La Yuqawam Pour Homme By Rasasi Perfume, tom ford tuscan leather !!!

very close to tom ford Tuscan leather. The unique fragrance for men Rasasi La Yuqawam will enchant you with its sophistication and elegance. La Yuqawam means “irresistible” in Arabic and it is true for this perfume! A La Yuqawam men is very attractive and charismatic. His distinctive charm, tact and gentleman-like behaviour are qualities he uses to capture attention of women and respect of men. La Yuqawam perfume is very elegant and sensual. Its enchanting aroma prefectly reflects real luxury and charm.
Top notes
Thyme, Saffron, Raspberry
Middle notes
Jasmine, Artemisia, Frankincense
Base notes
Leather, Amber, Suede, Wooden Notes


Mahmoud Sabbour says:

thanks for reviewing this perfume. awesome as usual

Charles German says:

Own it and love it for its’ purpose. Thanks.

Sjaak De Vries says:

When the leather and wood notes attract other men you’re in the wrong club brov.

Diego F. Esquivel says:

Absolutely agree with everything, this is for connoisseurs, and my favorite, I’m wearing now the LaYuqawam ambergris showers and I fell inlove again
People keep asking me what is it.

Rio Cappuccino says:

Really want to try this house..thank u brother

Doog1AV says:

Have you tried Nabeels Arab Tradition it comes in a drawstring bag andi for under £15s it’s a steal. It has more of a raspberry top to it and goes to a beautiful leather. Youtuber What’s The Scents In That reviewed it and he also layers it with a T leather oil to give it more depth. On it’s own or layered this is fantastic. Hope you can check it out.

Your Two Scents says:

Spot on review and I need to get a bottle soon!

maryam r-hosseini says:

i agree with you, big names are too expensive, thanks for the good review

Syed Aamir says:

Hey brov review HAWAS by rasasi….

avgrim77 says:

Do you think niche actually use better more expensive ingredients too than say Rasasi? I bet niche still use some synthetics as long as they can get away with it they’re going to try and save money. I hate how, a lot of times, they make the fragrance great performance when they 1st come out then after people are hooked they water it down to save money and maybe so people will have to use more to get the same effect.

Kyle Stevens says:

Thanks for the review I’m looking forward to buying this one I only want this for casual purposes

Faical Amedja says:

You’re the MVP for responding so quickly! I’m sure someone will be interested down the line as I’m only trying to get rid of my unused bottles. Btw I have 18.21 sweet tobacco for swap/sale also

Zpatel says:

another good review brother. I like the way you can have serious reviews as well as funny ones. have you tried al haramain leather oud? I can send a sample if you want.

Paul Hegarty says:

Interesting vid bro, especially the opening comments.more please.

Pine Rocks Fragrance says:

Nice review! I know you like your cheapies (me too) have you tried Monotheme which you can find in M&S. “Leather” and “Amber Wood” are really nice and around £22.

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