Lara’s 5 Favourite Men’s Fragrances of All Time

Best Cologne for Men chosen by Lara
1:26 Prada L’homme

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Cod Rad says:

Hi J, appreciate your talent of telling in words a “smell” . Some people don’t know how to express their selves or can’t explain a fragrance. You do a good job, congrats.

I just bought a new fragrance, love affair/eisenberg Paris and I’m pleased with it for some occasions. What do you think ? Best regards, Cody/Oslo

ragejinraver says:

She’s a cutie she’s definitely a Hapa

Fibeus says:

Jeremy. Please do yourself a favor and marry that woman for God’s sake.

øMeguløus says:

“ORGASM? ….. ;D”
Cheeky Jeremy lol

shahril power says:

she dont like Chanel or Dior? …. hmmmm

Peter KaIlas says:

If its Laras favourite fragrances, where is the M.B. Individuel then ? 😛

The Believer1977 says:

Awesome review Jeremy

silvia benaudo says:


DF 187 says:

Your girl is fine af my nigga

Luana Vasco says:

What do you think of La Femme, de Prada?

Jonathan Medina says:

Hey Jeremy, which Jean Paul Gaultier is your favorite?

jimbo jones says:

she is so hot and knows what she likes

Mike Miller says:

Lara is such a cool chick. She proves not all hot chicks are snobs

Eugene Lefebvre says:

I just ordered all of them 🙂

Zippo404 says:

Sex sells. Jeremy understands this.

Mark Ayres says:

Great video!

anonymous person says:

Lara you are sexy as hell. Come to Australia and I will wear any fragrance that you like :D:D:D

- - says:

god, i hate La nuit so much.

Tareq Iqbal says:

She is the best reviewer and she totally into Jeremy

mmmBurekNJAMNJAM says:

This guy fucks

lefthandtheory says:

Oh my fucking god lara why are you so gorgeous?

Jaqueson Pimenta says:

Lara é tão bonita! Tem o efeito da maquiagem, mas vai além! Esses olhos, essa boca, a voz, o sorriso, o jeito que ela se diverte nos vídeos.

Hosi Mucanyi says:

Beautiful girl. Beautiful review.

Zazu Wavy says:

Givenchy Gentalmen only is a fregrance I recently got and it’s very good to

amazoner0cks says:

She’s an act of class, love Lara 🙂

Great video brother.

Xxx Xxx says:

3rd video i see with you and her and one thing is constant and it hit me with a memory: the chemistry betwen you two is like i had with a girl several years ago, we only meet for 2 weeks she was from germany ,we had sex from second date and whole two weeks seemed like 2 days,damn.our sex was pasionate/erotic first 1-2 hours, than pure porn dirty porn untill 4-5 AM than sleep a little and 7-8 am wake up and erotic/sweet love sex less than 1 hour or so,than again total porn and that was our “night in bed”..till late morning. this is what i remember when i see you two,that was the best 2 weeks in my life ,10 years ago,never had same never will, probably,it was intense. and this is EXACTLY what i see betwen you IF (but i doubt) you are not there yet, i can feel it will.i feel you like our identical twins in terms on chemistry. and yea, she is not only very sexy, she has a very preety sweet face too. you two fit nice.

Linus Wikström says:

Guys, EDT or EDP version of the one ?

VibrateU says:

bought La Nuit De L’Homme it smells like shit smells like a weak mist of Cantaloupe

Ron Thunders says:

She looks like a white version of Tony montana’s sister from scar face!! Goddamn beautiful chick HOLY MOLY

Mia Vonni says:

MAN! Lara is awesome bring her around once in awhile in your vids

Anthony Albert Espinola says:

Jeremy has never mentioned it in his videos, but i think it’s high time we support his “patreon” website. He brings us lots of girls in videos and give us all the best fragrance reviews. Hmm.. 1$ isnt that bad.

When i gets a job ill definitely donate more.

Keep it up bro! I hope you make it to the hollywood soon.

Dalet Bodan says:

Dauerbrenner? Noch nie gehört!…was soll das heißen?

Dumitrescu Alex says:

Another great video and every time I see Lara I have a deja vu with her reactions on Jean Paul Gautier Ultra Male and Creed. Great job guys!

Griso Cabeza says:

Lara…I think, she is the most professional nose in your videos Jeremy… and you too of course hahaha. A top 10 fragrances for Lara please!

cr8ive says:

6:00 in . . .wolf of Wall Street.

Luana Vasco says:

Are you german? Woher?

ramiz akhter says:

Great video
Lara has clear choice love to see lara in your videos
Love from dubai

Johnny Dio says:

Beautiful couple, God bless you guys!

Castiel Andersson says:

You are the best man!!!! What the hell why so little likes !?!?!



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