Memo Paris African Leather – Perfume Review

Have memo Paris managed to capture the spirit of Africa, or has the wilderness been caged in their best selling fragrance? Only testing will reveal!


Loretta Bridges says:

Pretty descriptive. Leather right off the cow, hanging somewhere. Vomit? I won’t be buying that one.

Kocc Barma says:

My review on this one:
After the leathery rose of French Leather, the aromatic leather of Irish Leather and the raw greenness of Italian Leather, Memo created the fourth chapter of its collection Cuirs Nomades. Destination Africa!
Don’t be fooled by the exotic name because this scent is more an urban safari than a wild real African safari.
If you were expecting a wild animal leather as suggested by the pretty panther lying on the bottle, you may be disappointed.
African Leather is still a nice spicy woody, which without being a real leather diffuses a clean and airy suede.
Geranium associated with cardamom, saffron and cumin, is at the top a curious cocktail with metallic notes, both soapy and a little spicy.
Then, a smooth vetiver accompanied by this light leather and patchouli compose the base of this polished composition.
African Leather is a luxury safari in the savannah, well hidden in a Jeep with tinted windows, white leather seats and fur cushions, to admire the big cats without fear of danger.
A beautiful scent but nothing ground breaking.
Will I buy another bottle of this juice? No because I expect better performance and a fragrance with real temper for such a price.

Neo Guy says:

I have African Leather because I had to have it. For me this do not reassemble leather to me. It’s a comfort sweet fragrance in the same vive as Marly Oajan or Herod. Brilliant and the best from Memo leather offerings.If you want to smell one that has that leather skin smell that haven’t been cured yet, go for Dzing! from L’Artisan Parfumeur.

Free Spirit says:

It’s so intriguing how different people associate smells to totally different scenarios. Nevertheless It’s always fun to hear your descriptions of first impressions : )

Adam Kovacs says:

tried this last week. just quickly, cuz i had to get rid of the test strip because of this beautiful association: VOMIT 😀

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