Manhattan Leather by The Gate Review & Story Time

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Hey everyone! The Gate sent me Manhattan Leather to review and as mentioned in the video, this has some of the coolest reviews I have ever read. This one is an in your face leather scent that doesn’t really attempt to pleasing for the majority of people. It certainly doesn’t smell cheap though, it’s just harsh. See the video for my full thoughts and thanks for your support!

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Terry Cunningham says:

Why would anyone want to smell like …even a hint …of manure?

Maximilian Heusler says:

Alright, you got me. I’m getting a sample.

Nacho Ruiz Rodriguez says:

Have you smelled First Sight? I’m intrigued by that fragrance.

Oscar Perez says:

Sounds cool…gotta get it!Thanks for the review.

CascadeScents says:

Love how you pointed that out about the Amouage presentation in comparison to this.

I actually think it’s lowkey important AF to preview the presentation so people can have an idea of what they’re physically feeling in-hand/should watch out for.

Love your take and story time segment at the end. The Satan and minions part had me knee-slapping, hahahaha.

Keep up the great work as always, brother. =]

jeppep95 says:

Thats pretty hardcore

Arden Powers says:

Sounds like a hard to wear bad boy fragrance !!

Xuan Cong Nguyen says:

Can you give some comment about Gucci pour homme ? I read on basenote that the fragrance is very masculine

matthew fiorella says:

This house is fantastic, yes Manhattan Leather sucks however Snow Flakes, Inside Out with the notes of absinthe and ice cream are fantastic. My favorite from this house is “Genuine Touch” with an absolutely uplifting cranberry note that makes the frangrance bold and great for summer. Ice Musk and Hawaii Wood are fantastic as well.

Mario Ledesma says:

Thanks for this review Ashton, and for the warning (LOL). I will definitely NOT be coming near this one. Look forward to your next review.

Darren Newell says:

Someone should call the FDA on this house.

Serg S says:

Digging it! I think a new Ashton series has been born. Smoking jacket, proper mellow music in the background and a glass of Courvoisier 🙂 Awww yeah!!

Chris Schmidt says:

The last review sounds like a sequel to deliverance, great review. However, the scent sounds scary and i think i will staw away from it.

Donggue Chris Lee says:

I love the last two stories. Why don’t they make a movie out of this fragrance? lol

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

I like the dirty diesel mechanic leathers and I like the vegetal wet basement smells too.
I like the smell of gasoline and the smell of smoke and just lit matches.
*That said, most all around me don’t, especially when it comes to the leather variety* .
I love castoreum , so I will sample this one. Cool _Story Time_ .

There for a moment I thought you were going to do a Chevy Chase SNL type of piece.
Have a great week ahead Ashton.

Amir Pi says:

Awesome review Ashton !!cheers bro

J K says:

hilarious. those reviews sound straight up hp lovecraftian. I have no interest in smelling like it however lol.

Christopher Fairfield says:

Interesting…. Id like to try it…

T.j. Bennett says:

Holy fuck I love story time!

Imagine Scent says:

Insane descriptions lol! I’m scared to try this one. But the story is quite intriguing haha. Awesome review man!

Backtabled says:

Ashton, knowing you like leather frags, have you tried Nabeel’s Arab Tradition? A really good TF Tuscan Leather clone for a fraction of the price. Thanks for the review on Manhattan Leather – I’m loaded with leathers right now, so will put it on the list. BTW, I gotta get that shirt you’re wearing!

Ryan Snow says:

I now want to have sex with 5 men and animals upon the smoking embers of their childhood home.

Jason Juarez says:

I feel like I’ve just left the bestiality barn at the rodeo! awesome review brother

xHibachi24x says:

“This stuff is like having sex in hell with Satan and all his minions.”

That person is either the ultimate troll or someone I hope to never cross paths with.

This was super entertaining to watch Ashton. I’m curious if it’s common for you to find written reviews that look fishy or if it’s in the minority.

miggs80 says:

Damn. I was excited about this until you mentioned it was animalic which I’ve never liked in a fragrance. I’m definitely glad you mentioned it though. Thanks for reviewing.

Jake barlow says:

Im not big on the Manure scents or having sex with satan and all his minions. Lol. Im just a simple man looking for a unicorn fragrance. Great review as always. The reviews on this are golden.

Guinea54 says:

sounds interesting..I don’t think I would know if its for me unless I smelled it. Hard to judge this one.. I like masculine scents but it depends how far it goes.

Bhavya Sihmar says:

I agree , this was one of your best reviews ever.

Tal says:

You had me at Satan and his minions 🙂 and here I thought montale oud cuir d’arabie was going to be the most challenging leather scent for ever and ever.

Lou Clifton says:

I was never tempted to start a review: “A tiny house far in the woods.” Hahahaha. I am dying. Good stuff, Ashton! I know you wrote all those reviews.

Michael Sanchez says:

I’m 12 and what is this?

Alberto Gonzalez says:

I’m going to be honest with you Ashton but that fragrance screams the word “dangerous” in disguise lol. You mentioned it’s based out of a country UAE? Middle eastern fragrances are quite good to be honest. I have a 50 ml decant of a fragrance from Dubai, and them folks know how to make their fragrances. Great video, Ashton. I appreciate the intel.

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