Jo Malone’s Leather & Artemisia Perfume Review

A review of one of the newest releases to the Jo Malone line (February 2017).

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Şevbu Üreyıl says:

I eventually realized that i have to ignore this brand. I bought 6 bottles over the years, still have 2 but i’m not gonna go to their stores and fell into their trap again lol. The thing is, they want to sell their body products matching with the colognes (to get the longevity?) and oh boy! buying all of them is just madness. Yeah, jo malone’s colognes are refined, not synthetic and whatnot but my money deserve better options for the performance you know.

Evolutionistz says:

You are 100%. With Jo Malone no staying power at all. Very disappointing Should focus on the longevity verses the advertising..

MsMonnyMo says:

Thanks for the review, nice video. I am also interested in ‘your skin but better ‘ smelling scents lately.
If you get the chance, try Juicy Couture Gold Couture perfume. There is something about it that smells like freshly showered skin (at least to me ). Very pleasant smell.

Sheyla G says:

Hi there! Great review. Wondering if you have sampled any of the Aqua Allegoria line from Guerlain? If you have, how would you say longevity compares with Jo Malone’s?

Lisa Wade says:

Never smelled the Jo Malone line but I know their candles are extremely expensive. Glad you brought this up because I’ve noticed that other expensive brands like Creed have no staying power or projection either. Why do they charge over $300 for their fragrances when they perform like a body splash or body spray? Ridiculous. Silver Mountain Water for example. I have a sample of it. I put it on and never smell it again the rest of the day. Waste of money

Mai Cecile says:

Don’t they not last because they are colognes? They are meant to be refreshing and light, and to be resprayed? That’s how I see them. That’s maybe why they have such cute little bottles to fit in your bag.

Salete Cembrani says:

My God! How many Jo Malone Perfumes?
I love, love, love!
In the summer here I use Orange and Nactarina Blossom! Its very nice, very fresh, very good.
Thank you!

Beauty Meow says:

I loved this review. I had been interested in these new fragrances. Also I have a love hate relationship with Jo Malone. I adore sampling their scents, but there is something about their formula that makes 75% of the fragrances from them turn super sour on my skin, and wear away after 2 hours. Its bizarre. Still its a beautiful line and I wish I could wear them!

nasan flellen says:

real question.

Jerd says:

it’s frustrating there are just so many and i’m not easy to impress…

nasan flellen says:

are you in philly in Philadelphia or philly in charlotte?

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