La Yuqawam Homme Rasasi vs Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford | UNBOXING

La Yuqawam Homme Rasasi vs Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford | UNBOXING
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La Yuqawam Homme Rasasi notes: Raspberry, Thymus Vulgaris, Saffron. Middle notes- Frankincense, Jasmine, Artemisia. Base notes –
Suede, Amber Resin, Woody Notes, Leather.

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford Notes: Raspberry, Thymus Vulgaris, Saffron. Middle notes – Jasmine, Olibanum. Base notes – Suede, Amber Resin, Woody Notes, Leather.

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razscott says:

Nicely done, i enjoy this one, i ran out of TL a couple of years ago and so bought this because i did not want to drop so much on another bottle of TL, i also have nabeel arab tradition which is similar but only around 20 bucks for 100ml.

koottsta koopr says:

You’re hot. Fuck new york

SONICE69 says:

Nice video: S.O.T.D: Angelique Noire Guerlain……

Arthur Schopenhauer says:

Own it, love it. I got 2 bottles of it. Swear I saw you at Def Comedy 25

Lisa Barnett says:

Great video Tiff! I have Molecule 1 and House of Sillage on my wish list thanks to you. My SOTD is Maison Lancôme Jasmins Marzipane. I LOVE IT!

Gabriel Perez says:

Tiff mami, if you like this, then i STRONGLY urge you to try my FAV Tuscan leather’s distant cousin -Aqua di Parma’s Colonia leather concentree.

It is as if la yuqawam and tuscan leather had a baby together and that baby grew to be the most beautiful child in the family. Lol it is just the best out of the three in my honest opinion. So wearable, very classy, very upscale and just smells AMAZING! To be honest with you, I dare say it leans a tad more on the feminine side out of the three as well, though still highly unisex!

Try it boo! it is my fav upscale leather scent to this day!

J Butler says:

I should try this. I like TL but they should bring the leather down a bit & bring the raspberry up a bit to make it wearable. Great vid sista.

George Kaplan says:

I love this one and actually prefer it to Tuscan Leather. My go to fall fragrance. Only difference I have with your take is this one feels rich to me. Makes me feel like a boss. SOTD Chanel Platinum Egoiste. As always great work Tiff.

dachucktaylor1 says:

Will be buying this. Now they need to make a clone of tobacco vanilla.

coolgeek08 says:

Thank you for making this review. I have been looking for a alternative to Tuscan leather. I love the scent, but my pocket thought otherwise. I’m gonna buy and give it a try based on your review. SOTD: Christian Dior homme intense.

beezwaxish says:

I really love this frag, the initial note i get is that raspberry note. The projection holds its on especially when it becomes a skin scent. The drydown is nice i get that vetiver vibe. Nice choice Tiff….scent of the day is Mandarin Duck Black Extreme. One Luv

Tom Schroeder says:

I ordered this blind based on your review! Thanks Tiff for the great service, and I look forward to wearing it, and of course will think of your impressions of it when I do.

wirralchap says:

Great Review x

Guinea54 says:

This is some good stuff.. i compared it to the tuscan leather its like 90 percent the same at least.

Amir Pi says:

LUV your videos Tiff!! cheers

ASX2 says:

montale honey aoud #sotd the scent this puts in the air … omg

Maxwell Robinson says:

nice video sotd Santal 33

Chris Stiegman says:

Really feeling the song in this video. Who composed it and what is this song’s title? Really enjoyed this video. Thanks!

Joao Morgado says:

marry me baby!!!!!

Thomas Newell says:

I’m in Rome and wearing it now. It’s my favourite fragrance of all time. Tiffany add me on instagram tomyellow103

John Mika says:

Just ordered a decant I’ll let you know

Cig Smoker says:

La Yuqawam is very special.
Oud wood and TL are my favorite TF scents

With that said, I think men in the US may not associate the sweetness combined with the raspberry and the floral saffron notes as being particularly masculine. I think this is primarily because, in areas of the world where these scents are more popular and common, there is a less obvious difference in the fragrances men and women wear. In my opinion, as a native New Yorker who frequently travels to the Middle East and South East Asia, La Yuqawam is very much a man’s scent but wearable by women as well.

Is Carolina Herrera Private Collection stuff available in NY? That collection is super popular in Dubai and London. I like Nightfall Patchouli and Mystery Tobacco. I haven’t seen anyone do a review that collection.

Starrchild65 says:

Yep! I’ve been telling folks about La Yuqawam Homme Rasasi, since 2014 lol

K E says:

Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street Perfumed Body Lotion … pls make a video for this!! are so sweet lady

biggbertz1 says:

Sotd ck 1 shock

Najib Dajani says:

la yoo qaa wam

MiaZoe822 says:

Hi Tiff! I would love to hear your thoughts on Byredo Bal D’Afrique. Love your videos!!!

SONICE69 says:

Yes, actualky, I have heard talk here and there about this house vs Tom Fords T.L and you’ve peaked my interest that much further….. Luv the Erika Badu vibe……

Arden Powers says:

Nice review Tiff !
I agree . . . I’ve been a fan of this one for over a year. I’m a little careful on the trigger if I’m going to be in close quarters.
My SOTD was L’instant De Guerlain Pour Homme Extreme . . . It fit in well with the colorful Autumn leaves and the cool crisp air.
See you next time . . . cheers !

The Fragrance Runner says:

Awesome video, subscribed!

drfarengi says:

Great fragrance by this house & you as always are looking great. Weather is still hot where I live so my SOTD is Armani code perfumo.

Che Williams says:

Tiff Benson: “I love it…!”

Me: Blindly adding it to my Amazon cart…

 Life is that easy. 😉

SOTD: Individuel By Mont Blanc

Gabriel Platt says:

If you like it, I love it!! I will be buying this. Thanks Tiff!!

smellextrafly says:

SOTD: Versace Dylan Blue. Greetings from Poland!

Honda Game says:

sotd: tom ford extreme noir

Nagy G. E. says:

Tiff, you’re quickly becoming my new favourite fragrance reviewer. I’ve been wanting to smell La Yuq and compare it, for a long time.

Benjimikey says:

Tiff thank you for reviewing this I was just thinking of pulling the trigger and buying this as I have a decant of TL and really enjoy it in the UK cold autumn and winter. I can probably get TL for £150 for 100ml but I just thought that La Yuqawum at £65 would be a safe blind buy. Funny enough I have a fragrance by Pal Zileri called Cuoio which is half the price of La Yuqawum still and yet smells very very similar to Tuscan leather. Anyway thanks Tiff for your great review and I wish you all the best

Game Over says:

So I never understood why ppl call Tuscan leather a masterpiece if you can’t wear it. It’s kinda like an oxymoron.

Zain Omara says:

The word Yuqawam translates to “Irresistible”. I actually prefer it over TL. #SOTD is Les Jeux Sont Faits by Jovoy Paris. Great vid as usual 🙂

kkchome says:

I bought a bottle of this about a year ago. I haven’t reached a final verdict on it, yet. I’m looking forward to testing it out more once the weather cools down. I find it to be pretty much unwearable in warm weather. SOTD: Creed Royal Oud

M Shlock says:

Sorry Tiff, you know that’s La Yuqawam HOMME. Surprised you did you not realize there’s a women’s version you should have gotten and been reviewing. Now you can, and it’s a “bookend” bottle to the men’s so will look good wherever you display these together (plus it’s not like you’re gonna be wearing this masculin version no matter what you say in your vid).

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