J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Leder 6 Review + 6 x 10ml Leder 6 WW Giveaway

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Leder 6 Review
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J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Leder 6 Review

This is my J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Leder 6 Review. A review for J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Leder 6. If you saw my first impressions video for J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djcS-Js1bcE you would know Leder 6 already. Leder in German stands for Leather so this is a leather fragrance. This is a fruity leather fragrance. The fruity accord comes from the osmanthus note. Osmanthus tends to smell like stone fruit like apricot, peaches and plums. And J.F. Schwarzlose Leder 6 is fruity liked that. Leder 6 is also cozy, comfy because of the notes in the heart of milk and vanilla. Leder 6 is a sexy, smooth leather perfect for fall/autumn wear. If you’re looking for a new leather fragrance please do check out Leder 6 by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin.

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel https://goo.gl/xWnYzi if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Leder 6 fragrance was given to me for this fragrance review. The views and opinions for J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Leder 6 are all my own. Please test this J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Leder 6 on your own. Buy samples or decants to see if you like it. A fragrance I might like, you might not like and vice versa. So I can’t guarantee that you will react the same way to this J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Leder 6 fragrance as I have reacted to it in this video. Thank you.

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heebaik says:

I can’t imagine how fruity leather would smell like. I do not own any leather fragrances. I would love to try one.
Thank you Sebastian

Donna Housden says:

the fragrance seems unique my favorite leather fragrance is Mancera wild leather. I live in virginia usa

beingCrystal says:

As I have mentioned on FB, I have not found a leather fragrance that I like, but I would like to finally find one! I find the osmanthus and milk notes together with leather pretty unique! Austria

joeribt says:

Thanks so much for doing a WW giveaway this time. I like the combination of leather, vanilla and this becoming smooth as you say, so I’d love to try this for myself.

pandora p says:

I like leather based scents and the addition of milk is what intrigued me the most on this one. My favourite is Godolphin and it’s in the TOP 5 of the almost 100 in my collection. Thanks for the review and the giveaway, Seb.

Keith Montgomery says:

My Favorite leather fragrance is Mugler Les Exceptions Cuir Impertinent

Alin Stanculescu says:

For me is the best leather fragrance! The price is great for this quality! You get a better fragrance than Tuscan Leather on a 60% price!

Marcio Tafner says:

Always good to get to know this houses. This one seems pretty interesting. Now my favourite leather fragrance.. maybe Tuscan Leather, Cuir de Russie is also good…Cheers from Brazyl.

Cheryl Lopez says:

I am not familiar with the brand, but the scent sounds interesting. I will check it out at Lucky Scent when I visit tomorrow as I have been on the lookout for a Leather fragrance to add to my collection. I favorite Leather fragrance at the moment is Gucci EDP by Gucci. I know it is discontinued so I treasure the 2 bottles that I own. As always, thank you for putting another interesting fragrance on my radar. I live in Southern California.

Chuy Vapes says:

Fruity leather, sensual sexiness… sign me up sounds great. My current favorite leather fragrance is zoologist rhinoceros. Thank you Sebastian

Michael Hobba says:

I love softer suede like scents. Cuir d’Ange from Hermes and Daim Blond from Serge Lutens are two of my favourite leathers. I feel like Leder 6 may be similar to Daim Blond’s apricot and suede accords.

william lewis says:

My favorite leather I have in my collection is Guerlain l’homme Ideal, it’s not a harsh leather but it’s smooth. I’d like to get into slightly deeper leathers though.

Kevin Finklea says:

The saffron/milk/leather mix sounds dreamy.  By the way, the German Leder Sechs sounds very much like leather sex when pronounced.  My current leather favorite is still Parfum d’Empire’s Fougere Bengale.  I am in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania .

Drizzby says:

I like fruity fragrances so this sounds appealing. My favorite leather fragrance is Tuscan Leather! Thanks!

Ana y el Perfume says:

I know this brand thanks to the video you did a few months back, but never had the chance to try any of their range. Leather and fetish… ok, count me in! Thank you for the opportunity, Spain here.

Bušenje bunara says:

I don’t have any leather fragranc yet, but this one sounds really good. I would like to try this. Thank you.

Professor X says:

I haven’t smelled anything from this house. My favorite leather fragrance is Godolphin by Parfums de Marly. From Columbus, Ohio.

zamar mofti says:

Thank you Sebastian for the review. My favorites are Ombre 16 and Memo Italian leather. I would love to try this German leder! USA.

Mrs Press says:

I have never heard of this house or this fragrance, but it sounds intriguing. I’d love to win the giveaway. I love leather paired with fruit scents…like in Femme Rochas…a very sexy combination. Love the leather in Amouage Beloved and Jean Desprez Bal A Versailles, again super sexy. Love the way leather and osmanthus are used in Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto. Of course Shalimar is on the list too! Love your channel…always something new! I’m in Tennessee.

Cody W says:

Fruity leather?! Sounds amazing. Please add me to the giveaway.

Eric The Mountain Biker says:

Hello Sebastian! I’m not familiar with this fragrance house. It sound delicious. My favorite rigjt now is Polo Supreme Leather, but a.cloae.2nd is John Varvatos Dark Rebel Rider. Thank you for the giveaways!

Fernando Garcia says:

Hi Sebastian! My favorite leather fragrance is Tuscan Leather by TF. I want to win because leather is one of my favorite notes. I’m in the USA.

gunmetal24 says:

I find the concept of cozy leather to be interesting. I would certainly want to try this one out.

My all time favourite leather is Puredistance M followed by Slumberhouse New Sibet.

I am based in Canada 🙂

Wook Kim says:

My favorite leather fragrance is TF Tuscan Leather. I’d like to try this for its combination of the leather note with a smoothness.

sorryremix says:

Masculine & classy looking bottle for sure . I really liked Acqua di Parma colonia leather ! This one sounds great & hope to be one of the lucky ones . Thanks Sebastian for this giveaway & good luck to all ❗️

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