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Here are a few of my other favorite fragrances!

“Patience”- Spike (Spike’s Vibes)
“Buy Mode 1”- The Sims
“In Too Deep”- Sum 41 (Ken Ross remix)



Davis Lyons says:

Great video again man! One thing I wanted to mention is the music in your videos. You are rather unique in having music in the background, very nice – sets the mood. Cheers, Davis.

Donny Rino says:

Another great video ! You have become one of my favorite reviewers !

Mike Sousa says:

It was always evident to me that you knew how to dress. Its amazing how fashion can change the way you feel and the way people respond to you. Hope to see more videos like this, very cool.

Tyrone E says:

Great video.

We need more fragrance/fashion/OOTD type vids.

David S. says:


Daniel Cadenas says:

Thank you for the tips but how much is the jacket that is not sponsored?

UchIHa AvaNgeR says:

U don’t have to match but if you do and do it correctly you are playing with cheat codes in gaming language period

Biz Kindred says:

Great video topic

Robert Patterson says:

My local Macys has pulled Dark Rebel, & Dark Rebel Rider.

Gilbert Garcia says:

Damn…this is something ive never really put any thought into! Great topic! Great video J!

James Albright says:

You’re tapping into something here that I haven’t seen much of, so it’s good to get your perspective. I look at fragrances as an accessory and enjoy putting the thought into appropriate pairings. And yes to Thursday Boots!

alfonsocuiti says:

You are the coolest

Kenyatta Robbins says:

Very nice video!!!!!

River says:

Nice voice.

Teresa Sadie says:

The answer is mos def no, sorry I’m trying to get down with this but I guess I’m just a rebel who can’t relate I wear what I want when I want I’m probably the wrong audience for you sorry

Aaron m says:

Awesome video! Very creative and good advice! You should do more videos like this or possibly show an example of outfits and situations to wear fragrances that you review. Have you tried the new one million lucky? I just got a bottle and would love to hear your thoughts. I love the smell but am having a bit of a hard time finding the best time and purpose for it.

MDCigan says:

Great video!

Dine Lalumiere says:

I never watched a more gentlemen “sponsored” video. In this day and age u need money to even breath.. Im glad i subscribed! Nice job mate!

Calvin W. says:

We need more these videos!

C0nda EG says:

i dont know how or why but before i go to youtube tab and watch this video i was thinking about the same topic and the first thing my eyes got was the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am actually scared now 😀

Glock _The _God XXX says:

Bro you are cool as hell. But you have Bird Lips

Sinbad Marinarul says:


Bernard Osiris says:

Can you tell us how to storecologne during a transition to a new home, if you don’t have the boxes anymore

fцику мцику says:

That OG “Sims” soundtrack, though.

The Scentrepreneur says:

Great video bro, these videos are always really cool and something I feel we often neglect

Neo Guy says:

You guys are becoming so commercialized. The contents originality is going down the drain. Few youtubers are still intact. But when your viewers grow, you just sell themselfs to commercialism.

Robert Parker says:

Well done sir! Thanks for taking the time out for this particular offering. I will make use of your tips.

Pedro Godoy says:

Nice video

karriem tarver says:

I’ve been following you for a while brother and for a brother who don’t know about style you dress nice

James C. Williams says:

Nice video J. I definitely pair my fragrance with what I’m wearing. Aromatic Fougeres always go well with being dressed smartly. Whether it’s with a Sports jacket, Suit or Tuxedo. I think Citruses go with lighter weight and lighter colored clothes; as well as with white clothing. Darker, heavier scents definitely go with darker, heavier clothes. Date night (first date or close to first date) always go with something safe and semi light. You never know, she may be allergic to fragrance. Or she may not particularly care for fragrances. At which time you take her home and strike her number from your phone for all eternity. LOL!

bm says:

Completely agree. I always pick my clothes depends on the weather and my cologne depends on my clothes.

Jeff Passehl says:

Hahahahahaha God thank you!!!!! I can use all the fashion tips you can throw out there.

1marcandrew1 says:

Color, time, weather and clothing brand I think determine fragrance choice. I appreciate your creativity and not just repeating the notes on the box which most do.

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Great job with this one J .
from all of us here on _you tube_
thank you

Nick M says:

more videos on fashion!!!

Beja says:

Great vid. Fragrance and style go hand in hand. I always combine my fragrances with occasion, mood and my outfit. Unless it’s casual.

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