Gucci Guilty Absolute Fragrance Review

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Gucci Guilty Absolute Review
Hey everyone, back with the new Gucci Guilty Absolute this time. This one is a deep, rich, and masculine fragrance that is a far cry from the others in the Guilty line. The dominant notes in the fragrance are leather and vetiver with a bit of a “gasoline” feel. At the moment it can only be found at retail price so if you can test it out before hand do so. Let me know what you think of this release and thanks for all your support!

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Rorshach1004 says:

Top masculine scent, very similar to my bottle of Encre Noire (it’s the vetiver note) but with a leathery note as opposed to the inkiness of Noire. Noticeably different to your average designer, and if I didn’t already have my ‘dark’ scent (EN) then it would be a must buy.

Nighthawk says:

I’ve got my nose on this a few times now, starting to grow on me a little more each time. When I first sprayed it, it smelled like disinfectant to me lol. The dry down is definitely much softer and the scent itself is good and performs well enough on my skin. The woman has informed me that if she’s there when I spray it I won’t have a gf for an hour lol. Good review, really enjoying the channel!

MrMatt C says:

Sounds like something I would dig

slaQ83 says:

I just tested it (got a tester with my purchase yesterday) In the beginning I was like, hmm i don’t know, but it’s growing on me very rapidly. It definitely smells like a leather jacket to me 😀

No Way says:

I now officially like this stuff. I am going to get a full bottle. Go figure. lol

Christopher Fairfield says:

i smelled this at the Gucci store in Scottsdale… this is one scent that definitely sticks out… is definitely a mature smell.. and would agree definitely a formal and classy fragance

Ryan F says:

I got given a sample of this one and I’m confused as to wether I like I or not. I actually got the smell of Poster Paint and something medicinal. Very leathery but actually quite pleasant. Keep in mind, that was just on my wrist and I really think the sillage would be where this one shines. I would compare it to Ted Baker Bodywear Bodyspray.

yodamunkey says:

I just bought DOOM 2016 for PC 😀 (frightmares and shit)

Rio Cappuccino says:

Love this bad boy leather scent one of the best leathery smells to me, the marketing is Horrible

G S says:

Hey Ashton you could do a fragrance/horror combo video to introduce the new channel! Encre Noir always reminds me of a haunted forest!

No Way says:

I got a sample of this “stuff”. NOBODY in my family likes this scent, they all HATED it at first sniff. LOL. I guess I know what to wear when they piss me off. lol

FragranceConsultant says:

Sniffed this out for the first time today. Very surprised. I never thought any mainstream company would make a manly fragrance ever again.

Arden Powers says:

Nice detailed review !
Thanks for the heads up on this one . . .
Seems like Gucci is turning the corner on it’s releases as of late . . . with this one and Gucci Intense Oud making a distinct departure from the rest of their lineup. Thanks again . . . 🙂

Capt. - F/V Atlantica says:

The best designer release of 2017 hand’s down. This is a scent for the outlaws, not the metro pretty boys. Niche quality at a designer price. I just purchased a 2nd 125ml bottle to stash away. Grab this one before it’s reformulated or discontinued altogether. This will become of the one fragrances we talk about long after it’s taken off the shelves. Mark my words, this will eventually be selling for 2x or 3x the retail price on Ebay.

Cologniano D says:

Great review. I tested this one and unfortunately it did nothing for me. It’s a dry screetchy synthetic fragrance and is quite linear. I still think Gucci Pour Homme puts this to shame….
Thanks again!

Valente Leanos says:

How did this juice come out the gate commanding a 100$+ price tag and a few months later drop to 50-60$?

Stephanie Luna says:

It reminds me of a man that works at Jiffy Lube. Great sent for a man that doesn’t work but wants you to think he does.

Benjimikey says:

Juice colour reminds me of my all time favourite Gucci pour home (RIP) 2003, tom ford era

ElColector210 says:

Damn, I’m a fellow horror collector and a fragrance aficionado. It’s cool to meet people just as crazy as I am.

Jolly Victorian says:

I have just received my 10 ml decant sample in the mail today. I find this scent awesome!

Rafael Balarezo says:

You really have great nose Ashton, I got the same way when I went to Gucci store but I couldn’t described as well as you just did in this video. I rather to spend those $80 bucks to another beauty, Its a good new piece from Gucci but Im not crazy about it. Thanks for Sharing

Alex Martinez says:

This review is 100% spot on. Every aspect you covered is exactly how it smells and performs. I read James Dean’s signature scent was Knize Ten but I will bet the house if Guilty Absolute was around back then he would have had 10 bottles and been the face for the ad campaign.

The Scentinel says:

Yep, i’m interested. Great work as always Ashton.

ben Sperry says:

Your one of the best reviewers iv come across. Keep up the good work

Martin Moore says:

I really liked the test of this at the Gucci shop. I think I will actually get it. Thanks for the review. M

Dylan says:

Unbelievably masculine, you got it right on the head when you mentioned gasoline/ petroleum smell. It reminds me of the construction and engineering industries, I know men or have known men who work in this line of profession, they have this smell on their skin. I’m definitely going to grab a bottle just for old Times sake.

Max Shapira says:

Thank you so much bro! Keep it up!!

Jake barlow says:

Your reviews are always on point

John Hanson says:

just got to smell this today at sephora and wow!.. really love it…leathery, woodsy and dry.. very manly…your review is very accurate as are all your reviews…enjoy your chanel!

No Way says:

Congrat’s Gucci you captured a doctors office smell in a bottle.

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