oud Wood hands down… better performance on my skin, more versatile, and very alluring with extra smoothness.

Mike Lykan. says:

Depend’s on the weather if it’s cold then TL if it’s autumnal then Oud Wood.

Michael Fighter says:

Loving the video… Try to work on it. The audio though

Athens Finest says:

TL for me. Oud wood doesn’t have the performance on my skin to justify the price point. TL also smells better/richer to my nose

Melchezadec 1 says:

Tuscan leather is from heaven imop.

Neal Francis says:

Oud Wood all day , I own both aswell , Tuscan leather is too sharp

verge5384 says:

OUD WOOD wins just for the simple fact that Tuscan leather is are to wear.

Rick Ellis says:

Oud wood my friend! They are both masterpieces

Lavell Williams says:

Hi Kevin,
Have you done a review of By Kilian Apple Brandy yet?

victor carrillo says:

I like the background music but not for this kind of YouTube video, it puts me in a relaxing mood not a attention mood. I know your a classy guy, but I loved when in one of you videos you opened with a haaaaaduuukeeennn (street fighter)

Tony Montana says:

I would like to see you do a battle between Sacred Wood by Kilian and Oud Wood. I bet on Sacred Wood.

skinfan jay says:

Noir. Extreme

Maria P says:

First I have to admit..great style!!!And you believe oud wood is also for women??

Jonathan Rios says:

I pick oud wood… Is just the perfect fragrance for a suit. Great video brother!

It's Dawson says:

Gread video, I am looking for my first niche fragrance but must be an all rounder but unique and sexy.

Will give these 2 a try, I know Aventus is a safe bet but too common.

Any other ideas guys?

God bless!!!!!

Keith alani says:

Which is a better buy T. Leather or oud wood or tobacco vanille?

m. hamza says:

Oud wood

Sergio López says:

Oud Wood!!!

King Solomon TV says:

I’m getting them both, I have a playlist on here for fragrances and your reviews dominate it content wise by at least 98%. Keep the good game coming.

1988remixx says:

TL hands down

Waldo says:

tobaco oud is a better version of oud wood, in my opinion … also got Tuscan Leather , i am so addicted i put it on before sleep …for better dreams,yeah

UchIHa AvaNgeR says:

Tabaco vanile is better than both of these in my opinion obviously all are parntydroppers hall of fame worthy no question but tabaco vanile is the king it’s the one frag to rule them all as far as I am concerned

VT 24 says:

The scent and smell i prefer, by a narrow margin – the Smooth Operator Oud Wood. The compliments and attention I draw however are from Tuscan Leather, i become a magnet almost.


xskalibur says:

I ordered several samples and these two are included in those samples. I’ll come back and let you know my pick.

jon t says:


James Linderoth says:

I don’t own Tuscan Leather, but Oud Wood is one of the most complimented fragrances I own. Longevity is amazing also. I can spray before work and smell it in the shower the next day. Well worth the price!

M.r gatling says:

Tuscan Leather all day, love your videos Kevin

Christhopher Smith says:

Oud wood is really good but That Tuscan leather is a banger

MRah says:

Frikin love these 2! I can never decide which to wear

Cholofelo Malunga says:

Hi Kevin CJ from South Africa, what would you advice between TF Tuscan Leather vs Dior Homme Parfum, I feel DHP is smoother and safer , whats your view thanks

Love Incorporated says:

Oud Wood definitely! Tuscan Leather I don’t like. I like the raspberry note in it, but the leather is too funky.

robertgarciaize says:

Tuscan all the way.

tsanegrete says:

I really enjoy them both but I agree with you, I give the edge to Oud Wood. I wear a suit everyday and this is a great suit fragrance.

Thanos Titan says:

Nice Hair cut. Have both, Tuscan Leather is the best.

Troy says:

Let’s be real, Kevin. No one gets compliments on Tuscan Leather. Lol.

Black Goliath says:

This is hard brethren!
Oud Wood in my opinion is better because of its blending, time usage and projection but you can’t go wrong with either one

Thorolf Trønnes says:

I often wear Oud Wood and layers it with Molecule 01. Perfect 10/10!!! I have smelled Tuscan Leather in the store, but never tried it on my skin. Thx for your good advice, man:)

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