La Yuqawam Homme Rasasi vs Tuscan Leather

La Yuqawam Homme by Rasasi is a Oriental fragrance for men. La Yuqawam Homme was launched in 2012. Top notes are thyme, saffron and raspberry; middle notes are jasmine, artemisia and olibanum; base notes are leather, suede, amber and woody notes.

Perfume rating: 4.52 out of 5 with 304 votes.


David Barros says:

keep doing this amazing job, bro! I don’t know where you’ve been, but I’m glad you return to the game!
And IMO, You’re one of the best reviewers out there by far. Why?
Just because your way of thinking that is really realist and understand that have 200+ frags is a decease and nobody in the entire world need that.
Best regards!

luciferro2002 says:

Man, I love what you said in the introduction! I have “only”
like 30 fragrances. More than half of them are cheapies, like Zara. I love a lot more to wear 4-5 fragrances every season than a new one every day. By the way, Monotheme Leather is just as good for me and cost just 12 Euros!

koottsta koopr says:

Hate when I miss some quality juice too the air.

Victorescu Jr. says:

rasasi hatem is almost creed aventus

Vieques PR says:

Does it have the TL “cocaine” smell? Lol


Aaman Chowdhury says:

Ra-Sa-Si. Not Raasi.

Josue Ramirez says:

yo homie how’s the performance on this bro!

Isaak Estela says:

Great review! Thanks for your input and honesty. I just ordered a 10ml.

Lone Rider says:

I have 11, and thought that was bad !!!! all quality though

DeAundrey Everett says:

Hey Bottom Note, I purchased LaYahaqwam on a blind buy after viewing this video. Bro I have smelled Tuscan Leather and LaYahaqwam smells better. I received my bottle yesterday from Beautyspin and I am extremely happy. Like my homie and I say Ooooooooson!!!! Thanks bro keep up the good reviews.

Brando Yambo says:

I’m blind buying a bottle of this tomorrow and I’m nervous as hell cuz I haven’t done a full bottle blind buy since I first started collecting… but I couldn’t pass up the price this dude is offering. I hope it’s as good as everyone says it is.

nico klotzman says:

i wear more than 20 different frags in 1 month. since i wear frags every day. maybe 30 frags and rotate.

Scent Sense says:

killer video btw…really appreciate your style in delivering the message. very helpful info, very chill vibe..

Xtreme_CEO says:

Bottom note, always enjoy the real talk. Who do you recommend for decanters?

Scent Sense says:

i am doing it. honestly..too much to know where to start on the reviews..

Der'Ral L. says:

Glad I Seen This!!! I was about to buy Tuscan Leather!! But I’m Going To Go With This Instead.

derrick davis says:

I tell u this much no more blind buying

Dee Kuz says:

Nailed it brother! You have been one of the reasons why I have buying decants and splits. Thanks!

K. Anthony says:

Bottom note, I’m a big fan of your work made this buy from your review and bam you nailed it bro. Also you nailed it on L’Aventure two great blind buys keep it up.


What’s a good website to buy fragrances from

tsanegrete says:

I just received a bottle and was so impressed by the comparison to Tuscan leather that I ordered a second bottle.

derrick davis says:

I received d dua fragrances still waiting for a couple more don’t wanna comment yet until I receive them all so far I am on your side not happy with what I got,still will give it a couple day before I make a comment

Ke Ch says:

I laughed pretty hard watching the video.  I’m that guy that wears more than 20 bottles in a season.  I pick the top 25 for the season out of my collection that I would want to wear, write them all down, and then actually put them on a calendar so I make sure I wear them all and rotate them out correctly (a little bit OCD).  I love smelling different every day so I only get to wear each cologne about 3 or maybe 4 times a season, but I love each bottle in a different way so it’s hard for me to put bottles on the back burner.  I really enjoy your videos.  One of my favorite reviewers on YouTube!

Robert Perricone says:

I like layering scents…Ive been layering LaYuqawam and Midnight in Paris……..a couple of sprays of MIP and one or (two at the most) of LaYuq…………the Yuq brings in more leather to the MIP…………perfect!!

Mehrdad Semsar says:

where is it made?

Markafa Creative Solutions says:

Liked and subscribed with this one. My kind of reviewer. Thank you for the honesty, which I now am sure would never change 🙂

Avalanche says:

Do you have/buy any backup bottles of some of your most favorite fragrances?

AnjinNes says:

Can anybody help me and tell how long does La Yuqawam live on the skin ?
Last week I was in perfumery-shop Douglas and smelt Tuscan Leather –
after 1,5 hour it was totally gone… If Rasasi performs the same it is
just a waste of money. PLEASE HELP !

Chris says:

Club de nuit intense man at beauty spin bang for your buck

ahmad hejazi says:

very nice scent , la yuqawam is arabic word , and it means (Irresistible)
keep going man u are amazing in this field

Abhi K. says:

LOL I do that. I have 77 fragrances. Half and half about citrus to dark fragrances. So I wear around 40 fragrances for fall and winter in the cooler times. I just switch each day. Different scent each day. But I want to get the rasasi. I have a bottle of Tuscan leather literally with a couple sprays left. I got the rasasi decant and I love it. So my next purchase since the cooler days are coming here in Vegas is the la yuqawam. Thanks

Iceburg0032 says:

I just bought this off of a fellow frag brotha so I cant wait to get my nose on it.

Charles German says:

I’m kinda new to this community. Love the diversity that it offers! From white collar to the common clock puncher. Good show!

Iceburg0032 says:

where do you buy your decants..hook a brother up with the connect..oh and thanks for doing this video I think I am gonna have to blind buy the Rassasi..Since you say thier is ash and smoke how does compare to Amouage Interlude man?

Tamer Ali says:

thank you for your video, i bought it last week and it’s amazing. did you try al rasasi rumz which smells exactly as creed aventus. one of the best natural smelling Cologne of aventus

Mike Lykan says:

I agree with you, it’s all about decant’s unless i really enjoy the fragrance then i will buy a bottle. So far that’s Aventus and Tom Ford’s Tabacco Vanille and Versace’s The Dreamer Mont Blanc’s Indivduel Starwalker and Legend. And i’m giving very serious thought about getting Tuscan Leather because it’s got some sweet smokey thing going on that i love, i’m thinking about getting a decant of this though.

Mysteryboy0007 says:

Hi great video man! You have some great contents! In your opinion which do you love more – aventus or la yaqawam or tuscan leather?

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