John Varvatos Good, Bad, Ugly | Perfume/Cologne/Fragrance Review

Here’s the last GBUUO of the year. I figured I’d cover a house that’s great smelling and all offerings possess that Universal Appeal!

Let me know in the comment section what are your TOP 3 favorites from this house and furthermore which 3 houses you’d like to see covered in the GBUUO in 2018!

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Jonathan Rios says:

This GBUUO series are amazing! In my opinion they are very informative and tend to get one’s attention on the fragrance houses. My favorite JV is Artisan Aqua… I have put my nose on 6 of them (AAqua, ABlu, OG, DR, DRR and Platinum).

Jonathan Rios says:

Good evening Mr. Forti! My GF got me Dark Rebel Rider… I love it! I am very interested in the house of JV, and all thanks to this video. #YouDaMan!!!! Can’t wait for the Mancera GBUUO!

chris wassil says:

Very informative review. I think this house is continually overlooked coming from a collector’s point of view and other collectors I know. The only one I have from this house is Dark Rebel. Very smoky mature winter/fall frag. I was always curious about the line. Thank you once again great review Max.

Jonathan Rios says:

My recomendations on future GBUUO: Mancera, Alexandria, updated AMen and Dior.

Bryan F says:

Would love a GBUUO for Imaginary Authors

Rob DJ Ville says:

I really like 10th Anniversary/Platinum and Vintage.

Le Polygone says:

Dark Rebel (or is it rider?) reminded me of a dollar store version of Tom Ford Extreme (which I own but dont love as it has this “edgy” passing fad vibe).

iceman ice says:

Well like the video, dont have none of them, what you recommend me i live in florida and is hot hot no winters hahahh blessings

Nicolas Mayrand says:

I have almost beast mode with vintage i am glad cause i loooove it …. please anyone looking for more modern chypre like this one i am a lot into that kind of fragrances and barber shop scents too

TheClipperKing says:

Great video my friend , a comprehensive look at the house. I’ve recently received a set of testers from my local department store trying to push JV frags , around 8-9 different ones and didn’t really know what to expect , the ones I’d tested in store all seemed a little “old school” for my taste but now after watching your video not only am I going to subscribe I intend wearing the full line over the next few days while recapping with this video to compare my opinions . I’ve started tonight with the original and I gotta say you’re right I’ll be buying this tomorrow!!! Anyway thanks for helping me discover another house …….. I’d be interested in seeing a video like this discussing Chanel , Versace , Armani which I own loads of and also Creed which I’m about to jump into. Thanks

Alejandro Cuellar says:

John Varvatos the good: Most of them smell great. The bad: They last as long as a seventeen year old kid would banging Lisa Ann.


My favorite YouTube reviewer!! From your lists over the years me and you have very similar tastes. I need your some of that expertise in search for a signature scent.Can you recommend a few fragrances that are both Dark, Sweet in the same family as-John Varvatos John Varvatos -1 Million Prive (esp. the dry down)-Mont Blanc Legend intense. (dark/sweet)-Burberry Brit rhythm intense-CH menAlong these lines what comes to mind? If you could name a few I’ll forever be in your debt.Thanks!!!

Manpreet Singh Sidhu says:

Own 1 Vintage & 1 Artisan Acqua…these 2 are the best of John Varvatos!

Stephan Erdman - Authentic Game says:

nice to hear a run down of all of them…but it’s funny..the ones you hate the most are my favourites! 🙂

Sameel Munsaf says:

Great reviews

ken mcdonald says:

I have the artisan and agree it’s a great citrus fragrance but the performance is horrible. I’m talking like maybe an hour even during no physical activity. Also have dark rider and really like it alot. Much better performance also.

TM Scents says:

Love me some GBUUO

Eric Johnson says:

Serg Lutens/ Bois 1920/ l’artisan perfumer

Phil Fierro says:

Hi Max..Just Picked Up Both DR & DRR 4 Under 60 Bucks!! 4 Both !! Couldn’t Pass It Up Are They Both Winter Fragrances?? Thnx…

ifishares says:

Love the house of JV! I have no issues with their performance, as they last between 5-12h on my skin
Great video, man!

GunDog Jr. says:

You’re the first reviewer ever to recommend a frag to wear for “running errands”. Next time I go to post a letter for my mother, I’ll be wearing Artisan for sure 😉 Great stuff as always, fella!

Jorge Franco says:


Axxess Mundi says:

Artisan Pure is an awesomeness from John Varvatos and it exceeds JV sillage expectations.

Brightstar Lavandula says:

Sir Max Forti…

STAR USA… maybe u mislook to review it.

Tq Sir.

mac stone says:

Artisan Pure seems a little like Azzaro Chrome Pure. Agree? I have not smelled Artisan Pure yet.

Guinea54 says:

Great great review on this house.. enjoyed it.. Doing a good bad and ugly on this house is a tough task.. I haven’t tried anything yet from this house that was really bad.. I think this is one of the most solid houses.. but the performance on some as you said isn’t the best. I loved the original a lot but it lasted like 20 mins on me.. however some of the other ones i have tried weren’t too bad on my skin.. Dark rebel was really great as well… I got good performance from it. Same with artisan blue.. It was a light scent but it stuck around and gave me wafts sometimes for a decent time. . great job Max, one of , if not the the best review on this house I have seen.

Love Incorporated says:

Haven’t tried anything from John Varvatos. Would like to see you review by Kilian, or maybe something new like Fort and Manle.

A Sally says:

Very detailed review on a under rated house. I have both the original and vintage. Both are compliment getters for the mature crowd. Very masculine and manly fragrances

FragCentral says:

Great and underrated house. Thanks Max!

Kenoji8 says:

I love this overview. Subscribed, but I should have for a long time after references from Joy, Steven from Redolescence, and others. Great channel, good information. I am starting to be a fan of JV scents too. Dark Rebel and Rider are absolutely phenomenal. Living in Wisconsin, both remind me (more so Dark Rebel) of firewood and chimney fires during the cold winter nights. I absolutely love fire-based fragrances and I fell in absolute love when I first sampled Dark Rebel. Rider has that same fire-like presentation, but it is more earthy or green. Keep up the amazing content, Max. 🙂

Brett Mal says:

Great video, would love to see a GBUUO on the by kilian house

False Gods says:


1 – Guerlain
2 – Versace
3 – Hermes

Jay Dizzle says:

Star usa?

Brightstar Lavandula says:

This is what im waiting for a long time ago… Review all JV fragrances… Tq so so much Sir Max for the review…

I want to collect all the JV fragrance collections EVEN its hard to find some of them…

I want to comment on Artisan Pure.
I really dont like the top notes. But when it come to middle and base notes, it WOW me. The smell brings me to the imagination of vacation at beaches…

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