House of Matriarch’s Coco Blanc Perfume Review

This fragrance gets tons of love in the fragrance community. Here are my thoughts.
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S. Reed says:

Would love your review of Angel Muse. Do you find Coco Mad. common? What would be a good duplicate for that? It’s getting, to me, a tiny bit tired.

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Hey Kim! Great to hear your thoughts on this one! Yes, this is one of the Matriarchs that has lower performance (I get 5-6 hours on my skin), but i thoroughly enjoy it. i wish i got as much white chocolate as a lot of other people! Hahaha. I get little hints of it, but it doesn’t diminish my love for it. I get a wonderfully spiced, vanilla sandalwood vibe with this.

I get ALL day performance with Kazimi though! I have zero issues with smelling this around me/longevity. Strange how our chemistries work, huh?

I’m definitely no perfume snob. I enjoy both naturals and synthetics. I don’t think a scent is any less (artistic, well blended, worthy, etc.) if it contains synthetics vs. naturals. I love House of Matriarch and what they do though. These scents just work for me, and i find the scents to be unique and beautiful. Just my personal taste. 🙂

Thank you for your thorough and informative review, and it was my pleasure to be able to send you some of this to try! 😉 And thank YOU again for all the great samples you sent me! ♡

Janeen Troy says:

Hi, would you consider doing a tutorial on how you decant, that would be awesome. Have a great day. Sorry if I already asked you this, I cannot remember.

A Scented Soul says:

Recently got a sample. Such a gorgeous scent. Forbidden is nice too. Did not enjoy Kazimi or Sex Magic

Bruno Grecco says:

this fragrance is similar to another in the market?

Evolutionistz says:

Seems like today. More focus on advertisement verses the actual perfume.. I’m so tired of spending hard worked money and zero staying power. I will return perfume now when this occurs . Back in the day regardless of a scent you prefer never a issue with staying power what so ever.. thank you for your honesty !!!!!

Chad Crigger says:

Love the example, like I spilled hot chocolate on myself yesterday. Lol. Good review. I keep hearing great things too so I was set to order some and then I saw a review for the longing and ordered it. It was not for me so gifting it to a friend but went ahead and ordered coco blanc just to give it a try. I got a sample of forbidden and it’s nice but also not for me.

The World Of Julie Lynn says:

Thank you for this review. I have been going through many many MANY bottles in my ENORMOUS collection, trying to locate a scent that projects more than mere millimeters beyond my skin. Frustrating. Love the scents, but their projection (on many of them) is woeful. Utterly.

FragranceView says:

Super nice top, very pretty!
Interesting the difference in performance with the temperature / climate!
I notice mine is shorter when it’s cold out too, it’s always better to discover something on your own ground, rather than the back of listening to others, it can make you can almost not want to like something because you’re sick of hearing about it lol.. it’s like watching a movie that’s reviewed as the best ever, then you watch it with disappointment because it’s not how you imagined it – I’ve always hated the word “hype” I don’t think anyone had talked about this before my review

Rafael Balarezo says:

Great review Kim, I have the same reaction with Coco Blanc unfortunately it doesn’t last on my skin, it’s beautiful but not for me. I’ve try all of them, So far I have Kazimi, The Longing and my next one is Orca, you should get a 15ml bottle which it costs $120 but on sale reduced to $88 and if you accumulate points you will discount from 10 to 20% Thanks for sharing.

CascadeScents says:

Tammy = OG YouTube commenter.

Also, I have yet to try Coco Blanc but I do enjoy my Black No. 1 50 ML. I finds it to be outstanding as far as ingredients and blend quality.

That being said, I’ve heard mixed reactions for Coco Blanc myself. I feel like anyone who is a fan of any gourmand will like this, as well as any gourmand fan who is tired of the standard gourmand trends in mainstream perfumery.

But $6.60 per ML is a tough ask and you can find better value elsewhere depending on what you value the most from your fragrances.

Still can’t wait to try this though, and if it’s anything like their incense cones, I’m game, haha.

Thanks for your detailed take as always, Kim. Much love. =]

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