Jeremy Fragrance One Office for Men, will you buy it? 🔥 Tom Ford Ombré Leather Review

Jeremy Fragrance will you buy it? 🔥 Tom Ford Ombré Leather Review. Jeremy has now release his Fragrance One office for Men. Will you buy it?
Tom Ford Ombré Leather is crazy good! On my list. What is on yours?


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Richie 3000 says:

I’ll buy it first because is an Alberto Morillas composition and of course for Jeremy cause I blind bought many fragrances that he said were compliments getter and not once he was wrong from my perspective, and what the hell 110€+10€ shipping in France is not the end of the world, the only thing that kinda bothers me a little is that I have to wait for it till April, that sucks

Jimmy Talbot says:

Tried the Tom Ford Ombre Leather. Great opening, but when it settles down it’s exactly like Zara’s Exclusive Oud.

Paul Hegarty says:

It will be a generic crowd pleaser that’s for sure.

Fragrance Journey says:

Need the notes before I purchase it.I use to watch his videos a lot before starting my own channel.

Lyndii Mey says:

Self-proclaimed *The Greatest Fragrance Release in the Universe* with zero note breakdown and a niche asking price for a designer quality. Of course, it’s totally legit…*

jkroner659 says:

Horrible blind buy(no info about the fragrance) it’s not even ready yet, your talking about 4-5 months before you even get it(with a small possibility that you won’t get it at all) and you have no idea what it smells like. It’s not cheap, and when the person at the office asks you what your wearing…are you really gonna feel comfortable saying “Office for men”. I look forward to reviews and am willing to keep an open mind but if you ask me, there are so many great offerings for that role now why would you want to buy into a brand that is trying to dumb down the fragrance option for you? Office, Date, club. Most people who watch youtube video’s on fragrance don’t want a dedicated dumbed down option, is he going to show you which shirt to wear to the office as well? I can’t wait for the release of “Driving To Go Pick Up a Pizza Intense” lol. I know I sound like a hater but asking people to pay for something which he does not even disclose how it smells or notes, is not something I would ever blind buy. Good luck with your channel!

Josh Peters says:

The bloke hasn’t even given his viewers so much as a note breakdown, don’t understand the sheep that are willing to shell out that kind of money for something they have no clue on how it smells.

ian jimmy says:

too expensive for me.. if the price is around 40-50 euro than its ok.. but for 125 Euro or 160 euro its above Chanel Fragrance etc..I want to buy it but too expensive

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